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Instant Downline programme on facebook by Barbara lumpkins and simon

Advertise as Simon says the Instant downlline programme group
SIMON BEUTTLER "INSTANT DOWNLINE........."A message to the group. We are trying to engage the whole group in promoting the program. The more we advertise, the quicker everyone gets blessed. Want to get blessed quickly, look in the back office under advertising, pick a few ads and get started. The more everyone here advertises the program the quicker everyone gets gifted. It is that simple. Join us and help us to get the word out. There ar...e literally thousands of people out there, rigtht now, this instant, who would love to join this group IF they knew about it. It is our job to find them. There is an advertising workshop Tues at 4pm est. The link is in the adv. docs. I invite everyone reading this to go into the Docs and review the ads there, come to the training on Tues and learn how to advertise this program online. This can be a very prosperous future for you and your family, but this is not welfare it is workfare. You have to work- fare it. If you want a better future for you and our family you have to make it happen. Otherwise this year will be just like the last one and the next one. The key to your future is in the palm of your hand. Let your fingers do the walking and start advertising this program. Its all there in the Docs. You want a better future for you and your family, you have to make it happen. The vehicle to a better future is right here in front of you. Want to keep things the way they are, then sit back and do nothing. The choice is yours. Yours and the fate of your children will be defined by your choices today, tomorrow and the next day. We are offering you and your children ,who are depending on you, a better choice and a better future. Come join us in advertising this program and make it happen. You and your family deserve it." Very well said Terry!"

Financial Freedom Club

Join the Financial Freedom Club

When you get plugged into the financial freedom club, you are joining a prestigious organization of successful individuals who are dedicated to helping others make their financial dreams a reality. It has never been easier to gain financial freedom regardless of what the media might be telling you and regardless of what the stock market might be doing. The stock market has never created real wealth for average people.

When you plug in you are going to get access to videos, podcasts, books and resources that are going to help you grow your financial IQ. The old rules of money no longer apply. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The middle class are going away altogether. If you are not ready for the transition that is getting ready to take place, you will be left in the dust. This website is intended to prevent you from having to go through the pain of financial loss. Instead, it is meant to teach you how to apply the new rules of money in the modern economy to grow your wealth.

You have probably been led to believe that financial freedom comes through hard work and trading your time or money. Trading time for money has never been a way to grow wealth. It is the biggest Ponzi scheme that has ever been perpetrated on society. People who think that they will gain financial freedom by trading their time for a certain dollar value have been sold a bill of goods. The Rich know that true wealth is created by using the power of leverage. This system will show you how to use the power of leverage to grow your wealth.

The financial freedom club is absolutely free to join. There are no upgrades associated with this program. The whole purpose is to educate you on how to take advantage of the new rules of money so that you can once and for all take control of your family's financial future. Each and every day you will receive e-mails that contain links to updated content on this website. You will get free software, e-books, videos podcasts and a whole lot more. The value of joining the system is priceless. Get plugged into the financial freedom club today!

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How to Run a Successful Home Based Business

Time is one of our most precious assets when we work in a home office. If we don't invest our time wisely we can easily get to the end of the day and wonder where the day went! Try some of these tips to help make your time work for you in your home based business.

Book it in. Block-out regular meetings and activities in advance, including work, family and social commitments. Schedule these in your diary as soon as they arise and for as long as they will continue – this way you won't forget important appointments or double-book yourself. Using colour coding can help you to distinguish between work, family and fun activities at a glance.

Remember travel time. So many people only schedule time for the actual meeting and fail to plan the time needed to travel to and from the venue. Schedule the meeting and the required travel time together, and be sure to allow yourself enough of a buffer in case of bad traffic or other delays. Travel time can be put to good use returning calls, thinking about and planning projects, listening to motivational or educational CDs or even enjoying some relaxing down-time. And, before you do travel, consider whether it is really necessary – why not try a teleconference instead?

Before and after. The other thing most people overlook is the need to schedule time before and after each meeting to prepare and complete follow-up activities. We're so used to rushing from back-to-back meetings to our desks only to get immediately caught up in returning calls and responding to emails and colleagues that the work and undertakings that come out of meetings doesn't get done until long after. Scheduling time will allow you to turn up prepared to contribute and to action minutes, follow-up on projects and create the communications required as a result of the meeting while the information is still fresh in your mind.

Make time for the regulars. Schedule time for regular activities such as the first 60- and last 10-minutes of your day for planning, weekly reports, project updates and monthly newsletters. You know these activities will come around, so don't leave them till the last minute or overbook your time with so many other meetings and activities that you can't find the time for them – schedule the time and use it to meet your regular commitments.

Make time for a break. Block-out your vacations and short breaks at the beginning of each year. By scheduling and planning for your holidays in advance you'll not only have something to look forward to but you'll have a much better chance of avoiding the usual pre-holiday stress which comes with trying to complete everything before you go – and much less chance of neglecting to take those much-needed breaks. Letting your clients know in advance when you've scheduled your vacations for also means that everyone proceeds with an awareness that your away-time needs to be factored into plans.

It is also good practice to block-out time every day for lunch. Too many people work through the day without even a 15 or 20-minute break away from their desks in the sunshine and fresh air. Human beings are incapable of working at full capacity for such extended periods of time, so schedule a break everyday and take it.

Protect your time. It's especially important to ensure you block-out time for all of these activities and commitments if other people have access to schedule appointments in your schedule. Only allow access to those people who have a real need to book time with you and give them clear guidelines about the meeting bookings you will accept to prevent them from wasting your time. If you have a personal assistant, ensure that he or she understands which appointments can be made without your approval and which must be referred to you first. This groundwork will ensure that your diary is maintained and that you are only seeing people who have a direct impact on your results.

Keep a back up. If you've ever lost your schedule or data you'll know it can virtually bring you to a stand still – as well as cause embarrassment and hassle when you can't remember which appointments you had when. Keep a back up of your schedule: if you use a paper schedule, photocopy it weekly, if you use an electronic schedule synchronize it with your computer and back it up weekly.

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Why is Firefox so popular?

A myriad of reasons explain why Firefox is becoming increasingly more popular:

RSS reader-Firefox has a built-in RSS reader which allows users to stay up to date with the content of their favourite blogs and Websites;

Better security-Firefox has proven more secure than Internet Explorer for a few reasons, but primarily because the majority of hackers prefer to target the most commonly used browser, namely Internet Explorer;

Integrated search bar-Firefox users have quick and easy access to their favourite search engines such as Google and Yahoo;

Customizable-Unlike most browsers, Firefox allows numerous options to personalize both its appearance and functionalities;

Find as you type-Firefox automatically highlights the first result of a search as you start to type it. If you frequently search the content of Web pages, this feature can save you quite a bit of time;

Tabbed browsing-Arguably one of the most important reasons behind Firefox's popularity is that it offers tabbed browsing. In other words, you can navigate several sites in a single page as well as drag and drop tabs to keep sites together;

Firefox Extensions

Another key advantage of using Firefox is that it allows the use of numerous extensions. If you are not familiar with extensions, they are add-ons that provide the browser with new functionalities. There are literally hundreds of extensions, but here are a few well-known and popular ones to illustrate the numerous possibilities that Firefox extensions have to offer (for a complete list check out

No Script-Makes your browser more secure by allowing JavaScript, Java and other executable content only for trusted domains of your choice, e.g. your home-banking web site;

Video Downloader-Allows users to download videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm, Dailymotion, and other video sites;

DownThemAll-This extension is a download manager that features an advanced accelerator that increases speed up to 400% and allows users to pause and resume downloads at any time;

MacFox-Lets PC users experience the look of Mac OS X. This extension includes Aqua-style UI elements and enhancements.

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Short History Of Alcohol

The History Of Alcohol

Thoughout recorded history there has always been alcohol in of some variety,think of this, when you are sitting on a Friday night with your vodka and coke or Pernod and lemonade, does it ever cross your mind how exactly the drink came about. Below is a history of some of the more popular drinks that are enjoyed today such as vodka, gin, Pernod and cachaca.

Pernod is an aniseed-based spirit that has been enjoyed in France for approximately 200 years as an aperitif and a zesty cooking ingredient. During the Babylonian era aniseed drinks were known as elixirs with unique qualities to cure a variety of stomach and digestive dissorders. It has long been recognized that when you combine wormwood and aniseed plants it contains certain healing powers and has been known to have mood-altering effects.

Cachaça is made from raw sugar cane and the major difference is that the lighter rums are more commonly made from whats known as molasses, (A thick syrup produced in refining raw sugar and ranging from light to dark brown in color) this is a by-product from boiling the cane juice to extract as much sugar as possible. It is made from fresh sugarcane juice that is fermented and distilled.

