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Jul 11, 2009
How to Get Referrals for Your PTC Sites
By nepspeed82

The quickest way to make money from PTC programs is to have a bundle of quality referrals. In fact, most of your earnings will come from your referrals. What do we mean by quality referrals? They are your referrals who always click their ads. Referrals are also human, and human can be lazy sometimes. If they don’t click you can’t earn from them, as simple as that.

As easy as it may sound, it is one of the biggest challenge for most PTC users especially for newbies. Looking for referrals requires a lot of effort; but once you’ve done it correctly, all your hard work will payback as your earnings will increase when your downline starts building.

There are many ways to build a huge referral base; but you have to be patient, you have to be honest, and you have to believe in the program you're inviting others to join. Always make sure that you’re not telling them to join scam sites. In a way, credibility also helps make or break your efforts to get referrals.

Here are some popular and effective ways which you could use to get referrals:

1) Make a website or blog about PTC.

This is one of the most challenging but exceptionally reliable means of acquiring referrals. Write an article about your experiences with PTCs, your recommendations, or some tips that you could share to them. Then, use this opportunity to place your referral links or banners in the website you made. It works well because you only have to write it once but people looking for ways to earn online will see it again and again.

There are a lot of free blog or website platforms out there that are easy to setup which you could use to achieve this. You could start a blogspot blog (or maybe wordpress) like this one, start making squidoo lens, or maybe write for hubpages.

Making websites is challenging because often times you have to sell your ideas to your audience or visitors in an instant to get them into action. You have to be able to capture their attention and give them the information that they need. One helpful tip that I could share to you in this regard is to make catchy titles. “Lists” and “how to” titles are some of the best examples. If you want to learn more, try my article about writing a great blog post.

The more informative and convincing your blog / website is, the more probability of it generating referrals for you. Be sure to research and use keywords to help your search engine presence.

2) Purchase / rent referrals.

Purchasing un-referred members from PTC sites is a common practice. There are many PTC members who either did not sign up under anyone, or their referrer closed their account. These members then go on sale. You can buy or rent them for a price, usually ranging from $0.30-$2 per referral. These referrals usually expire after a month. After that, either you renew your rent so you could earn from them for another month; or they go on sale again. In most cases, you will only get members that have been active recently.

This method of gaining referrals is the easiest. If you have the capital, you can gain a lot of referrals in a short time. There is huge earning potential. As your downline grows, your earnings grow rapidly.

There is only one condition. Most sites will not guarantee that the members you buy will be active after you purchase them. You may pay for 50 referrals only to see a week later that 10 of them rarely or never click. So, basically this is an "at your own risk" method of getting referrals.

Another important note: You should not purchase referrals from a site that you do not completely trust. There is word spreading around the PTC community that some scam sites are selling bots (automated clickers) as referrals. If this happens, the bot will either click minimally or stop altogether. You should always be careful when investing your own money in a PTC site.

Also, you should do the math. When you purchase referrals, you should be able to make your money back before your referrals expire. Take into account how much you make off of referrals as well as how many ads the site has each day.

3) Be active in forums.

There are some forums about making money on the internet where you can share your knowledge and ideas about making money online through PTCs. Be active, involved and interested. Share your opportunity when appropriate and invite people to PM or email you for the link and more information. If you could offer them great help, they will trust you and the site you're recommending more.

You can also get direct referrals in other forums by editing your signature. If the forum rules allow, you can add a banner or a referral link about the PTC sites you are in on your signature and then every time you post a new message, everyone will see your links.

4) Participate in Referral Exchanges.

Referral exchanges occur in forums where you can trade referrals. What this means is that someone will sign up as your referral for a site you belong to if you sign up for one of theirs. For example, if you want to get referral for PalmBux, then you have to start a new thread in a forum like "I need Referral for PalmBux". Any one who hasn’t joined PalmBux yet, will reply to your thread. In exchange for his / her participation, he / she will provide link of his / her PTC site, which you should join also.

This method works very well because chances are; you will be getting a very active referral to make you money. The reason is because that person wants you to be active in their program, so they should be active in yours also. As long as you stay active they will too.

The drawback to this method is that you will probably want to set a limit to the number of sites you will join. You don't want to sign up for so many sites that you cannot stay active in all of them. So, in this way, there is a limit to how often you can do this.

There are a lot of forums about GPTs (Get Paid To) or PTCs where you can exchange links with members. You can start on these forums:

5) Join Traffic Exchange Sites and Downline Builder Sites.

Actually, I haven’t tried these personally but I’m getting a lot of buzz about these in PTC communities. The idea behind traffic exchange sites is to surf other people’s sites to earn credits which you’ll use to advertise your site for other people to surf and earn credits as well. In short, you get people to view your site, or referral link, in exchange for viewing their site or referral links too. “I see yours, you see mine”; get the idea?

I don’t think spending your hard earned credits on advertising your referral link or page for other people to surf is a good idea to gain referrals. You’ll just be wasting time as more people will just view your ad then jump to the next ad since they’re only after earning credits to get their own agendas pushed through using traffic.

The only way I see this method working is for you to build a page where you could advertise or sell your referral link or links much better than just showing the signup page for your PTC. As you will see when you start surfing, you only have a brief moment to capture the viewers’ attention and get them to visit your site and sign up. If you don't, they will surf right past your page. So, you need a page that will load fast and get the surfer to click. If you’ve made a blog or website about PTCs already; maybe you can use it instead of your individual referral links.

Regarding downline builders, it also works based on credit system. You earn credits through clicking or signing up programs, which you’ll spend on either getting others to view your program (through clicking), or getting others sign-up to your program. I believe you earn more from sign-ups as compared to clicks. The same goes for making people sign-up under you which will cost more as compared to just having them view your stuff.

In both methods, there’s a great chance that you’ll be acquiring lots of referrals. The only problem is there’s more potential for them to be inactive simply because they became a referral as a cost or side effect of their quest to achieve something else and not as their main goal or as a means to achieve their end.

6) Advertise on PTC sites.

It might not be new to you that most of PTC sites’ advertisers are their members as well. How many times have you seen PTC sites and their login pages whenever you click ads in one of your PTCs? These are usually the handwork of PTC members who wish to get referrals for their PTC site and rarely from the owner of the PTC site itself. Guess what? You can also use this method to advertise your stuff. Instead of cashing out your earnings, you can spend it on advertising instead.

This can be an effective tool, especially for new PTC sites. If you are using an old PTC site to advertise another old PTC site, everyone who clicks would most likely already be a member of that site. However, if you advertise a hot new PTC with few members, you can really benefit from this method.

Additionally, you could use the same method as the one stated in traffic exchange sites. Advertise your “highly sellable” page filled with your PTC referral links, or maybe your own blog or website about PTCs that also contains your referral links.

7) Tell your family and friends.

Most people don't think of this even though it’s so obvious. Chances are, they do not know about it. They may or may not want to participate, but it can't hurt to ask. Just make sure you don't exaggerate. Just tell it as it is: “they could earn extra income for very little effort”.

You can also invite your online friends in social networks to join, just don’t act too spammy or they might remove you from their friends list; or worst your account might get banned. Create MySpace, Facebook and Twitter pages with your referral links and banners in them. Be sure to add personality and content to your pages in order to keep visitors there longer. Once your pages are complete, link your friends and family to them to get the word spreading started.

The methods above are a guide for you on how to start getting those referrals. Though building your referral may take some time, rest assured using these methods will give you new sign-ups ready to pour in a lot of money. I am sure there are a lot of other ways to increase your downlines on any Paid-to-Click (PTC) programs. If you have other tips you use and want to share, just post a comment!


