Sunday, December 18, 2011

KOLAVERI EFFECT-Viral Kolaveri of Ruling party In India -The ANNA HAZARE EFFECT

"Vinash Kale Vipreet Budhe" so goes the saying meaning that "destruction comes out of wrong prudence" and it appears this "vipreet budhi aka wrong prudence" is stalking the Ruling party in India and the Anna Effect is snowballing with Domino effect virally against the power that be !
KOLAVERI ? Anna Hazare's Kavaleri ?The Viral Marketing... Promote It1
KOLAVERI ? Anna Hazare's Kavaleri ?The Viral Marketing Lesson


A Rare phenomenal Viral marketing Lesson has to be learnt from the Cult Kolaeri song "Why this Kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri DI" ?

This Song has become sensational rage with 180 million+ people hitting it on the internet social fora Youtube and all and surging !

Just like the crowds that surged at Jantamantar at Delhi India

Well a great Viral Marketing Tachnique for a mere song uploded on 24 th nov 2011 on youtube

The phenomena needs thorough analysis statiscally for marking tools and methods virally !!

Well this Raw song in Tinglish(Tamil+English) spotaneously composed ,spontaneously lyricised,spontaneouly sung with a rare verve and authenticity touched the core of the youth's heart and has becone a rage ! Surprisingly this the newness has caught every ones attention and even allegory seems to have been applied to Political circles in India where Anna Hazare's Token fast for a day at Jantamantar in Delhi has swept the feet under the Congress camp whose unconvincing arguements satisfy none but have alienated even the stauch folowers turning them nto oppponants

This is the Kolaverei effect of Anna's Anticorruption Movement and proving detriment to the Health of the Ruling party in the Government of India

The Party in power In India ,in its smugness,arrogance ,and intoxication of poer is not able to see the writing on the wall and it is painful to observe that that the youth icon of the Ruling party ,the Prince ,not Machelliavian,the PM to be needs props from spent up forces like Beniprasad and trouble Inviter Diggi Raja . T he Prince has been greatest Disappointment of the Year 2011 What is that which holds the ruling party to see the rising anger in the people of India and resisting the passage of a strong Lokpal Bill ?

How long the Ostrich shall keep its neck under the snds of time ?

This is a Kolaveri Act by Anna Tormenting the Poeers That be in India and shaking the dimming prospects of the Prince ?

We have to say and sing

Why this Kolaveri kolavetri DI?

Why this Kolaveri Kolaverei di ?

Why Torment Torment C C C ?

Oh Kolaveri Kolaveri Di for C

Let Neewaan Sing it for C



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