Cachaça is Brazils national spirit and the key ingredient in the classic cocktail caipirinha, the history of Cachaça goes back nearly 5 centuries when plantation owners began serving Cachaca to their slaves after seeing that it increased their vigor. Over the next lot of years better Cachaças were being distilled and soon people started drinking it in colonial Brazil while having dinner at home. Shortly after this slavery was banned in 1888, when Brazil was declared a modern Republic.

Gin The first confirmed date for the production of gin is the early 17th century in Holland, although claims have been made that it was produced prior to this in Italy. In Holland it was produced as a medicine and sold in chemist shops to treat stomach complains, gout and gallstones. To make it more palatable, the Dutch started to flavour it with juniper, which has medicinal properties of its own.

British troops fighting in the Low Countries during the Thirty Years' War, were given 'Dutch Courage' during the long campaigns in the damp weather through the warming properties of gin. Eventually they started brining it back home with them, where already it was often sold in chemists' shops. Distillation was taking place in a small way in England, but it began on a greater scale, though the quality was often very dubious. The new drink became a firm favourite with the poor.

In 1730 London had over 7,000 shops that sold only spirits. Abuse of alcohol by the poor became a major problem, which was tackled by introducing The Gin Act at midnight on 29 September 1739, making gin prohibitively expensive. The Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole and Dr. Samuel Johnson were among those who opposed the Act since they considered it could not be enforced against the will of the common people. They were right.

Riots broke out and the law was widely and openly broken, the Gin Act was finally repealed in 1742 and a new policy was introduced with the help of distillers: reasonably high prices, reasonable excise duties and licensed retailers under the supervision of magistrates. In essence this is the situation which exists today. Since then many companies established themselves as well-to-do manufacturers and the gin became the drink of high quality.

Vodka is a drink which originated in Eastern Europe. The name stemming from the Russian word 'voda' meaning water or, as the Poles would say 'woda.' The first documented production of vodka in Russia was the end of the 9th century, but the first known distillery at Khylnovsk was about two hundreds years later as reported in the Vyatka Chronicle of 1174. Poland lays claims to having distilled vodka even earlier in the 8th century, but as this was a distillation of wine it might be more appropriate to consider it a crude brandy. The first identifiable Polish vodkas appeared in the 11th century when they were called 'gorzalka' originally used as medicines.

During the Middle Ages, distilled liquor was used mainly for medicinal purposes, as well as being an ingredient in the production of gunpowder. In the 14th century a British Ambassador to Moscow first described vodka as the Russian national drink and in the mid 16th century it was established as the national drink in Poland and Finland.

Since early production methods were crude, vodka often contained impurities, so to mask these the distillers flavoured their spirits with fruit, herbs or spices. The mid 15th century saw the first appearance of pot distillation in Russia. Prior to that, seasoning, aging and freezing were all used to remove impurities, around this time (1450) vodka started to be produced in large quantities and the first recorded exports of Russian vodka were to Sweden in 1505. Polish 'woda' exports started a century later, from major production centres in Posnan and Krakow.

Types produced included: acorn, anisette, birch, calamus root, calendula, cherry, chicory, dill, ginger hazelnut, horseradish, juniper, lemon, mastic, mint, mountain ash, oak, pepper, peppermint, raspberry, sage, sorrel, wort and water melon.

In the 18th century a professor in St. Petersburg discovered a method of purifying alcohol using charcoal filtration. Felt and river sand had already been used for some time in Russia for filtration.

The spread of awareness of vodka continued throughout the 19th century, helped by the presence in many partdrunkennesss of Europe and Russian soldiers involved in the Napoleonic Wars. Increasing popularity led to escalating demand and to meet this demand, lower grade products were produced based largely on distilled potato mash.

After the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks confiscated all private distilleries in Moscow. As a result, a number of Russian vodka-makers emigrated, taking their skills and recipes with them. One such exile revived his brand in Paris, using the French version of his family name - Smirnoff. Thence, having met a Russian ŽmigrŽ from the USA, they set up the first vodka distillery there in 1934. This was subsequently sold to a US drinks company. From this small start, vodka began in the 1940s to achieve its wide popularity in the Western World.

Following the Russian Revolution in 1917, a number of Russian refugees took their skills and their love of vodka to many parts of the world.

In the 1930s one such exile emigrated from Russia via France to the United States bringing with him the formula to one of the leading Russian makes of vodka.

Through his dealings with another Russian emigre the first vodka distillery in the U.S. was set up in the 1930s. Although not particularly successful at first, this enterprise was sold on again to an entrepreneur who eventually made a hit in the 1950s with a vodka-based cocktail - the Moscow Mule. Vodka did not see a great boom in popularity in the West until the 1960s and 1970s when many more brands were launched in the USA and the UK.

The timing coincided with the cultural revolution in these countries - the 'swinging 60s.' With a more affluent younger generation and a generally more relaxed lifestyle and the emphasis on adventure and experimentation - vodka's mixability led to its huge and ever rising popularity.

Vodka cocktails are almost as numerous as those of gin and are seen in the same exclusive circles and stylish bars the world over.

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10 Fantastic Sales Tips

10 Tips to Increase Your Referral Ratio

Tip # 1
Discipline Yourself to a Routine of 'Asking'

Here's something profound. The reason most of us do not get referrals on a routine basis is because we do not ask for them on a routine basis. Well, it's almost that simple. What would be the upside on your year-end W-2 if you asked for 2 referrals from each of your new customers? Let's say you average 6 sales per month. That would be 12 referrals per month or 144 per year. Conservatively, you close half of those warm leads. Multiply 72 by your average revenue per sale. Then calculate your commission percentage off the total revenue sold. Now ask yourself if you can afford not to ask for referrals on a routine basis.

Tip # 2
Develop a process to 'Set the Stage'

Asking for a referral is one thing, but how many times do you actually get one? Execute a Powerful Routine after you sign up a new customer, and request permission for 3 additional minutes to get their professional feedback. Ask a series of questions soliciting their opinion on ways you can be more effective with your sales process, from initial contact to point of sale, with individuals in the same industry and parallel titles. You are now setting the stage for your future success. Over time, your contacts will give you a free 'Masters Degree.' Remember to 'Pack your bags, but set the stage.'

Tip # 3
Communicate to a "Win-Win" Agreement

Be honest and sincere in reference to the importance of referrals for running your business effectively. Tell your story. If you have a high referral ratio let them know that and why it is high. Customers respect a good businessperson more than a good salesperson. Try to pick a time when the contact would feel comfortable giving a referral to help your business. That may not be at the point of sale, but upon service implementation or some time in the future when you have proved you delivered what you promised. The important point is you must define with the contact when it can happen or what criteria need to be met for it to happen.

Tip # 4
Follow through in order to receive a consistently high ratio of referrals.

You may not ask for a referral until (a) the service has been implemented and (b) the customer is satisfied. But as described in Tip #3, you want to minimally set a referral foundation at the point of sale and receive a commitment to when you'll receive one. Now, this is very important. Always write in your day timer in front of the contact when the expectation is set, and let them know you are making note of it. Treat it like an appointment for your future success. It's found business and will afford you a higher closing ratio, shorter sales cycle and most importantly, more referrals! So, follow-up and get it!

Tip # 5
Develop a Referral Program

Be creative. Give up some money. Maybe it's a gift certificate to a local restaurant (hopefully a customer) or a graduated percent off of their next invoice. An entrepreneurial mind will come up with a few flexible programs that fit your level of buyer. After all, you're not putting anything out until the referral is sold. The old saying, "money makes money" is still true. Beside the tax right off (check with your accountant), contacts absolutely enjoy getting a little something. Measure the ROI and the benefit will be evident.

Tip # 6
Become the Messenger

Be sure to give the referral gifts out promptly on sold referrals. Deliver it in person, since it also serves as an excellent time to prime the pump for additional referrals. Don't underestimate the power of this simple discipline. I have experienced 'millionaires' who reopened their black books after receiving $20 dollar gift certificates. After all, it's not the amount but the gesture. And because you are spending your valuable time being the messenger, you will without a doubt focus on receiving one or two more warm leads.

Tip # 7
Promote a Grass Roots Chamber Program

Offer local Chambers a deal they can not refuse. Chambers want to offer their membership a better deal, one that their members can not receive from regular street pricing. They are open to donations to help their chamber and are also motivated to grow their membership. Instead of offering a residual based off of sales, offer to bring them in a certain number of new members each month. After all, a certain percentage of businesses you call on will not be members, and if you can show them a return on their investment, they will certainly join the Chamber to receive it. By helping others you will see your referral ratio reach the sky!