How to Make Money With Paid to Click Sites
How to Find the Best PTC Programs
How to Spot PTC Scams
Recommended PTC Sites
Tips on Renting Referrals from PTC Sites
Helpful Tips on Building a Referral Magnet Website for Your PTCs

Earning from PTCs

PTC Guide
Making money with paid to click or PTC sites is something anyone can do and you will see results immediately. It does require some time, effort and patience in the beginning if you are to succeed. If you are looking to get rich over night then this guide is not for you. However, if you are willing to put the time in and have the patience to see it through, you will be able to make money and in many cases a fair amount of it. You won’t become a millionaire doing this, but you will start earning immediately.

The guide is written in a step-by-step format and is meant for those that have little to no experience with PTC sites. It includes an example that you can actually go through that will have you making money at the end. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Create a new email account
The first thing you need to do is create a new email account. Generally it’s a good idea to get a separate account for signing up with PTC sites because it makes it easier to manage your emails if one is dedicated to paid to click sites. Start thinking of it like business where you want to keep it separate from your personal.

You can get your free email accounts at the Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Most of the free email account providers have junk mail filtering so make sure your settings are set where you will get email from any sites that you join.

Step 2: Sign-up for a Paypal and/or AlertPay account
The next step is signing up for an account with a payment processor. Most PTC sites will pay you via Paypal, AlertPay or check. If you haven’t heard of AlertPay, it’s just like Paypal. Signing up with these payment processors does not require a credit card and is free. Its a good practice to use the same email address for both your payment processor and your PTC sites. This ensures your payments go to the right account.

Step 3: Become a member at a PTC site
The next step is to actually join and become a member at a PTC site. Joining a site is very easy, much like creating an email account. Most sites don’t ask for any personal information, in fact usually just an email address, userid and password. Below I offer you a example that you can actually follow along with and you will begin to start making money by the end.

Click here to sign-up for a free account at Neobux. Fill in the form with your username, password, email address, etc. When you have entered all your info make sure you type the correct security code on the last field shown just to the right of it. Then click submit. That’s it! You have created your first PTC account.

Step 4: Start Making Money Online
After you have created your account, you are ready to login and begin veiwing ads to make money. Generally you need to view an ad for 20 to 30 seconds after which you will get a check mark notifying you that you have successfully viewed the ad for the required amount of time. You will then be credited with the amount of the click usually between $0.01 and $0.03. Right now that doesn’t sound like a lot, but you also make money on clicks that your referrals make and this can add up very quickly. Let’s continue our example we started from step 3 below.

Now that you have created your account, click on the login tab at the top and enter your userid and password that you created in step 3. Also remember to put in the 3 digit security code on the last field. Now that you have logged in to your account, let’s begin making money!

Click on the View Advertisement links on the top right of your screen. You will see all banners and websites available to you to click on and a counter showing the Current Ad Count. Beneath that you will see a list of categories ie “Computers and the Internet”. There will be banners under these categories. Click on the first banner under the category “Computers and the Internet”. You will be shown the website for the ad banner and you will see a timer counting down from 30. You must wait until that timer reaches zero. After it reaches zero you will see the word done with the green check mark and you will have earned your first $0.01.

You can view your real time cash earned in the top right corner. By clicking on your login name at the top right you are also able to view your account stats such as money earned, referral count and other member information. When you get yourself established, these numbers will grow quickly. Normally there is between 4 and 10 ads you can surf in a 24 hour period as a basic member. Premium members are offered more banners to click, more money per a click and more money from their referral’s clicks. It costs $60 a year for this membership upgrade, but may well be worth it if you plan to put the time and effort into it. As you visit each banner, it will get greyed out and force you to wait 24 hours before clicking them again.

Step 5: Getting Paid
Many sites have thresholds that you must reach before you can cashout. It’s usually around $5.00 to $10.00. Some sites have even lower thresholds like $2.00. Neobux has a $2 minimum payout. You can always check your stats to see how much you have earned currently. To get paid at Neobux, simply go to your account>>convert and select cash via Paypal or AlertPay. That’s it. “Money in the bank”.

Step 6: Geting Referrals To Join Under You
As touched on earlier, the way to really increase your earning potential is by referring new members to the site. By referring, we mean using the links and banners that the site gave you to advertise which has your userid in the link. You get paid for each click your referral makes as well as your own. So will a fair amount of referrals, you can start earning a more significant amount much more quickly then on your own. Here’s an example to illustrate the point.

Let’s say you are a member of UnoBux and you spend 15 minutes clicking ads:

You click 30 ads @ 0.01 =$0.30

Now suppose you recruited 10 members:

You click 30 ads @ 0.01 =$0.30
10 members click 30 ads @ $0.01 = $3.00
Total of $3.30

Not bad for 15 minutes and only having 10 referrals.

If you get 10 referrals a month in as little as 5 months you could be making over a $1.00/minute or $60/hr

You click 30 ads @ 0.01 = $0.30
50 members click 30 ads @ $0.01 = $15.00
Total of $15.30 in 15 minutes
Obviously this scenario assumes your referrals are clicking maximum ads which will not be the case, but the example is used to show how your earnings increase significantly with your referrals clicks.

A list of all your referrals are found in the referral section or some call them downline. Some sites even have multiple levels of referrals, which makes your earning potential even greater. You are also provided with tools to help you get new members or referrals. These include banners, splash pages, and links that can get you referrals. If you are having difficultly recruiting referrals most sites will even sell you referrals, instantly giving you a downline to make money for you. Yet other PTC sites like Neobux will actually rent you referrals.

To help get you started read this excellent article on How to Get Referrals that will help you in building your referral base. The article describes many free ways to attain referrals.

Step 7: Join Other Recommended PTC sites
These sites are well established and have been verified to payout cash. These are favorites of many PTC surfers.



Refer to the Best PTC Sites for more sites to join

What can you expect from being a PTC surfer? Just depends on your situation. Are you a college student? Stay at home mom or dad? Some people do it for fun as a hobby, and are happy to make $50 to $100 a month. While others do it to make money part-time to supplement their income. Others yet find it addicting and earn incredible amounts. Will you become a millionaire doing this? The answer is ‘no’. But you can make money doing it, if you put the time in and do it right.

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Promoting a URL

There are many ways and even more websites to promote your referral URL. On this page we give you some good options to promote your Referral URL. But ofcourse you can use them as well to promote any of your other websites you are member from.

1. Promote your Referral URL via your own Website or Blog

If you have an own website or blog page you can easy place one of the donkeymails banners or a text link on it. Then if someone visit your website or blog and click on the banner they will join automatic in your downline.

Don't have your own website or blog you can now start one easy in just 5 steps. (your own website is realy the best way to promote as you can promote different programs in ones)

A. Visit choose your domain name and order it. Prices will start at only $9.99 which is include FREE Hosting and more!
B. Login at your account at and click on "Free Products" at the right menu. Then click "hosting accounts" to set your free hosting. Or choose "website tonight accounts" then you receive hosting together with an easy setup to build up your website fast. When you are a total newbie the "website tonight" option is the best to choose as of the very easy setup everyone can build a page with this.
C. Ones you have clicked "hosting accounts" you are send back to main page and find a button there to "actived your free account" just click on this and set up your free hosting.
D. Build up your website and upload your page to your free hosting account.
E. Test your website to be sure all works fine and start promote your website! PS Don't forget to add the donkeymails banner to your own website!

2. Promote your Referral URL via Listbuilders

Listbuilders are realy a great and free way to promote your donkeymails referral URL. On the listbuilders you can email each x number of days a x number of members (different on each listbuilder). As well on the most listbuilders you can earn credits for reading the emails to send out even more emails. Use these emails to promote your donkeymails referral URL and you build up your downline easy and free.

