Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lyricising KOLAVERI-the Erotica of Tinglish

Well every nook and corner is buzzing with lilting captivting music of kolaveri like Anna's anti corruption movement proving like Erotica of the Dec XMas celeberation and ringin the Bell for the powers that be to quit the office or the public shall make them quit if string lokpal is not passed !
This Kolaveri Adventure of life is an astonishing Phenomena like Tsunami in Pubs, Bars, Restuarants,streets,crs audios ,videos ,raadios ,Tv and the inimitable internet
It rings in the classic style of the Kamasutra or Tantric yoga to arise the Hidden Kundalini to lead to Enlightenment of Eroticismic organic intunes Music of the CREATION ! We are born out of Love thsi Universe is the result of the Tantric Orgasm of the Creator and like is a cry of Kolaveri in all its manifestations to meet again the rejection that has taken place to unite the untied knot the Yoga of life!
So Kolaveri is the cult
Kolaveri is the bgining
Kolaveri is the End


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