Tip # 8
Identify Potential 'Bird Dogs'

'Bird dogs' are used by hunters to point and fetch game birds for their owners. In sales, a 'bird dog' is someone who has multiple relationships with your potential customers and they are motivated to routinely feed you contacts for your marketing efforts. Research potential business people that may fit into this profile, and take them out to lunch. Explain your referral program and how it could supplement their core business revenue stream. For potential 'Big Hitters' be prepared to customize your referral program to align with their motivations. Treat them like gold and they will open up their Rolodex.

Tip # 9
'Get Married' to a Collaboration Partner

There are companies that provide products or services in your 'value chain' but do not compete directly with your product or service. Those companies and the professional individuals that sell for them should be a point of concentration for you to identify and contact for strategies of collaboration. I refer to this relationship as "Natural Marriages." Contact 3 sales professionals that seem to indicate a 'natural marriage' for you and them. Outline what's in it for them. Then ask them what you could reasonably expect over time.

Tip # 10
Join or Start a Lead Group

You have to eat lunch, right? So why not join or consider developing a Lead Group of entrepreneurial individuals who are motivated to get together twice a month to share leads. Find individuals who are accountable to bringing in the minimum amount of leads each meeting as outlined in your group's business rules. Make sure every member is covered by the 80-20 rule, getting 80% of their leads from 20% of the members. And don't be shy about charging a quarterly membership fee. That way, members have some 'skin' in the game.

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Impact of Flowers

Will Angelina Jolie Receive Flowers When Her Baby Is Born?

If Brad Pitt knows anything about the impact of flowers, he'll be certain to send a big, beautiful bouquet or arrangement to soon-to-be mother of his child, Angelina Jolie.

Flowers are a traditional gift sent to new mothers for many reasons: they have a wonderful impact on the emotions of all who see them; they can be personalized to the individual and the occasion, and they're easy to order. But, when is the best time to send flowers to a new mother and what kinds of flowers should you send? Well, there really are no limits, but I do have some suggestions.

In terms of the timing of your gift, consider having the flowers delivered to the new mom's home after she brings the baby home. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful thing to receive flowers in the hospital, but nowadays new mothers don't typically stay in the hospital more than a few days before being released. Also, that short time in the hospital is usually a flurry of activity with first feedings, first baths, and many visitors. Although your beautiful flowers will brighten up her room, she won't have much time to enjoy them. When those hectic few days are over, the family then has to carry the new baby, the personal belongings of mom and baby, any gifts received during the stay, and all the flowers out of the hospital, fit them into the car, and transport them all home-hopefully without any items spilling. On the other hand, if you send the flowers to her home a few days after the birth of the baby, the new mom will have had time to relax a bit, will be able to enjoy your wonderful gift, and she won't have to move them from the special place she chooses to display them.

Now, on to the question of what kind of flowers you should give. Well, there are the traditional gifts of either pink or blue flowers depending on the gender of the baby. These arrangements are often presented in baskets adorned with charming stuffed bears or other baby toys. The popularity of these arrangements comes from the simple fact that they are well liked. You're not likely to go wrong when choosing a traditional arrangement.

However, if you'd like to give a gift of flowers that truly stands out, take into consideration the new mother's personality, favorite colors, and favorite flowers. Tell your florist a little about the new mom and the feeling you'd like the flowers to portray. For example, if the new mom is very trendy and loves bright colors, let your florist know. He or she can then make a gift that says "congratulations on your new baby" in a way that is as unique as the new mom herself.

That said, what do you suppose an Angelina Jolie-esque maternity arrangement reflecting her non-traditional views and strong personality would look like? I'd love to be the florist given that challenge!

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Traffic Generation

Optimizing Your Website For Maximum Traffic

The internet has grown into an extremely major venue for advertisements of all kind. Almost every company has placed ads on the internet. But with thousands of web sites being viewed by billions of people, how can you be sure that your ad is seen by the people who you want to see it? Here are a few ways.

- Advertise on websites similar to your own. You don't want to advertise on a competitor's web site, but if you can reach your preferred audience through a similar site, then you will receive more attention.

Be sure to also check the competition on the site you're trying to advertise on. It is also a good idea to look for other sites that link to the one you're advertising on. This way, more and more users can see your site.

- Placing ads can be an expensive way to increase traffic. However there are some sites that will "trade" links with you – you advertise for them, they advertise for you. This can be a benefit in 2 ways, because having links placed on your site helps in search engine optimization.

- Pay-per-click is another option for you. You just pay for the ad as many times as the link is clicked. If this sounds better, make sure you have a limit on the daily spending. You can find programs that will assist you in adding keywords that will attract search engines.

- Choose your domain name with great care. Having a domain name that reflects the true content of your site can aid greatly in drawing consumers into your site, and will help them to remember the address.<

- Keep your website intelligible! Having lots of search engine keywords can help traffic, but if your site is complete gibberish then the customer might not stick around for very long. So make sure you use keywords efficiently but not excessively.

- Keep track of all your ads. Check frequently how much you've spent on getting your links out. You can find services that allow you to monitor how efficient each site is judging by how much you've spent and how much traffic it has generated. If an ad isn't getting you enough traffic, you might want to consider getting rid of it.

Many think that getting your site to the top of a search engine is difficult, considering tens of thousands of web sites are competing for the spot. This is correct, but this doesn't mean your web site shouldn't be one of the top results.

Strategic deals and publicizing, complete with coherent, useful content can get you to the top of the search results. Instead of battling competitors for the same old keywords, acknowledge these methods and use them. You won't just see more visitors; you'll see more sales.

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Email Marketing

Designing Strong Direct Mail Letters

Direct mail is one of the world's venerable advertising systems, a spin-off from the text-heavy ads that used to appear in magazines. Reduced to almost a pure science through obsessive list management and refined copywriting techniques, it remains an amazingly effective means of branding, acquisition and retention. (Look no further than Citibank, who distributes tens of billions of acquisition pieces every year.)

Advertising agencies know what works and what doesn't. Those who deal in producing direct mail often specialize in direct mail, and they have teams of writers, creative directors and designers working in tandem to produce exhaustive campaigns.
Design Tips for Non-Agency Types

For the lonely freelancer who may not have agency experience, there are some guides to get your design off the ground and help your client see strong results.

1. Color -- Use It, But Use It Well.
A consumer opening an envelope to find a sheet of white paper with blocks of small black text is an invitation to the circular file. Consider using colored type in the headlines. Try borders, gradients, even pictures if the design is full-color. It will make the piece look decidedly more "direct mail," but 99.99% of the time, the consumer knew that opening the letter anyway.

2. Explore Beyond Letter Size.
To make the piece a bit more interesting, and if you can squeeze a few more dollars out of the budget, try going beyond 8.5"x11". Maybe smaller is better -- 7"x10"? Or push larger -- go legal size and spread things out a bit more.

3. Smart Typography.
This point is really split. First, make headline copy interesting and second, make the body copy ultra-readable. Readability is absolutely imperative -- people need to pick up the paper and quickly understand the material just by scanning. Making the reader squint, turn the paper sideways, or generally forcing them to think about the words will put them off quickly. Serif fonts are best for readability in the body. Keep the point size decent, around 11 or 12, with generous leading to help scanning without interference.

4. Bullet the Points. Break up paragraphs with short, bulleted points highlighting the features and benefits. Readers will absorb this material better than paragraphs.

5. Break It. If the document goes front and back, break the copy in the middle of a sentence. This helps iterate that there's more to read, and makes them more inclined to keep reading.<

6. Vary the text. Use italics and bolds to highlight key terms. Don't go too crazy with this one -- maybe three or four bolds at most.

7. Make the ending PostScript copy large and readable.
Try a handwriting font to give it more credence.

8. Lose the Clipart. Unless a picture directly reinforces a major point in the copy, avoid it. Don't use random shinies or tacky clipart. It detracts from what matters (the copy) and can confuse the masses. Save the stock photography for your next PowerPoint presentation.

9. Be careful in the placement of logos. If it works with the headline, or if it is for a household company (Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson), it may be appropriate on the front. However, the logo or letterhead cannot compete with the headline, since the headline -- and not the logo -- will lead the reader into the body copy.

The Copy

For projects like this, content is king. This is important to understand. Even the best design can't save bad copy, and the best copy can't save a bad headline.