Some good listbuilders you can use. : Listjoe , ListDomino , State of the Art Mailer , ViralNugget , CoinGrabbers , ListSurfing

For more listbuilders ->

3. Promote your Referral URL via Manual Traffic Exchanges.

Manual traffic exchanges are another great way to promote your donkeymails referral URL. On the manual traffic exchanges you can earn credits for visit websites. Then you can use these credits to let other people see your website. So by visit websites from other people you can let other people visit your referral URL and ofcourse join it when they like.

Some good manual Traffic exchanges you can use : Easyhits4U , HitBandit , TrafficShowDown , NewWaySurf , Hit2Hit

For more Manual Traffic Exchanges. :

4. Promote your Referral URL via other PTR/PTC website.

Other Paid To Read and Paid to Click websites are great to promote your referral URL. On a lot of these websites you can earn points that you can use then to promote websites. Use these points to promote your donkeymails referral URL and build up your downline easy. As well most websites have the option to redeem your cash as well for advertising so that is ofcourse an option as well to do.

Some PTR/PTC sites you can use : Worldwide-cash , Clixsense , Adpaid , GPTOffers , Valeptr , Xray-cash

5. Promote your Referral URL by submit Articles.

Using articles with good content can build up good traffic to your articale and when you include your donkeymails referral URL as well traffic to your donkeymails referral URL.

Some article websites you can use : Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Article Base, Buzzle, SearchWarp, Article Alley, Web-Source, ArticleSet, WebProNews, Amazines, Blogger, Squidoo

6. Promote your using Social media websites.

Good sites to use : , , and ofcourse can use your messengers as well. BUT remember don't spam.

7. Promote your referral URL to your friends, family and all people you know!

How many friends or relatives do you have that would like to earn money working online. Make a list of everyone you know then contact them about to let them join under you to earn cash as well. PLEASE NOTE : do not send unsolicited bulk e-mail messages (SPAM). Such action will result in immediate termination of your account.

8. Promote your referral URL by using Google Sorts ads.

Google is ofcourse a great way to promote your URL. Only the ads on google are costing mostly a lot of money. But there is now a great way to get google ads free even without having a website. is a great website to get your free google sorts ads online. On this website you can earn credits with setting up an page (like your referral URL) on it and put on this directly. Then by promote that link you direct earn credits that you can use to promote your referral URL. So with this you promote direct your referral URL and earn extra credits as well that you can use again to promote your referral URL

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Body Mass Index

Life Insurers Use The Body Mass Index To Tighten The Belt On Fat People
in Insurance

Overweight people are in the firing line again. Life insurance companies are increasing premiums up to four fold for fat people. They've always charged more for those of us who over-eat, but during the last year the penalties have got worse.

In moves to tighten the belts further, the life insurers are lowering the weight limits they use to categorise people. This tougher move means that those who are merely overweight and would have previously qualified for a standard premium, are now penalised with higher premiums – and the premium rapidly rises the more overweight they believe you are.

Height and weight are just two of the questions you have to answer when you apply for life insurance. From them, the life company calculates your Body Mass Index and if that exceeds the limits they define as acceptable, they might ask for a doctor's report. In bigger cases they might ask you to have a medical examination. If this confirms that your weight is of concern, then you can expect your premium to be loaded by at least 50% and as much as 400% if you're really obese. Recent research shows that around 25% of applicants will experience problems getting life cover due to their weight. In extreme cases the insurer will even refuse the application.

In an acknowledgement of normal middle age spread, the insurance companies do take your age into account when deciding your premium. They accept that people naturally tend to put weight on as they age. If you're young and overweight, however, they'll certainly hit you hard. So overweight and 38 will be hit much harder than overweight and 58.

For example, a non smoking healthy man aged 35 asking for £150,000 level cover over 25 years will currently be quoted £18.77 by Scottish Provident but this could easily jump to £35 if he is overweight and up to £47 if he's obese.

And obesity is certainly a growing problem. Over the last 20 years obesity in adults has rocketed with more than 60% of men and 50% of women being judged as overweight or obese. And signs are that the problem won't improve. In children aged between 2 and 15, 28% of girls and 22% of boys are overweight.

How do you rate on the Body Mass Index?

Calculate your own BMI.

Note your weight in pounds and multiply it by 703.

Divide the result by your height measured in inches

Again divide the resulting number by your height in inches

The result is your BMI

The typical insurance company considers a BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 to as normal. Above 25 classifies you as overweight. Over 30 and you're obese.

To give you more of a fix on what this means for you, here are the BMI's for twelve famous people:

Under weight

Paula Radcliffe – Marathon Runner - 18.0

Victoria Beckham – Footballers Wife - 17.0

Jennifer Aniston – Actress - 17.5

Normal weight

Alan Shearer – Newcastle Footballer - 24.4

Davina McCall – TV Presenter - 20.8

Cilla Black – Presenter - 20.7


Russell Crowe – Hollywood Actor - 25.6

Ann Widdecombe – MP - 25.1

Charlie Dimmock – Gardening Presenter - 26.0


Norman Schwarzkopf – US General - 30.5

Michelle McManus – Presenter - 34.4

Dawn French – Comedienne - 43.8

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Womens Hir Thinnning -Tips for arrest

48 percent Of Women Have Thinning Hair!
in Women's Issues

How your hair grows

Your hair is made of keratin (KER-uh-tin), the same protein that makes up your nails and the outer layer of your skin. The part you see and style is called the hair shaft. It's actually dead tissue made by your hair follicles tiny bulb-like structures beneath your scalp's surface.

We have all heard of someone who has thinning hair problem, but do we really know how extensive this thinning hair problem is? Let us take a look at the figures here..

1. 70 million Americans Have Fine or Thin-looking Hair And it's Growing
2. 4 million more women and 4.7 million more men will have noticeably thin-looking hair by 2005
3. By age 65, 48% of all women report they have thinning hair and 75% of all men report they have noticeably thin-looking hair.
4. Research has shown that the problem of thin-looking hair can begin as early as age 17.
5. The problem will grow more extreme as our population ages.

How does hair loss start?

Hair loss is a normal symptom. 50 to 60 hairs are shed each day from a normal scalp. Losing more than 60 hairs a day is called excessive hair loss and leads to generalized thinning of the hair. Hair becomes fine in texture. Loss of hair in men is often determined by heredity or by the Allopetia Androgenetic hormone. Hair loss in women is often caused by pregnancy, stress, fatigue or medical treatment.

Can Thyroid Disease Cause Hair Loss?

An overactive or underactive thyroid can cause hair loss. One may get her thyroid numbers in order after beginning a regimen of thyroid medication. However, there have been reported cases of women experiencing hair loss FROM the thyroid medication.

Hot Tips!

Coloring: If you inherited a tendency for hair loss, you likely have very healthy hair overall. Therefore, your hair can benefit from permanent or semi-permanent color to give body and volume to hair.

Volumizing Products: Many volume-building hair products contain paraffin, which is beeswax. That's not good for hair, because it builds up and can make hair break.

However, volumizing products sold in salons do help. They won't weigh hair down, and they won't damage it. Mousse, for example, can be applied at the root area for support. Then, begin blow-drying the root area, applying tension with a brush to build volume. Use a light finishing spray to hold it.

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Site Promotion Poker

Poker Affiliate Website Optimization: 3 Steps To Success
in Affiliate Programs

Attracting visitors to your site is effectively half the battle. But when you are trying to create a successful and more importantly a profitable affiliate-marketing site. If you design a site dedicated to something as competitive and as popular as online gaming or more specifically virtual poker, you must be sure that your site is not only unique but gives the impression of being a successful and legitimate site. If the site fails to make visitors click on it's links and fully sign up to a poker site then they are effectively failing in their business as an online affiliate marketer. There is no guaranteed solution to the problem and no quick fix to be sure of success, but there are certain elementary things that any site owner can do to make sure that their site looks the part.

The first thing any person sees when they enter a site is the front page. There is effectively no point in bothering writing text or any of the other essentials on a website if you don't take the time to create a front page. To portray a sense of professionalism and even superiority over your competitors in the affiliate-marketing field, an impressive but still not overly extravagant front page must be the first problem. Website owners don't need to provide over the top graphics or even the greatest page, just a simple but professional appearance. This should be within the means of any serious website owner, and should not require the acquisition of an expensive web design program or even a web professional to help. If you are all fingers and thumbs when it comes to websites then you may need to ask friends or even try and find a cheap freelance worker on one of the many freelance providers on the Internet. But the simple fact is that reducing your outlays maximises your profit margin or at least minimises your losses, so don't try and be too elaborate unless you have the skills and the materials to do it yourself.

The next stage is all about enticing the visitor to become a customer of one of the poker sites that you are advertising for. Through emotive and engaging language you can turn even the most causal of observers into a potential customer. The language you choose is entirely of your own choosing, but the key to any sales program is that you must first grab their attention and then keep it. Selling items, which is effectively what an affiliate is doing, albeit indirectly is not a simple process. Advertisers are paid millions to come up with simple slogans and advertising campaigns. Peppering your articles or text with a few words that really drive a readers imagination and create a sense of longing are essential if you are to successfully turn precious visitors in even more precious money.

The final step of the trilogy is to make sure that the layout of advertisements is correct. It isn't a science it is just about being practical with the spacing and alignment of adverts. Making sure that adverts are obvious without being intrusive can mean the difference between success and failure for an affiliate. As a poker affiliate your key goal should be too make sure that the adverts are noticeable, not tucked away at the bottom of the page or elsewhere on the site. If nobody sees the links then they are not all that likely to hunt them down to click on them. Just like in a supermarket, the important items that people are likely to buy on impulse are put near the front or at the checkout, so you should make sure to use the same principle. Placing adverts at the head of the page or on either side of the main text can make sure that they are noticeable without being too intrusive. The opposite extreme of this is putting links everywhere and bombarding visitors with flashing banners. This can lead to confusion and ultimately detracts from your site, so whilst the idea of optimising your advertising space may seem reasonable it can have undesired consequences. Spread adverts liberally but not so thick that they just become a mess of names, figures and flashing logos.

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Better Public Speaking
in Public Speaking

Think of the last really memorable talk or presentation that you attended. Now, was that easy to do, or did you really have to rack your brains to remember one? Sadly, too many presentations are easy to forget. And that's a big problem because the only reason the presenter gave the talk was to communicate something to you.

However, there are four basic things that you can do to ensure that your verbal messages are understood - and remembered - time and time again.

Although somewhat obvious and deceptively simple, these are:

Understand the purpose of the presentation
Keep the message clear and concise
Be prepared
Be vivid when delivering the message

Understand what you want to achieve:

Before you start working on your talk or presentation, it's essential that you really understand what you want to say, who you want to tell and why they might want to listen. To do this, ask yourself: Who? What? How? When? Where? Why?

Who are you speaking to? What are their interests, beliefs and values? What do they share in common with others; how are they unique?

What message do you wish to convey? One way of answering this question is to ask yourself about the 'success criteria'. How do you know if and when you have successfully communicated what you have in mind?

How can you best put across your message? Language is most important here, as are non verbal cues such as body language and expressions. Choose your words and non verbal cues while keeping your audience in mind. Plan a beginning, middle and end. If time and place allow, consider and prepare audio-visual aids.

When? Timing is important here. Develop a sense of timing, so that your contributions are seen and heard as relevant to the issue or matter at hand. There is a time to speak and a time to be silent.

Where? What is the physical context of the communication in mind? You may have time to visit the venue, for example, and rearrange the furniture. Check for availability and visibility if you are using audio or visual aids.

Why? In order to convert hearers into listeners, you need to know why they should listen to you – and tell them if necessary.

The Importance of Simplicity:

When it comes to wording your message, less is more. You're giving your audience headlines, too much information will overload and bore your listeners.. They are not expecting to become experts on the subject as a result of hearing your presentation, therefore simplicity is best.

If you're using slides, limit the content of each one to a few bullet points, a single statement or a very simple diagram.


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. In fact, it is the most important factor in determining your communication successes. When possible, set meeting times and speaking and presentation times well in advance, thus allowing yourself the time you need to prepare your communications. Each minute of a presentation deserves thirty minutes preparation.

Of course, not all communications can be scheduled. In this case, preparation may mean having a good, thorough understanding of the office goings-on, enabling you to communicate with the knowledge you need to be effective, both through verbal and written communications

Successful Delivery:

The manner in which you deliver your speech or presentation has a lasting impact on your audience. Again, preparation is paramount here, in order to hold the listeners attention. Some useful tips for keeping your presentation vivid include:

Use examples to bring your points to life
Keep your body language up-beat - don't stay stuck behind a rostrum
Don't talk to fast. Less is more here too. Pauses are effective.
Use a variety of tones of voice
Use visual aids.

Presentations and public speaking, although daunting, can be a very enjoyable, rewarding experience, once adequate time is taken to prepare and rehearse them. An enthusiastic speaker who is confident with their material will make a lasting memorable impression on their audience.

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Moving Check list

Checklist For Moving
in Home and Family

Using a checklist for moving can keep you from forgetting things. Important things, like turning on the electricity in your new home, or filling the heating oil tank. Of course you have to make your own moving checklist, but you can start with the suggestions here.

Checklist For Moving - A Month Before The Move

- Submit your change of address forms to post office.

- Obtain documents for school transfers, if you have children.

- Find a moving company, and make reservations.

- Give your new address to friends and family.

- Hold a garage sale or otherwise lighten the load.

Checklist For Moving - One Or Two Weeks Before

- Move your banking accounts to the new location.

- Return rented movies, books to library, etc.

- get your prescriptions transferred to the new location.

- Clean your house.

- Call for utility shut-offs and new connections.

- Dispose of things that won't be moved.

- Begin packing and labling boxes.

- Organize and pack an "essentials" box for arrival (toiletries, paper plates, etc.).

- Final moving plans (make hotel reservations, get maps, etc.).

Checklist For Moving Day

- Remember to eat.

- Start early.

- Check every room and storage area.

- Turn off all lights, lock the doors.

- Give the keys to the new owner or real estate agent.

There will be many more items to add to your personal list. Begin writing down anything you think of as soon as you know when you'll be moving. Can you have your new phone ready to use when you arrive at your new home? Will you need to return across the country because you forgot about a safe-deposit box? To avoid problems like these is to start early on your checklist for moving.

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Discover The Many Facets of Finances
in Finance

The finance of a business is its lifeblood without which there is no point in putting up or maintaining one. At the end of the day, money is what matters in any kind of business and that is an established fact. Most of us know how elaborate money matters are. Loosely translated, that means dealing with finances is a pain. This is especially true for people who don't know the first thing about it and I believe that comprises majority of the population.

Mortgages, trusts, annuities, bonds and brokers are only a few of the facets of finances. If that doesn't make you cringe, the likes of auditing and secured loans will. I'm tempted to say that rocket science would be easier to understand. Although I know that is not true, they do share an element of difficulty that the ordinary layperson would be hard pressed to comprehend. It would be grand if we didn't have to deal with finances. But just like death and taxes, we are sure to deal with money matters in the course of our lives.