There are also many, many important points about copywriting for direct mail letters that designers should be aware of. Short sentences, short words, crisp and clear language, a clear call to action (very important) and copy that shows the benefits to the consumer, not tells them about the company, are all very important. If you're freelancing, you may often find yourself asked to proofread or edit copy, and raising concerns to the client before the piece is launched will benefit them far more than having the project fail in the real world.

As a designer, your job is not copywriting. But remaining aware of what constitutes successful sales copy will only enhance your delivered product.

The Final Tip: The Three Most Read Items (in order):

1. Headline
2. First Sentence
3. Postscript

Ninja Design

Crafting effective letters needs something I like to call "ninja design." The design should enhance the writing but submit to clarity; the design should make the reader notice the content, not the avant-garde color palette and complicated headline font. It should be invisible when present but conspicuously absent when removed. It should be used to sell, but not glorify.

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Free Music Down Load In MP3 Format

How To Download Free and Legal MP3

Free music? Of course! But free and legal music? Yes, it's possible. Everybody who has ever surfed the Net knows that music can be downloaded freely. Although there are many questionable sites that offer free music, you do not have to do anything illegal to find good music on the Web.

So, where can you download free and legal MP3? Below are some great sites where you can download good music without having to break the law.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at may be best known for its books, but the site also features a Free Music Downloads section where you can download free and legal MP3s. The site offers music from different genres, including Alternative, Indie, Punk, Blues, Broadway, Children's Music, Christian, Classical, Country, Dance, Folk, International, Jazz, Latin, New Age, Opera, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, Soundtracks, and more. If you're a musician or an artist, you can also upload your own MP3s here for free and let music lovers discover and experience your own brand of music.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at

Perhaps one of the best places to look for and purchase MP3s online is This is because the site offers files that are not copy-protected, thus letting you download an unlimited number of songs to satisfy your music needs. The music may not come for free but for every new sign up, the site offers up to 50 files completely without charge.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at

GarageBand is where you can find the best Independent music from the most talented Indie artists. The site has recently partnered itself with MSN music to realize the Internet's true potential in providing a means for both artists and music fans to connect and transform the music business.

Download Free and Legal MP3s at

IUMA is where you can find and download free and legal MP3s from famous, not-so-famous, and unsigned artists all over the world. If you're into Indie music then this is the place for you. IUMA is mainly dedicated to bringing you music from undiscovered artists whom you should know about.

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Ampcast is another music site where you can download free and legal MP3s. Search through their entire archive for Independent artists or music from popular rock/pop groups. And if you don't like to download anything, you also have the choice to feeds from the Ampcast Surreal Radio. The site also offers great music videos which you can watch through video streaming and community features such as forums and chatroom where you can talk with other music lovers or Ampcast artists about your favorite topic – music.

As you can see, there are plenty of sources of free and legal MP3 music on the Internet, you just have to know where to look.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

reseller rights

The Resell Rights' Deepest Secrets

The only way to keep up with the latest about resell rights is to constantly stay on the lookout for new information. If you read everything you find about resell rights, it won't take long for you to become an influential authority.

Other than creating your own products in order to join the herds of increasing business online crowd, there are also other easier ways to have an immediate Internet business established.

So what do you need in order to join the Resell Rights business? It is very easy(really mean it..), which is to have a domain name – able to get one easily from Yahoo for $2.99 or namecheap for $8.88, it depends on which you prefer, a hosting, most preferably a paid one – important, and a fully-functional website.

There are tons of hosting out there, and to name a few midPhase(free domain name), lunarpages(free domain name as well), bluehost, or GoDaddy are the better ones.

These are almost the basic requirements of a successful affiliate, but don't be mistaken - Affiliates and resellers are different.

Affiliates don't need to have any other startup costs other than the basic requirements above, but resellers – yes. Resellers will need to purchase the rights to a product owned by the other people, but they can resell the products and keep 100% of the profits instead. For affiliates, they only receive a percentage of commissions from their sales. Usually, purchasing the rights to resell a certain product can cost 3, 5 or even 10 times more than its normal price.

The few stages of Resell Rights:

•Basic Resell Rights
You can sell the product, but not your customers.

•Master Resell Rights
When you have a master resell rights product for sale, you can resell it to your customers, and so can they with the same product. This means that when you purchase a Master Resell Right, your customers get to sell the same item as well.

•Private Label Rights
These are really popular. Why is it so? – If you purchase a private label right of a product, you get to change the contents of the product any ways you want, produce it under your name, anything! Basically, you can treat it as though it's your production.

Prices for a private label right is much higher than any other rights. Of course, everyone knows it(it's common sense!).

•Give Away Rights
As clear as it sounds, you may give away the product to anyone you want! Instead, you can't sell or edit the product in any ways.

Knowledge can give you a real advantage. To make sure you're fully informed about resell rights, keep reading.

Usually give away rights works well with viral marketing – people give their work out for publicity.

•Rebranding Rights
This product works almost the same as a product with give away rights, but you are able to edit part of the contents to benefit yourself on publicity as well. Most probably, you can only edit the sponsored names, website URL and affiliate links.

How can you profit from a resell rights business at its peak?

You definitely need your opt-in lists. In fact, the most important thing for an Internet Marketer is his or her lists of subscribers. Some Internet Marketers who own 100,000 to 200,000 subscribers(also called leads) doesn't even need to actually work anymore. What they do everyday is just providing their subscribers or leads with some useful information, real life news, stories, and build a closer relationship with them.

When they found a good product or item, easily they can send an email out and endorse it, earning commissions through the affiliate links. Well as for a reseller, you do the same, but a little bit different. When there are products that you think is interesting and is worth to be "told" to your subscribers, you purchase the resell rights to it and usually, sell them to your subscribers at a better offer.

Most Internet Marketers will usually purchase much more resell rights to the other products then combine them together, selling all of them at a cheaper price in a bundle. Sometimes the price can even be more expensive for up to ten times if you purchase them separately, that is why tons of people would rather purchase the products from resellers in a bulk.

Nevertheless, it is not always a must to sell all of them together. Many resell rights have the same looks and same sales page and you can change that. By writing your own or hiring a copywriter to craft a much more compelling sales copy for the resell product, you can increase the response a lot more.

As for digital products like e-books or software, you can design a whole new e-book cover or software box instead of using the given one that comes with the resell rights. As the saying goes "in the valley of the blind the one with an eye is the king."

Now being a reseller is really sometimes easier than anything. When new resell rights which seems attractive are being sold, people will just need to purchase the rights to them, compile them, and next ready to be sold in a single sales copy. Search for joint venture partners, offer them a higher percentage in commissions, request them to endorse your offer and that's it.

Being any Internet Marketer, it is always better to take hold of every opportunity you can earn money with. When you successfully sell a product to a customer, try and sell him or her another product right on your Thank You page. Basically the idea is "since you're my customer and you purchased a product from me, here's a great offer specially for you at an incredible special price." It's a very good way of having a back-end sale.

That's not all, to urge customers into pulling out their credit cards for the Thank You page item, most Internet Marketers will also make it a one-time offer – this will be shown only one time, you won't see it again. If the customers are interested they'll get it, if not, there's no harm at all.

There are many ideas of earning money as a reseller and you can always apply it for your own. The Internet business market is so huge that you can choose from these varieties of business styles that suits yourself. From starting your own Internet business selling your own product, earning commissions from affiliate programs and being a reseller – make the best decision for yourself and get started!

Is there really any information about resell rights that is nonessential? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another.

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900 Free Links

Get 900 plus oneway links for Free

Dear entrepeneur. Perhaps we partake in the same trouble.

We have a smashing internet site, but little or NO visitants. Now what is a internet site without traffic?
It's similar to an old volume lying full of junk which nobody uses anymore.

What we require is traffic and dozens of it. And would it not be swell if we can get it for FREE?
So what must we do more or less to get this FREE TRAFFIC? You know, theres lots of Article Directories circulated in cyberspace which give Article Authors the chance to post their articles there for free with a free oneway to their websites.

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I marveled if there was'nt a computer program at hand which could aid me with this project and found rather a few article submitters available. The only trouble was that some Article Distributors was not free and those that were had some limitation (like it will post to only a certain number of article directories). You'll have to buy the full edition to get the most out of them.

Others could not post to the right Categories at the Article Directories ( it will post an article about cats under business for example). Now that is very unproductive.

So commenced my travel to attempt and create a program that could just do everything the others lacked.






















And guess what? I achieved it. And now I want to share it with you at absolutely NO COST.