Going back to business and its financial aspect, who or where do you go to in order to get the much needed help? I presume financial advisers or accountants would be the first people that we'd think of. But which financial adviser do we approach? What do we say when we get hold of one? Would they know what to do with our specific need immediately? The only logical thing to do would be to employ a skill that we have acquired way back in elementary school: research.

The Internet is always a good place to start when doing research. Business and financial sites are abundant in the net, you just have to sift through to find the good ones and ignore the irrelevant sites. The way to go would be to look for a good business portal. Portals are basically sites with a collection of topics or subjects that acts as a launch pad. This will enable you to spring to several sites that contain pertinent information about the subject that you are interested in. The apparent advantage when using a portal is that all the data and information that has to do with what you are looking for is already within reach.

You don't have to go to a search engine to look for a subject within the same topic. Take for example a business or financial portal. I've mentioned about where to find good accountants earlier, here's the place. The obvious link to click on would be "accountants" in the portal. Details like services an accountant offers and how to pick the right one for your needs are discussed in-depth. After you're satisfied with the information you've gathered, you can simply go back to the portal and select another link that you might also be interested in like maybe loans or insurance and do the same thing again. That's how convenient it is to use a business or financial portal. Information is indispensable in the realm of business. Find the right portal and get on the road to financial success.

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AutoBin.not Bin Laden

The Innovative Autobin
in Product Reviews

If you are looking for a new-to-market, innovative and useful product within your home, the Autobin is it! The Autobin is a revolutionary automatic opening bin. It has a built in infrared sensor on the lid, so when you place you hand near the lid of the bin, it opens, and shuts again after about 8 seconds, allowing you to drop your rubbish into the bin without the need to touch it at all. However, if you need more time, say if your peeling eggs or emptying leftovers into the bin, you can override the automatic feature by pressing the open or close button on the front panel.

If used in its automatic setting, the touchless Autobin is incredibly hygienic, and helps to prevent the spread of germs within the family household, hospitals, public toilets, offices, airports, care homes, or wherever you need a bin. Hospitals around China and Singapore are using the Autobin to help prevent the spread of the SARS virus and other superbugs.

The Autobin is also great for both elderly and disabled, and children just love the function of the Autobin. It encourages children to put their rubbish into the bin, and it injects a bit of fun into an otherwise boring chore for them.

The Stainless Steel Autobin ranges are very stylish and hygienic. They have a special coating inside the bin that prevents rusting, and they are very easy to clean inside and out. The Autobin runs on 4 x D batteries, which are usually supplied with the bin and can last between 6 and 12 months dependant on use. I have had my Autobin for over 12 months now and I haven't replaced the batteries yet. I really would recommend the Autobin to anyone. The range includes 24 Litre, 32 Litre or 50 Litre bins, finished in either brushed satin stainless steel, or with a shiny mirror effect. I went for the 50 Litre Autobin, which looks fantastic in my kitchen.

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Article Marketing

How to Get Your Promotional Articles Accepted by Publishers
in Article Writing

As the publisher of an article directory, I see this all the time: writers and other marketers who are so desperate to get their promotional seen they really don't think about how they are marketing, where they are marketing, or who they are marketing to.

As an article writer myself, who has gone from almost no listings at all in the last year in Google, to over 46,000, I'd like to give you a little insight into to how you can get your articles read and seen so that get you the traffic and sales you are looking for.

1. Target your market
This should be obvious. If you're writing articles about real estate, find sites that accept articles on real estate. Find directories that accept articles on real estate. Then your article is more likely to get accepted.

Some article writers assume, wrongly, because a certain type of article is related to a subject, that article will be published on a certain type of site.

Not so. It's a good idea to explore the content of a site before submitting, unless it's a general article directory. This will tell you whether this article is a good fit or not.

2. Don't submit an ad or a press release
I get this one a lot. My question to people like this is, "What makes you think I'll publish your ad?"

I pay for my web hosting, domains, and all the other expenses incurred in running an online business. Why should I help you? Why do I have to waste my time deleting your junk from my site?

I'm a writer and then a marketer, but in the case of site content, I'm a marketer first. I want top notch content on my site. Good articles. Articles that will help my readers. The best way to help my readers is to publish articles that are related to my topic.

Now, if the site does publish ads and press releases, by all means, submit. However, make sure that you have properly targeted your market. Website publishers are busy people, and it only takes a second to hit that delete key.

3. Make your article interesting
One of the first things I learned in journalism school is to translate technical material into plain language so that readers can understand it.

The same applies with articles. If you use a term that is unfamiliar, explain it in the body of your article. Don't send your readers on a wild goose chase trying to figure out what you mean.

Make your article easy to understand.

Use short words, short paragraphs, and short sentences. If you've ever read a newspaper, or "Time" magazine, or even a romance novel, you'll find out that these are written on about a seventh grade level.

This is so that readers can get through the material quickly. It's easy to understand.

4. Don't use HTML to format your article unless the publisher specifically says you can.
One of my article directories does all of the HTML formatting for the writer. Therefore, when the writer uses HTML in the formatting, those characters show up. I either have to remove the HTML or delete the article. The article almost always gets deleted unless I really want the article on my site. Then the writer gets a personal email.

5. Check your work
Now I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of this one.

I write at the speed of light and type at the speed of sound. This means that I'm thinking faster than I can get the words down on paper. This can quickly make a mess of my articles.

The easiest way around this one is to read your article out loud. This forces you to slow down. You'll catch a lot of your grammar and punctuation mistakes, and smooth the flow of your writing.

Give your links one last check to make sure they work, and you're ready to go.

If you want to get more mileage from your articles, the best way to do this is to target your market, write a good article, and give your reader information that is helpful, interesting, and easy to understand.

You'll maximize your listings in the search engines and multiply your traffic and sales exponentially.

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Earning online

Will I make money online?
in Book Marketing

This is the number one question people ask when they are looking for profits on the internet. Will I make money online? 95% of the people who start to look for ways to make money online fail eventually. The classic story is - start looking for information then a flood of misleading information hits you and you drown. You will try this then try that but fail at all of them and soon you will quit. Just to find yourself in that old crumpy day job you wanted to run away from to begin with. Today I will try to stop this and do a little mind arranging and show you one door to success.

I am not intending to prattle here and waist your time, lets get directly to the point. Making money online is actually based on one simple very basic formula:

Find a hungry crowd-> Find what they want -> Give it to them

That's it there you have it, in a nut shell the whole internet marketing big philosophy purified in one short sentence.

OK, you think to yourself this is real nice but how do I manage all this? I will give you one way, among endless ways, to your success today. But before that you must remember the most important thing in internet marketing: What ever it is you choose to do, keep doing it and doing it and doing it. Do not jump from one program to another program, failing them all. Choose one path and keep moving forward, for this is the only way you will ever, manage to make money online.

Now let's break the formula into few basic steps you can start performing today.

Find a hungry crowed

You must find what people are searching for to be able to supply it. This is the "What should I sell online?" question everyone asks. Technically you can use search engines and find popular search terms – but remember to look for something people want but not too popular. Another way is using any free keyword suggestion tool, simply look for these exact words, to find what people are looking for online.

Find what they want

Now you now what people are looking for but what will you give them? Let's say that you have found that people are looking for solution to some medical problem, you can give them information on how to solve their problem or products: pills, instruments, etc.
One more sample: if they are looking for ways to keep their dog from barking, give them a book which tells them exactly how they should train their dog. Finding what they want is all about finding specific solution to a certain problem.

Give it to them

Now you think: I have to look for what people need, find out what can solve their problem and then give it to them. But how will I find it? I don't have it at home, or at my car. Should I start create solutions? Writing a book? Build a real sophisticated machine? No you don't!!! This part is actually taken care for you, along with the entire customer handling.
The answer is Affiliates programs. They are free to join. And you will find almost any thing you can think of. They take care of creating, shipping, and customer support for you. All you need is to bring home the hungry crowd in because dinner is already served!

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10 Tips To Buying Software Online
in Software

Buying software online can be tricky, especially if you are new to shopping via the internet. Whether you are upgrading an existing software package or looking for a specific program to install, the process will be a lot less complicated if you know what to look for.

Software Buying Tip # 1
Read customer reviews. Many popular online stores, such as Amazon, allow users to leave their comments about a particular product. Reading other customer reviews may help to make your decision easier because it gives you an idea of others who have experienced the product firsthand.

Software Buying Tip # 2
When considering any type of software, make sure that it is compatible with your computer. Most software requires a specific processor type, such as Pentium or Celeron, and a certain amount of free hard drive space. The reason is because, in order for software to function properly at quickly, the computer must be able to handle the application. By being familiar with your computer's configuration, you will be able to select the right software.

Software Buying Tip # 3
Become familiar with the software by reading it's description and capabilities. Before purchasing any type of software, you should make sure that it is exactly what you want or will enjoy learning. Often times, after software is opened, there is no refund policy for buyer's remorse.

Software Buying Tip # 4
Purchase software from a reputable company. This will ensure customer service, reliability, quality products and timely shipment. By purchasing software from a reliable source, you will also ensure that the title is authentic and not an illegal copy. The best way to check out a business's reputation is through the Better Business Bureau.

Software Buying Tip # 5
The best part of shopping for software online is the competition. Because there are so many retailers, prices are more competitive than if only one store had the software that you want. Shop around and compare prices before making a final decision.

Software Buying Tip # 6
When making a purchase online, consider using a credit card. Most credit card companies provide a dispute resolution process, which is beneficial if the product is not delivered, is not as advertised or is damaged and the company will not stand behind the transaction.

Software Buying Tip # 7
If purchasing from another individual, such as often the case with online auctions, confirm that the software has all manuals and/or product keys to ensure proper installation.

Software Buying Tip # 8
Learn about the company's return, refund and/or exchange policy. In many cases, especially with software, the company may refuse to accept the product back for a refund. However, there is always the possibility that a program is damaged or doesn't function properly, in which case the store should honor the purchase with an exchange for the same title. When buying software online, it's best to purchase from a store that is reasonable when it comes to exchanges if not refunds.

Software Buying Tip # 9
When purchasing software online, take a moment to look at the company's shipping costs, methods and availability of a way to track the package following shipment.

Software Buying Tip # 10
Common payment methods include credit cards, checks and/or money orders. If you want to purchase software online, you will need to do so from a company that accepts a convenient payment method. If you do not have a credit card, most companies will accept a mailed payment. Most companies, however, recommend not sending cash.

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Great Guns world over Highlights

Airhead Behavior Becomes New Human Norm As Underachievement Reaches New Heights
in Movies

Today, look high and low, and what do you see? Airhead behavior – in fact, so much of it that it's threatening to become the new human norm. What is going on here? And can we find hope anywhere?

Yes. Where, you may ask? We'll take a look.

But to infuse the proceedings with appropriate levity, let's first present NewsLaugh's Ten Slams For New Heights In Underachievement.

Then we'll turn to those gifted and resilient human beings who refuse to partake in the worldwide slide toward the moronic and, instead, valorously persist in their commendable quest for overachievement.

Here are Ten Slams For New Heights In Underachievement

1. The insurgents in Iraq, for explosively undermining the peaceful and progressive rebuilding of their own country, along with terrorists everywhere, for cloaking murder with religious-speak apparently without realizing that their verbal yip "God is great" and operational guideline "Life is cheap" are at idiotic odds with each other, since, if God is great, He'd only make great things, just alike a great dumbbell maker would only make great dumbbells.

2. The Taliban in Afghanistan, for managing to preserve themselves from any notion of truly religious behavior, which must, for all God's chillin, include effusive mutual consideration, not to mention the same for one's perhaps turban-tossing self, as well as Islamic militants of similar ilk wherever they so mercilessly inflict their airborne medievalism.

3. The Palestinians who keep firing rockets at Israel, which are actually metaphorical rockets they're firing at their woeful selves.

4. The Iranian "mullahtocracy" for alarming the world and any sane member of their own society by the senseless and impossible pursuit of nuclear hegemony in the region and threats to civilized folks with far more weaponry.

5. The warring factions in Somalia and Darfur for managing to starve, rape, and kill off tens of thousands of their own men, women, and children, along with the equally insightful bombers in Bali who apparently think blowing up innocent people is the way to have their God reach down and drag them to paradise by their religiously motivated beards.

6. All governments who shrug their shoulders at the human role in making the globe too toasty for the survival of the Dairy Queen and other aspects of human life that require cooler temps to continue.

7. People on the home front who can't seem to restrain themselves from killing members of their own families, not to mention other innocents who happen to get in the way of their illicit intentions, and the occasional person who still seems to find it necessary to eat a fellow human being.

8. Men who insist on kidnapping and sexually molesting women, whether age 5, 25, or 95.

9. Corporate execs who can't seem to keep their fingers out of the till or otherwise take the companies they've been trusted to conduct will skill for a mighty big spill.

10. Young people who haven't got enough of a notion of their own self-worth and the worth of other people, including their distressed parents, to lay off of all forms of destructive behavior and tune into the still faint bleeping of their own best potential.

Now, with a spectacular increment in our approval rating, as well our joy, let's turn to our countervailing consolation and praiseworthy hopes: the gifted and resilient people who continue to aim for the heights of human achievement, despite the pervasive idiocy that encroaches on their persistent positive bents.

1. Medical researchers who carry on with their life-enhancing quest for drugs that will cure cancer, treat AIDS, depopulate mosquitoes, and address other amenable causes of human misery.

2. Tech wizards, who wake up each day bright-eyed in their goal of advancing the revolution in communication, mechanical medicine, and all other promising fields of extrapolation.

3. Politicos and execs who are worthy of the trust that leadership entails and distinguish themselves in the service of its inspiriting call.

4. People who really do believe in freedom and democracy, which, inconveniently for many, includes the wisdom to abstain from trying to make everybody march in lockstep with their own less than universally inviting enthusiasms.

5. Artists and academics who understand that a free mind can only cavort on a stage supported by a free economy, wooly wild and discomfiting that many of its aspects may be.

5. NASA, for continuing to believe in the benefits of space exploration, even in the face of so many short-sighted cutbacks that the space age is beginning to feel like a dream of a more farseeing age.

7. All teachers who care, except those who can't seem to resist sexually molesting the student body.

8. Smart people everywhere, including Bill, Melinda, and Warren for philanthropy that proves Santa Claus doesn't always dress in red and say, "Ho, ho, ho!"

9. Nice people anywhere, no matter how smart, dumb, educated or ignorant they are.

10. Everybody who appreciates the finally incomprehensible gift of life and knows that doing the best we can with it is the surest way to distinguish our own lives and express reverence for whatever gifted it.

May the first ten winners read about the second ten and decide to join them. Billions would cheer. And really soon would be a real boon.