Perhaps you imagine that you can't compose an Article? Let me tell you. YOU ARE incorrect!!!! I had

the same opinion at first, but what are you reading now? My article of course. You can write about anything under the sun.
You can even write an article about how you created your first website, or how you struggled to get traffic.

The sky is the boundary. Below you will find a link to my site "Super Article Submitter" where you can Auto-Post your articles in no time ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!!!

One more thing. You are free to use this article on your website provided that it stays unchanged and the links in the resourcebox is live, search-engine friendly links.


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White Yellow pages-Social Networking Sites

Small Wonders: Single Board Computers

What are Single Board Computers

When most people think of computers, the image of a PC or laptop comes to mind. Some may even recall the football field size computers of the 1960's and 70's before the emergence of the PC. Very few people would picture single board computers , even if there was one sitting right in front of them! A single board computer is the terminology used for a printed circuit board that contains a processor, memory, I/O (input/output) and a clock. Single board computers (aka SBC's) resemble the motherboard contained in a typical PC, but include all the elements of a basic computer within it's small design. Since the early 1980's, the technology behind this type of computers has been used in industrial manufacturing and computerized product design to apply basic processing functions for high-tech product features.

Usage of Single Board Computers

Also commonly referred to as embedded computers, single board computers are used in products from airplanes and rocket ships, to toys and high performance athletic shoes. Almost everyone uses single board computers without being aware of their existence. Most products that utilize computer technology (such as fax machines, cameras, cell phones, etc) contain embedded single board computers. While these tiny computers can host a full size operating system such as Windows XP, most SBC's have internal operating systems that take up much less space. Simpler operating systems equal a lower cost per computer. Software for single board computers is generally contained on a flash memory system or ROM chip. Quality indictors for single board systems include processor performance, I/O compatibility, SSD storage and wireless capabilities.<

Pros and Cons of Single Board Computers

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using SBC's for industrial and product enhancement. Deciding whether or not to implement single board computer technology is largely a matter of application necessity and cost. Some of the deciding factors on using them include:

+ Pro : Current technologies have increased the capability of the single board computer, while reducing its size and cost.

+ Pro : Wireless technology has made it possible for easy internet access via SBC.

+ Pro : The competitive market has greatly expanding the options and functionalities available for SBC's.

+ Pro : Advanced computer technology offers reliability for industrial manufacturers and quality products for vendors using SBC's.

- Con : Incorporation can be costly for high volume products and applications.

- Con : Some applications require customized sizes or I/O functions that are not compatible with standard SBC's.

Single Board Computer Technologies

While all SBC's are built using similar standards, different technologies can be included with individual SBC's. Video capability, Ethernet access functionality and digital computer technologies are just some of the features that can be incorporated into a single board computer. In general, SBC's can be as simple or as complex as an application demands. Additionally, supplemental hardware such as backplanes and mezzanine structures can significantly increase the functionality of a single board computer.

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Single Board Computer Wonders

Small Wonders: Single Board Computers

What are Single Board Computers

When most people think of computers, the image of a PC or laptop comes to mind. Some may even recall the football field size computers of the 1960's and 70's before the emergence of the PC. Very few people would picture single board computers , even if there was one sitting right in front of them! A single board computer is the terminology used for a printed circuit board that contains a processor, memory, I/O (input/output) and a clock. Single board computers (aka SBC's) resemble the motherboard contained in a typical PC, but include all the elements of a basic computer within it's small design. Since the early 1980's, the technology behind this type of computers has been used in industrial manufacturing and computerized product design to apply basic processing functions for high-tech product features.

Usage of Single Board Computers

Also commonly referred to as embedded computers, single board computers are used in products from airplanes and rocket ships, to toys and high performance athletic shoes. Almost everyone uses single board computers without being aware of their existence. Most products that utilize computer technology (such as fax machines, cameras, cell phones, etc) contain embedded single board computers. While these tiny computers can host a full size operating system such as Windows XP, most SBC's have internal operating systems that take up much less space. Simpler operating systems equal a lower cost per computer. Software for single board computers is generally contained on a flash memory system or ROM chip. Quality indictors for single board systems include processor performance, I/O compatibility, SSD storage and wireless capabilities.<

Pros and Cons of Single Board Computers

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using SBC's for industrial and product enhancement. Deciding whether or not to implement single board computer technology is largely a matter of application necessity and cost. Some of the deciding factors on using them include:

+ Pro : Current technologies have increased the capability of the single board computer, while reducing its size and cost.

+ Pro : Wireless technology has made it possible for easy internet access via SBC.

+ Pro : The competitive market has greatly expanding the options and functionalities available for SBC's.

+ Pro : Advanced computer technology offers reliability for industrial manufacturers and quality products for vendors using SBC's.

- Con : Incorporation can be costly for high volume products and applications.

- Con : Some applications require customized sizes or I/O functions that are not compatible with standard SBC's.

Single Board Computer Technologies

While all SBC's are built using similar standards, different technologies can be included with individual SBC's. Video capability, Ethernet access functionality and digital computer technologies are just some of the features that can be incorporated into a single board computer. In general, SBC's can be as simple or as complex as an application demands. Additionally, supplemental hardware such as backplanes and mezzanine structures can significantly increase the functionality of a single board computer.

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Lyricising KOLAVERI-the Erotica of Tinglish

Well every nook and corner is buzzing with lilting captivting music of kolaveri like Anna's anti corruption movement proving like Erotica of the Dec XMas celeberation and ringin the Bell for the powers that be to quit the office or the public shall make them quit if string lokpal is not passed !
This Kolaveri Adventure of life is an astonishing Phenomena like Tsunami in Pubs, Bars, Restuarants,streets,crs audios ,videos ,raadios ,Tv and the inimitable internet
It rings in the classic style of the Kamasutra or Tantric yoga to arise the Hidden Kundalini to lead to Enlightenment of Eroticismic organic intunes Music of the CREATION ! We are born out of Love thsi Universe is the result of the Tantric Orgasm of the Creator and like is a cry of Kolaveri in all its manifestations to meet again the rejection that has taken place to unite the untied knot the Yoga of life!
So Kolaveri is the cult
Kolaveri is the bgining
Kolaveri is the End

Writing best articles

Writing Articles That Capture The Audience

There's thousands, millions of article sites out there. You might even count blogs as article web sites and there are new ones popping up every day. The question is: what writing makes you want to read them?

You. You you you.

You. It's all about you. When writing an article or a tutorial, make sure it's directed to the person reading it. No one cares about what the author thinks, you want to get the job done. You don't care about them. Make sure you don't use words like "we, us, I" and use "you." It keeps the article or tutorial personal.


Keep the grammar casual, but still good. Do you want to sift through a mess of spelling errors and run-on sentences trying to figure out what the author is saying? No, of course you don't. No one does. Spell check it, grammar check it, read over it once. Make sure your readers can understand you.


When you read an article, usually you want to see some kind of concrete proof about something the author is talking about. If the article you're reading is a tutorial, you want to see the end result, right? So put it at the beginning. You don't want to have to scroll all the way down to see what the final outcome of all your work is to decide you don't like it. Put your examples at the top to show your readers.

Keep It Casual

Make sure your readers aren't bored. If you're going to be writing a long article, might as well make it fun for them to read. You don't want to read an article straight from a science journal (unless it is a science journal), and even then it should still be somewhat casual. I've seen some science articles that are interesting because of how it's written.<


Put a spin on your writing. Make it your own. It's cliche, yes, but do it! No one wants to read the same idea over and over. I know I've been somewhat guilty of it, but some rule breaking is allright. Like talking about myself here. It's an example. Refer to #3.

Bold Words

Bold words always help. So do lists, links, and quotes. Readers like you can skim for the bold words they're looking for, and find what they want. It's perfect for them. Saves time, and gets to the point.


Always have an awesome conclusion that wraps it up nicely. You always want to see that whole work of art brought together with a nice summation. So if they want to skip that boring article you wrote because they didn't pay attention, you can hope they'll read that nice summarized conclusion. Like this: Make the article personal, use lots of examples and styled text to make the article easier for the user, watch your grammar, and make the article your own and have fun with it!

in Article Writing

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KOLAVERI EFFECT-Viral Kolaveri of Ruling party In India -The ANNA HAZARE EFFECT

"Vinash Kale Vipreet Budhe" so goes the saying meaning that "destruction comes out of wrong prudence" and it appears this "vipreet budhi aka wrong prudence" is stalking the Ruling party in India and the Anna Effect is snowballing with Domino effect virally against the power that be !
KOLAVERI ? Anna Hazare's Kavaleri ?The Viral Marketing... Promote It1
KOLAVERI ? Anna Hazare's Kavaleri ?The Viral Marketing Lesson


A Rare phenomenal Viral marketing Lesson has to be learnt from the Cult Kolaeri song "Why this Kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri DI" ?

This Song has become sensational rage with 180 million+ people hitting it on the internet social fora Youtube and all and surging !

Just like the crowds that surged at Jantamantar at Delhi India

Well a great Viral Marketing Tachnique for a mere song uploded on 24 th nov 2011 on youtube

The phenomena needs thorough analysis statiscally for marking tools and methods virally !!

Well this Raw song in Tinglish(Tamil+English) spotaneously composed ,spontaneously lyricised,spontaneouly sung with a rare verve and authenticity touched the core of the youth's heart and has becone a rage ! Surprisingly this the newness has caught every ones attention and even allegory seems to have been applied to Political circles in India where Anna Hazare's Token fast for a day at Jantamantar in Delhi has swept the feet under the Congress camp whose unconvincing arguements satisfy none but have alienated even the stauch folowers turning them nto oppponants

This is the Kolaverei effect of Anna's Anticorruption Movement and proving detriment to the Health of the Ruling party in the Government of India

The Party in power In India ,in its smugness,arrogance ,and intoxication of poer is not able to see the writing on the wall and it is painful to observe that that the youth icon of the Ruling party ,the Prince ,not Machelliavian,the PM to be needs props from spent up forces like Beniprasad and trouble Inviter Diggi Raja . T he Prince has been greatest Disappointment of the Year 2011 What is that which holds the ruling party to see the rising anger in the people of India and resisting the passage of a strong Lokpal Bill ?

How long the Ostrich shall keep its neck under the snds of time ?

This is a Kolaveri Act by Anna Tormenting the Poeers That be in India and shaking the dimming prospects of the Prince ?

We have to say and sing

Why this Kolaveri kolavetri DI?

Why this Kolaveri Kolaverei di ?

Why Torment Torment C C C ?

Oh Kolaveri Kolaveri Di for C

Let Neewaan Sing it for C



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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Leasing Devils

With A Lease, The Devil Is In The Details

In the last article we looked at a few of the things you should consider before leasing that first office or storefront for your business. To recap, you should not only consider the old standard "location, location, location," but also consider things like sufficient parking, the number of employees who will be working onsite, and future growth projections. I stressed that it was important not to get caught up in the moment. You should take your time to find the space best suited for your business for the long haul, not just for today.

This week we'll discuss the most important aspect of the process: signing a commercial lease (insert dramatic music here). One of the biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make when leasing commercial space is not reading the lease. Forget reading the fine print. When it comes to a lease its ALL fine print.

Don't believe me? Let me tell you the true story of my friend, Homer, whose name I have changed to protect the ignorant. Homer signed a two year lease on a suite of offices for his business. As the owner of the business Homer signed on the dotted line and agreed to personally guarantee payment of the lease and to abide by its terms. Homer moved in and it was business as usual until the end of the two year lease term drew near. It was then that Homer discovered that failing to read the lease was going to be a very costly mistake.

Toward the end of the two year lease period Homer decided to relocate, but when he gave the landlord what he thought was the customary 30 day notice, he discovered that the lease had automatically renewed for another two year term at the 60 day notice point. In other words, Homer didn't realize that the lease required a minimum of 60 days notice to let the landlord know that the lease would not be renewed. Because Homer did not know that he was required to give at least 60 days notice of his intent to vacate, the lease automatically renewed for another two years. And there was not a darn thing Homer could do about it but reach around and slap himself in the back of the head for not taking the time to read the lease.

What was the landlord's position when Homer pointed out that he had not read the lease and therefore was not aware of the 60 day notice? The landlord, while sympathetic to Homer's plight, stuck to his guns and told Homer that he would have to honor the lease, which meant that even if Homer moved out as planned, he was still on the hook for paying the rent for another two years.

Does the fact that the landlord chose to enforce the lease agreement rather than let Homer off the hook make him an evil man? Not at all. From the landlord's point of view, he had no choice but to enforce the terms on the lease. He had a signed contract that told him his space was going to be rented for the next two years. He had not planned on the space suddenly being vacant. Being a landlord with unrented space is like being a business with no paying customers. Empty space means no revenue from rental fees which means no money to pay the mortgage payment. As the old saying goes, "It's just business..."

Sure, any landlord with a heart might feel bad that Homer was ignorant of the auto-renewal clause, but not so bad that they are willing to risk their own financial well-being by having Homer's space sit vacant. The bottom line is this: whether Homer read the lease or not is irrelevant. Homer signed the lease, thereby agreeing to its terms, and therefore he must hold up his end of the bargain, period.

As of this moment, Homer is relocating his business in spite of not being able to get out of his old lease and he will continue paying the payment on the vacated space for the remaining two year term of the lease or until he can sublease the space. Even then Homer is not fully off the hook because he will still be considered the legal tenant unless his sublessor agrees to sign a new lease with the landlord. Hopefully he will just have someone else making the lease payments.

Again, the moral to this story is READ THE LEASE. Or even better, have an attorney read it for you. I have learned over the years to never sign a legal document of any kind without letting my attorney review it, especially if the document involves money and my first born child.

Here are a few other points to ponder before signing a commercial lease.

How is the lease payment calculated? The most basic equation for calculating a lease payment takes the number of square feet times the cost per square foot, then amortizes that over a 12 month span. For example, if you have 1,000 square feet and the cost per square foot is $12, the annual lease payment would be $12,000. Divided by 12 months the monthly lease payment would be $1,000. Again, this is a simplified scenario. These days most commercial leases include additional factors that affect the final price, such as rent increases, operating expense escalations, common area charges, etc.

Who pays for what? It's important that you understand exactly what you are paying for. Are you responsible for any costs other than the rent? Will you be responsible for paying your own utilities, for example? Will you have to pay for parking privileges or janitorial service? Who handles maintenance and repairs?

Is there an escalation clause? It is typical that the lease contain what's known as an escalation clause that allows the landlord to pass on increased building operating expenses to the tenants. If your lease contains such a clause you should ask for a cap on the amount the lease payment may rise over a given period of time. And if the escalation clause is ever activated by the landlord you are well within your rights to ask for an itemized accounting of the expenses that are being considered as cause for your raise in rent.

What rent increases might there be? One very important factor to know is this: if you do renew the lease how much can the landlord go up on the rent? It is expected that rents will increase as property values increase. If your landlord can rent the space for more than you agreed to pay a year ago, he is within his rights to ask for the increase. However, it would be a nightmare if your rent suddenly doubled overnight. Negotiate the increase before you sign the lease. Most rent increases are calculated by percentage, not by flat rates.

Renewals and terminations. Most leases require that you give a minimum of 60 days notice if you intend to terminate the lease and vacate the property. As Homer learned, many leases also renew automatically for another term unless you give notice within 60 days of expiration. Know when your lease expires and the time required to give notice.

Is a personal guarantee required? What happens if your business goes south and can no longer afford to make the lease payment? Are you then responsible for paying the rent out of your own pocket? Probably so. Most landlords insist on a personal guarantee from the owner or an officer of the business. This means that even if you go out of business you are still personally on the hook for the remainder of the lease.

Finally, clarify all points. You should be clear on every point in the lease. And if you are not, ask for clarification. Exactly what space are you leasing? Who is responsible for repairs? What common areas will you have access to? Who is responsible for maintaining the little things, like keeping the shared restrooms stocked with soap, towels, and most importantly, toilet paper.

A small detail to consider now, but not when you suddenly find yourself without such amenities at the wrong time.

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Buy Real Estate at Lancaster

Lancaster Hotels, Land and Properties Inc.

Beth Collingz, International Marketing Director of PLC International, lead marketing partners for PCPI's Lancaster Brand of Condotels in the Philippines said PCPI's hotel division currently operates the Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences condo rental operations and Lancaster Hotels, Land & Properties Inc will now add the operations of the Lancaster Suites Manila.

We are pleased to have reached the point of operations for the Lancaster Brand in Manila and believe this strategic investment will further PCPI's aim to be a niche market leader in Condo Hotel development in the Philippines. The synergies of PCPI's developments will help both PCPI and Lancaster Hotels, Land & Properties Inc grow to new heights. PLC International Marketing Networks are excited to be part of the PCPI Group and this marks a new chapter for the company and the brand. With PCPI Group's commitment, resources and support, Lancaster Hotels, Land & Properties will now be able to chart a future that will see the Lancaster Condotel brand reaching its potential. We will be working closely with PCPI to roll out brand initiatives and establish a stronger presence in the Philippine Condo Hotel marketplace added Collingz.