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Love Your Self

Test To Find Out If You Love Yourself?
in Dating

Most of us are searching for love. We all hear so much about love, watch it in the movies and listen to songs of love. Somehow that kind of love does not happen to us. Whether such passionate romantic love can exist in today's world? That is a big question. Even if you fall in such love, it will phase out after some time leaving a vacuum.

How about loving ourselves? Most of us do a lot of self beating. We regret our decisions, strain our bodies to make achievements, stress ourselves at most of the times about something or else. We give no peace and love to ourselves. Look at a child in the lap of mother. The child is at peace and is totally protected by mother. The kid is totally relaxed. How about mothering yourself?

How about forgetting your worries for a certain period during the day? Just relax and pamper your mind and body? Only relax. Relax and let all the strain go away. Think of nothing. No worries, no tension, no goals, no achievements, no projects, no exams, no promotions. Only yourself. Love yourself for what you are. No criticism. No self beating. No memories of good or bad. Only love for yourself. Let that love Overwhelm you with total peace. Love yourself.

We act brutally with ourselves many times. We don't need others to do that, because we do it wonderfully well ourselves. Are you one of such people? How much do you love yourself?

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Anna Hazare- Crusader par Excellence of India against corruption Revolution

Kisan Baburao Hazare pronunciation (help·info) (Marathi: किसन बाबुराव हजारे, Kisan Bāburāv Hajārē ?) (born 15 June 1937), popularly known as Anna Hazare pronunciation (help·info) (Marathi: अण्णा हजारे, Aṇṇā Hajārē ?) is an Indian social activist, army and prominent leader in the 2011 Indian anti-corruption movement, using nonviolent methods following the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.[1][2] Hazare also contributed to the development and structuring of Ralegan Siddhi, a village in Parner taluka of Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra, India. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan—the third-highest civilian award—by the Government of India in 1992 for his efforts in establishing this village as a model for others.[3]

Anna Hazare started a indefinite hunger strike on 5 April 2011 to exert pressure on the Indian government to enact a strigent anti-corruption law as envisaged in the Jan Lokpal Bill, for the institution of an ombudsman with the power to deal with corruption in public places. The fast led to nation-wide protests in support of Hazare. The fast ended on 9 April 2011, the day after the government accepted Hazare's demands. The government issued a gazette notification on the formation of a joint committee, consisting of government and civil society representatives, to draft the legislation.[4][5]

Anna has been ranked as the topmost influential person in Mumbai by a national daily newspaper.[6] He has faced criticism for his authoritarian views on justice, including death as punishment for corrupt public officials and his alleged support for forced vasectomies as a method of family planning.[7][8].

Contents [hide]
1 Early life
2 Military service
3 Transformation of Ralegan Siddhi
3.1 Prohibition of alcohol
3.2 Grain Bank
3.3 Watershed development programme
3.4 Milk production
3.5 Education
3.6 Removal of untouchability
3.7 Collective marriages
3.8 Gram Sabha
4 Activism
4.1 Anti-corruption protests in Maharashtra
4.2 Right to Information movement
4.3 Regulation of Transfers and Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Act
4.4 Campaign against liquor from food grains
4.5 Jan Lokpal Bill
4.6 Lokpal Bill movement
4.6.1 Hunger strike in Delhi
4.6.2 End of hunger strike after meeting demands
4.6.3 Differences with the government on draft bill
4.6.4 Indefinite fast
4.6.5 Arrest and aftermath
4.6.6 Fast at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi
4.7 Electoral reform movement
4.8 Protest against atrocities against Swami Ramdev and his supporters
5 Controversies and criticism
5.1 Views on Narendra Modi
5.2 Fraud during fasts
5.3 Accusations of corruption
5.4 Accusation of being anti-democratic and anti-dalit
5.5 Accusation of being nonsecular
6 Conspiracy to murder Hazare
7 Honours, awards and international recognition
8 Personal life
9 Writings
10 See also
11 References
12 Further reading
13 External links

Early lifeKisan Hazare was born on 15 June 1937 in Bhingar, a small village in Hingangaon near the city of Bhingar, in Bombay Province (present-day Maharashtra).[9] Kisan's father, Baburao Hazare, worked as an unskilled labourer in Ayurveda Ashram Pharmacy. Kisan's grandfather was working for the army in Bhingar, when he was born. His grandfather died in 1945, but Baburao continued to stay at Bhingar. In 1952, Baburao resigned from his job and returned to his own village, Ralegan Siddhi. Kisan had six younger siblings and the family faced significant hardships. Kisan's childless aunt offered to look after him and his education, and took him to Mumbai. Kisan studied up to the seventh standard in Mumbai and then sought employment, due to the economic situation in his household. He started selling flowers at Dadar to support his family. He soon started his own shop and brought two of his brothers to Bombay.[10]

Military serviceIn 1962, events in South Asia meant that large-scale army recruitments were being undertaken. Despite not meeting the physical requirements, 25-year-old Hazare was selected, as emergency recruitment was taking place in the Indian Army.[11] After training at Aurangabad in Maharashtra he started his career in the Indian Army as a driver in 1963.[12] During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Hazare was posted at the border in the Khem Karan sector. On 12 November 1965, the Pakistan Air Force launched air strikes on Indian bases, and all of Hazare's comrades were killed; he was the only survivor of that convoy. It was a close shave for Hazare as one bullet had passed by his head.[13] He was driving a truck.[10][14] This led him to dwell on the purpose and meaning of life and death. He came across a small booklet titled "Call to the youth for nation building" by Swami Vivekananda in a book stall at the New Delhi railway station.[15] He realised that saints sacrificed their own happiness for that of others, and that he needed to work towards ameliorating the sufferings of the poor. He started to spend his spare time reading the works of Vivekananda, Gandhi, and Vinoba Bhave.[16] During the mid-1970s, he again survived a road accident while driving.[17] It was at that particular moment that Hazare took an oath to dedicate his life to the service of humanity, at the age of 38.[13] He took voluntary retirement from the army in 1978.[18]He was honorably discharged from the Indian Army after completing 12 years of service.[19] During his tenure about five medals were apprised to Anna Hazare: Sainya Seva Medal, Nine Years Long Service Medal, Sangram Medal, 25th Independent Anniversary Medal, and Pashimi Star award.[20] Allegations of Hazare deserting the Indian Army were put to rest when an RTI application brought forward information of him having been honorably discharged from service.[21]

Transformation of Ralegan SiddhiIn 1978 after a voluntary retirement from the Indian army, Hazare went to his native village Ralegan Siddhi, a village located in the acute drought-prone and rain-shadow zone of Parner Tehsil of Ahmadnagar district, in central Maharashtra.[22] It was one of the many villages of India plagued by acute poverty, deprivation, a fragile ecosystem, neglect and hopelessness. Hazare made remarkable economic, social and community regeneration in Ralegan Siddhi. He reinforced the normative principles of human development – equity, efficiency, sustainability and people's participation and made Ralegan Siddhi an oasis of human-made regeneration in a human-made desert without any inputs of industrialisation and technology-oriented agriculture.[11][23]

Prohibition of alcoholAnna Hazare recognised that without addressing the menace of alcoholism, no effective and sustainable reform was possible in the village. He organised the youth of the village into an organisation named the Tarun Mandal (Youth Association).[24] Hazare and the youth group decided to take up the issue of alcoholism. At a meeting conducted in the temple, the villagers resolved to close down liquor dens and ban alcohol in the village. Since these resolutions were made in the temple, they became, in a sense, religious commitments. Over thirty liquor brewing units were closed by their owners voluntarily. Those who did not succumb to social pressure were forced to close down their businesses when the youth group smashed up their liquor dens. The owners could not complain as their businesses were illegal.[25]

When some villagers were found to be drunk they were tied to poles/pillars of the temple and punished by the violent medieval punishment of flogging, sometimes personally by Hazare. He justified this harsh punishment by stating in an interview to Reader's Digest in 1986 that “rural India was a harsh society”.[26] Hazare is a Faux-Gandian as he claims because he has used violence for 'social benefit'.