Lancaster Hotels, Land & Properties, together with PCPI, will allocate considerable resources and effort to augment the Lancaster Brand of Condotel portfolio across the Philippines. Foremost in the plans is the establishment of a significant presence in key cities of Metro Manila and Cebu. LHLPI will also be expanding its product range further into the leisure market as well as the extended stay market.

Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences, located a mere 3 minutes from Mactan-Cebu International Airport, provides guests with easy access to all the essentials of urban living. This ideal location will complement the Condotel operation since Lancaster Cebu will function as a condominium hotel – a preferred accommodation choice of businessmen and holiday travelers alike. Guests can check-in to any of the executive studio suites for as low as $35 a night or to any of the two-bedroom loft rooms at $65 a night plus 13% Government Tax whilst longer term discounted rates for monthly and yearly lease rentals are also available said Collingz.

Lancaster Suites Manila, is centrally located along Shaw Boulevard, Metro Manila some 200 meters from EDSA-Shaw Boulevard Light Rail Transit Station and the Ortigas Center business district, provides guest access to its own unique Mini Mall feature with prerequisites of the urban dweller. Schools, hospitals, banks, restaurants, shopping malls, and leisure are all found within a few minutes from the Condotel. Clients can either purchase Condotel Suites for investment purposes or lease the units on weekly, monthly or yearly basis. For the soft launch, LHLPI will prepare special promotional room rates aimed at budget and business travelers whilst longer term discounted rates for monthly and yearly lease rentals are also to be made available said Collingz.

LHLPI will be even more committed to its guests and Condo Hotel partners. To support the Condo Rental Operations in Manila and Cebu, PLC International, apart from strengthening and expanding sales and marketing offices worldwide, there will be an emphasis to drive greater profitability for its hotel owners. Guests staying at the Lancaster Suites Manila and Lancaster Cebu Condo Hotels and Resorts can look forward to product and service enhancements which will make their stay even more memorable.

Beth Collingz
PLC International Marketing Networks

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Earn By selling rare books on Internet

Buying and selling Rare books via the internet.

Buying and selling Rare books via the internet.

The Internet is made up of thousands of tiny niche markets. Each of these niche's have specific ways of communicating with each other.

One of the most dynamic markets on the Internet right now is for books and music.

To say that there are dynamic changes taking place in the rare and collectible book market is an understatement.

At one time the 'market' for rare and collectible books consisted of a few hundred well known and highly respected rare book dealers and collectors who slowly and laboriously collected books in their specialty. It wasn't too long ago that collectors wanted 'depth'- collecting every book and piece of ephemera by a particular author or within a particular genre. A collector searching for a particular book gathered dealers catalogs, visited shops in remote corners of the world hoping to come across the book they wanted.

Collecting was a "gentleman's" game. Dealers carefully cultivated their customers over years, helping them select books that added depth to their collections. Dealers relied on word-of-mouth and reputation to build their business. Dealers, for the most part, 'specialized'. Book collecting was more than a hobby, it was an obsession to some.

The Internet has added liquidity to the rare and collectible book market. And liquidity is very important for any market. All it means is that, when you're ready to sell there is a buyer, ready willing and able to buy your offering.

The Internet has also added the element of transactional speed. People are buying and selling books at a rate of speed that seems incredible by standards just a few years ago. Thousands of books are being traded daily.

Why deal in books rather than other collectible items such as figurines or art or pottery?

Books have a special place in the history of the human race. They record the history, thoughts, feelings, views, philosophy, theology and dreams and imaginings of men and women who lived before us and who live with us.

Books have shaped the way we think, live our lives and have formed the backbone of governments and world religions.

The fact that books have a special place in our lives make them, I think, more than 'collectible items'. They are an investment in the past and the future of the entire human race. Man has separated himself from animals in his ability to reason, to think and to record those thoughts in books for each generation to read.

I was as astounded, as you might be, to learn that used and out-of-print books are valuable and some are even super-valuable.

Take for example a first printing of "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" - today worth about $725,000. Why should a simple child's book be worth so much money? Because it's "collectible"? Because it's old? Because it's a children's book? The answer is simple. And it took me sometime to accept the simplicity of it, but here it is:

"Certain books are valuable because someone wants it and is willing and able to pay the price to own it".

Collectors come in all shapes, sizes and interests and they are all over the world. Demand is huge and you'll be surprised at the rate at which used books will sell. That doesn't mean there aren't slow times but books move very fast into the hands that want them.

Richard Fenn -

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Stop Divorce

How To Stop A Divorce

Divorce appears to be the new tendency in marriages these days. The entire globe appears to have jumped on the bandwagon which is endlessly being caused by split-ups in the entertainment industry. The holiness of wedlock is being sacrificed and it has turned into a marketplace for divorce- driven oblects such as divorce attorneys.

A great many people believe that obtaining a divorce is the sole means to pull out of a distressed relationship. However, as the wonderful philosopher Aristotle said, "There is always a third option." Regarding individuals that believe that obtaining a divorce is the same thing as being contented, try thinking it through again. A current study that was lead by Ms. Linda Waite of the University of Chicago disclosed that divorced individuals are not any happier. An additional even more amazing reality that was uncovered by the research is that 67% of the individuals that became distressed about their marriages later stated that they were happy in their marriages five years later. Her group additionally discovered that a preponderance of devotedly wedded pairs had undergone long durations of sadness in their unions. The distinction is that the pair remained with the relationship and discovered answers to their difficulties.

Matrimony is designed to connect the inner souls of two individuals together. The marriage loses its holiness in the complete circumstance of splitting up. There exist more methods than one to stop divorce. Listed below are a few valuable points that someone can use in trying to rescue their marriage.

-Communication is the Key Virtually all differences advance to fights as a result of the absence of communication. A few pairs merely discuss chores and projects. Maintaining an open line of communication would maintain the frankness in the relationship and prevent concealed perceptions that could prod significant emotional harm.

-There Are No Perfect Relationships The fundamental lessons of economics dictate to us that any time we remain with one thing, we are consistently excluding something else. Divorces are commonly spurred by unfaithfulness and third-party affairs. Keep in mind that no relationship is perfect. Problems between marriage partners is no reason for unfaithfulness, actually it ought to make their relationship stronger.

-Look For Assistance In case everything else does not work the way you hoped it would and you have attempted to solve the difficulty between the pair of you, seek outside help. There exist professional marriage counselors that are able to help marriage partners with problems to get back on the right track. There's no harm in seeking assistance.

Keep in mind that divorce has its penalties, which include tremendous monetary losses. Even more significantly, it taints marriage and completely finishes relationships. What it comes down to is that if there is more than sufficient love that exists within a home, divorce will not ever rear it ugly head.

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Lack of communication in the education system of yesterday deprived many a scholar of becoming the next Richard Branson, due to the fact the importance of having an education behind you was never first and foremost on our list of studies unlike it is today in 21st century schools.

Caring parents need to know where to draw the line and face up to reality that we are not in the position to help with our children's education. Parents I agree know what's best for their child when it comes to nurturing and preparing them for the future but when it comes to succeeding in life, then mum/dad you need to step down.

Educational instructors have trained/studied for years passing exams to take on the role of teacher/tutor passing on their knowledge to others. As caring parents it is in your child's best interest to leave the task of furthering their education to the professionals.

With no educational background and being a 15 year old school leaver what right have I to destroy this generations chance of success by teaching them what I don't know.

A career move in days gone by was to join the staff at Woolworth's, a company that never asked for papers i.e. GCSE etc on how to fill shelves, but this is all changing.
How can we possibly believe that ours kids future will be bright and rosie without qualifications. Why live in hope that our children make the right decisions in life to fulfil their dreams.<

Children are influenced by their parents, but if mum/dad decides to sit back and do nothing then you as a parent have failed by taking away a lifeline for their survival.

If you are concerned about securing your child's future then do something about it now. Parents do not live forever and in some sad cases children have been orphaned from a young age with no one to point them in the right direction.

For success in days gone by we looked for support from our parents, but how could mum/dad help us to make the right decision where their lack of knowledge taught them that living a life was about trudging through the snow to work in the mill or mines.

Parents of the 21st century have come along way and understand the meaning of the word wisdom, learn by others mistakes. If it takes some ones downfall for you as a parent to come to your senses then so be it

Confront those fears of what will happen to your kids if something should happen to you by furthering their education.

If you want the initials RIP mean what they represent then make sure to do right by your kids, if you don't then you will forever turn in your grave while your children struggle in this life to survive.

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Birth control pills and weight gain

No Weight Gain With Birth Control Pills

Based on a nationwide survey of women aged 18 to 35 years old who were asked about the link between birth control pills and weight gain, sixty-one percent believed that the pill causes weight gain. However, a published review suggested that women taking the pill should not blame their contraceptives when they add on a few pounds. There is no truth to the widespread notion that hormonal birth control methods and other forms of contraceptives cause weight gain.
It is essential for women to be educated about birth control pills in order for them to base their contraceptive decisions on facts, not myths and misinformation. It's been more than four decades ago since the "Pill" had changed the way a woman's body functions. This combination of estrogen and progesterone hormones prevent ovulation or the releasing of an egg during the monthly cycle. By suppressing ovulation, a woman cannot get pregnant because there is no egg to be fertilized. After more than 40 years, the survey results confirm that there is a need to educate women further concerning the "Pill".
According to Laureen Lopez, Ph.D, women do tend to gain weight over time. "But as far as we could tell, there is no evidence of a causal relationship between taking birth control pills and weight gain," added Lopez.
Together with her colleagues at Family Health International, a nonprofit reproductive research group, they reviewed 44 hormonal contraceptive trials that included information about the study participants' weight fluctuations.
None of the three trials that compared hormonal contraceptives to inactive placebo showed a significant difference in weight gain among either group. <

Forty-one studies compared different types, dosages, or regimens of hormonal contraception. While women in some of the studies did gain weight, Lopez says there was little to suggest that the weight gain was caused by hormonal contraceptive use.
The researchers concluded that it is not possible to say for sure that hormonal contraceptives don't cause weight gain. But they added that "no large effect (was) evident" in the studies they reviewed.
Over the years, advances in medical science have produced a new wave of safe and effective birth control pills that could put a stop to a woman's monthly bleeding for 365 days. Having gained more control over their reproductive cycles, women can now choose the type of contraceptive method based on lifestyle and health issues. However, the fear of gaining weight is one of the most common reasons why women choose less effective methods of birth control over the pill and other hormonal contraceptives.

According to Katharine O'Connell, MD., assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University, the belief that the pill makes you fat is especially strong among young women. She also said that many doctors still warn their patients who take hormonal contraceptives about possible weight gain.
In their own review of another set of research group, O'Connell and colleagues at Columbia have completed examining birth control and weight gain. Little evidence of a connection was found. And in a recently published study comparing low-dose birth control pills to a vaginal contraceptive ring, they reported no significant weight gain in either group.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Most Common Myths AND Legends About SEX | Socyberty

Neewan's Kolaveri

Neewan's the greatest Kolaveri

Enjoy better than Dhanush's Is it ?
More pep more fun Real fun ?
Alas I could know Tamil
Funny listening !!

Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaaveri Di ?

Chinna Surprise
Check out this exclusive video shot during the recording of the song with the music composer Anirudh,Dhanush,Shruti Hassan, Aishwarya and Sound Engineer Sivakumar

Kolaveri', a rage on the internet and elsewhere, is a highly popular slang among
Tamil youth, normally used to silence a cranky person in a ...
Kolaveri" literally means something like murderous rage, and the comparison of
the woman's rejection to the rage of a murderer is likely ...
Kolaveri, which means murderous rage, is now popular even in other parts of the
country, thanks to the peppy song Why This Kolaveri Di? ...
Why this Kolaveri di apparently means 'why so much rage, so much anger
towards me, girl'. The rest of lyrics are fairly disjointed. "This song is ...
Then he sings the song Why this Kolaveri di which means "Why did you do ...
Kolaveri di meaning and Translation, why this kolaveri di's correct ...
Here's our attempt at translating Kolaveri Di from Madras Tamil to English, with all
nuances included, retaining it's original meaning.
Almost everyone can understand this song.. anyway here are the meaning for
few words. Kolaveri - Killer rage or Murderous Rage. ...
6 days ago ... Again, our inbox is flooded with mails asking us 'what does Kolaveri Di mean?'.
Well, we are a Bollywood website and don't really understand ...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daddy Day Care

Daddy Forums: Daddies Daycare

Being a father is no walk in the park and support groups are a terrific way for daddies who are facing similar challenging situations to offer each other encouragement, share ideas, and simply decrease the stress of a trying time. Unfortunately, most of the parent support groups found online are started and lead by Moms. So just where do daddies go -- to the Daddy Forums.

Daddy Forums will provide you with all the information you'll need to be the best daddy you can be. Where better to learn than from the ideas and experiences shared by real life daddies?

The Daddy Forums is categorized into four main sections, the Daddy Introductions & Announcements, Daddy Talk, Daddy's Life and the Mall. These sections hold different message boards where real life daddies post their messages.

If you are new to Daddy Forums, the first thing to do is to introduce yourself at the Introductions. If you're searching for the place where the announcements, rules, problems, and contests are announced then simply go the Forum Announcement boards, which is right under the Daddy's Introduction & Announcement section. Now if you want to share ideas or have questions or give feedback, then the Forum Feedback is the place to go.

Now if it's Daddy Talk you're after you may choose among several boards. General dad talks that are not covered in other forums are found at the General Daddy Talk. Under the same section, working fathers talk about their day at the office at Working Daddy's while work at home daddies gathered at WAHD. Meanwhile, military dads meet at Military Daddy's and soon to be dads assemble at Soon to be Daddy's. Daddy Forums have not forgotten that grandpas and step dads are daddies too and have allotted a special board just for them, the Grand Daddy's and Step Daddy's boards. For serious daddy talk visit Single / Divorced Daddy's if you're a single and divorced daddy looking for support, and Non-Custodial Daddy's if you're a dad living apart from your children <

At Daddy Forums you'll learn more about Daddy's Life, how they go about repairing this and that at Toolbox and how they handle life with their better half at the Your Wife board. You might be surprise at what daddies have to say about their Love Life as they talk about everything there is about love. Learn latest movies, TV shows and channels daddies watch at Movies & TV. For their favorite music, look it up at Hear the Music and at Book Worms their favorite books.

Enter daddy world and learn as they discuss games and consoles at Game Center, computer hardware and software at Computers, all men sports at Sports Center and the toys for the big boys – cars at The Garage board.

Daddies may also share their jokes at Joking Around as well as start and play all forum related games and contest at the Games/Contest board.

Daddy Forums is not just about talk, but rather a business venture as well when you visit The Mall. Daddies may also sell, trade or even give away stuff at Swap Meet. If for instance they want to share a link for advertisements then post it at the Links and Advertisements boards.

Now if that is not enough reason to visit Daddy Forums, then here this – membership is free! So what are you daddies waiting for, check out Daddy Forums now!

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traffic resources

How to drive low cost targeted traffic to your website

In this article I will outline how you can drive targeted traffic to your website either for no or very little cost by writing and submitting articles. Read on to learn more.

When your website has been created then your next objective is to drive traffic (or visitors) to your website to give it exposure. There are a number of ways to do this including the use of Search Engines, Safelists, PPC (Pay Per Click) Search Engines, Banner Ads, Ezine Ads, Bulk Traffic plus many more methods. Of these methods a Search Engine listing will bring you the best targeted visitors for the least cost. In order to get a high search engine listing however you will need to create backlinks to your website (i.e. hyperlinks to your website from other websites). This can be done best by submitting your website to directories or exchanging links with other websites. However a relatively new and popular way to do this is by writing articles containing a link to your website(s) and posting your articles to article directories. This method gives you free backlinks, which are extremely important to your search engine position, and also gives you free direct targeted visitors when they click on your link in the article.

When you are writing your articles you will need to make sure you are giving people good and useful information and not overtly selling anything in particular. If possible you should try to write about a subject you know a lot about. Write intelligently, making sure you spell check and proofread before you are in a position to show your articles to the world. You could also try to use the same phrase or keyword a few times in your articles to drive the right interest to them.

When you have created a good article or articles then you will need to submit or publish your articles to the web. The first method to do this is by manually submitting your article to article directories. By typing "article directory" and other similar terms in search engines you will easily find a plethora of sites willing to accept your submissions for free. A couple of good article directories to submit to and get you started are or .You could also use a special piece of software which will submit your article to multiple article directories for you. A couple of good examples of pieces of software like this are Article Submitter Pro or Article Announcer. A final good method for publishing your articles is to use an article submission service such as Isnare or Article Marketer. These services will submit your article for you to multiple article directories for a fee.

Articles really are one of the most effective and cheapest methods of driving targeted visitors to your website, so good luck and happy writing!

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