Hazare said, “Doesn’t a mother administer bitter medicines to a sick child when she knows that the medicine can cure her child? The child may not like the medicine, but the mother does it only because she cares for the child. The alcoholics were punished so that their families would not be destroyed.”[27]

Hazare appealed to the government of Maharashtra to bring in a law whereby prohibition would come into force in a village if 25% of the women in the village demanded it. In July 2009 the state government issued a government resolution amending the Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949. As per the amendments, if at least 25% of women voters demand liquor prohibition through a written application to the state excise department, voting should be conducted through a secret ballot. If 50% of the voters vote against the sale of liquor, prohibition should be imposed in the village and the sale of liquor should be stopped. Similar action can be taken at the ward level in municipal areas. Another circular was issued making it mandatory to get the sanction of the Gram sabha (the local self government) for issuing new permits for the sale of liquor. In some instances, when women agitated against the sale of liquor, cases were filed against them. Hazare took up the issue again. In August 2009 the government issued another circular that sought withdrawal of cases against women who sought prohibition of liquor in their villages.[28]

It was decided to ban the sale of tobacco, cigarettes, and beedies (an unfiltered cigarette where the tobacco is rolled in tendu also known as Diospyros melanoxylon leaves instead of paper) in the village. In order to implement this resolution, the youth group performed a unique "Holi" ceremony twenty two years ago.[when?] The festival of Holi is celebrated as a symbolic burning of evil. The youth group brought all the tobacco, cigarettes, and beedies from the shops in the village and burnt them in a ‘Holi’ fire. Tobacco, cigarettes, or beedies are no longer sold.[29][30] Anna Hazare wants anyone who wants to drink alcohol to be flogged in vigilante style, everywhere in India, claiming that physical abuse is a necessary evil to destroy the free will of any responsible adult who wants to consume alcohol, specially in villages.[31] [32]

Grain BankIn 1980, the Grain Bank was started by him at the temple, with the objective of providing food security to needful farmers during times of drought or crop failure. Rich farmers, or those with surplus grain production, could donate a quintal to the bank. In times of need, farmers could borrow the grain, but they had to return the same amount of grain they borrowed, plus an additional quintal as an interest. This ensured that nobody in the village ever went hungry or had to borrow money to buy grain. This also prevented distress sales of grain at lower prices at harvest time.[11]

Watershed development programme This section requires expansion with:

Ralegan is located in the foothills, so Hazare persuaded villagers to construct a watershed embankment to stop water and allow it to percolate and increase the ground water level and improve irrigation in the area. Residents of the village used shramdan (voluntary labour) to build canals, small-scale check-dams, and percolation tanks in the nearby hills for watershed development. These efforts solved the problem of water scarcity in the village and made irrigation possible.[16][17] The first embankment that was built using volunteer efforts developed a leak and had to be reconstructed, this time with government funding.

In order to conserve soil and water by checking runoff, contour trenches and gully plugs were constructed along the hill slopes. Grass, shrubs and about 3 Lakh ( 300,000 ) trees were planted along the hillside and the village. This process was supplemented by afforestation, nullah bunds, underground check dams, and cemented bandharas (small diversion weirs) at strategic locations.[25] Ralegan has also experimented with drip and bi-valve irrigation. Papaya, lemon, and chillies have been planted on a plot of 80 acres (32 ha) entirely irrigated by the drip irrigation system. Cultivation of water-intensive crops like sugar cane was banned. Crops such as pulses, oil-seeds, and certain cash crops with low water requirements were grown. The farmers started growing high-yield varieties of crop and the cropping pattern of the village was changed. Hazare has helped farmers of more than 70 villages in drought-prone regions in the state of Maharashtra since 1975.[33] When Hazare came in Ralegan Siddhi in 1975 only 70 acres (28 ha) of land was irrigated, Hazare converted it into about 2,500 acres (1,000 ha).[25]

The Government of India plans to start a training centre in Ralegan Siddhi to understand and implement Hazare's watershed development model in other villages in the country.[34]

Milk productionAs a secondary occupation, milk production was promoted in Ralegan Siddhi. Purchase of new cattle and improvement of the existing breed with the help of artificial insemination and timely guidance and assistance by a veterinarian resulted in an improvement in the cattle stock, increasing production of milk. Crossbred cows are replacing local ones which gave a lower milk yield. The number of milk cattle has also been growing, resulting in growth from 100 litres (before 1975) to around 2,500 litres per day. The milk is sent to a co-operative dairy (Malganga Dairy) in Ahmednagar. Some milk is given to Balwadi (kindergarten) children and neighbouring villages under the child nutrition program sponsored by the Zilla Parishad.[35]

From the surplus funds generated, the milk society bought a mini-truck and a thresher. The mini-truck is used to transport milk to Ahmednagar and to take vegetables and other produce directly to the market, thus eliminating intermediate agents. The thresher is rented out to farmers during the harvesting season.[11]

EducationIn 1932, Ralegan Siddhi got its first formal school, a single classroom primary school. In 1962, the villagers added more classrooms through community volunteer efforts. By 1971, out of an estimated population of 1,209, only 30.43% were literate (72 women and 290 men). Boys moved to the nearby towns of Shirur and Parner to pursue higher education, but due to socioeconomic conditions, girls could not do the same and were limited to primary education. Hazare, along with the youth of Ralegan Siddhi, worked to increase literacy rates and education levels.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

G-spot orgasm

Women are amazing creatures compared to men when it comes to orgasms. For instance did you know that women can have many different types of orgasms depending on circumstance and technique?

Well if you have any idea of this then you may also know that the g-spot orgasm is considered the more powerful and enjoyable to females, however finding the g-spot is not that well known and g-spot love making techniques are not expressed very well so here is a quick guide to give your woman an amazing g-spot orgasm!

Find the G-spot - To be clearer the g-spot is actually an area of a zone within the woman’s body that is located about 2 inches or so inside the vagina on the top side. It feels like a slightly ribbed bump similar to the top of your mouth in some ways to draw a comparison.

Stimulate The G-spot - Now I imagine you are thinking how can you use your penis to stimulate that area in the best way but this may not be the best idea if you are looking to give her a g-spot orgasm. Some women find it very difficult to achieve this sort of orgasm from intercourse in fact for various reasons out of your control so if you want to experiment with this it is best to use your fingers for the best chance of success.

IMPORTANT! Before G-spot Stimulation - Before you start prodding, poking and rubbing the g-spot know this! Most women need to have their clitoris stimulated before you move in for the g-spot, this allows them to be more excited, wetter and more aroused so it is easier to achieve the orgasm. However the clitoris may become TOO sensitive after a time to touch so communicate with your women as you go.
Best Positions for this G-spot Love Making Technique - Basically you will need good access for your hand and something that is comfortable because it can take some time. It is also recommended it be stable because your woman can thrash around in pleasure and make you love control too! Try lying next to her as she lies on her back and you use your strongest arm to stimulate her OR get her to get into a doggy style position while you kneel behind her. Both give you all the advantages you need.

G-spot Stimulation Techniques - Once everything else is in place it is quite simple to apply a good technique by rubbing your finger along the g-pot by bending the finger in a ‘come here’ motion within her. start slowly and lightly with the finger massage but build it to a stronger (but not rough) level to what she finds best.

Monitor Her Enjoyment - Sometimes it can be hard to judge if she is really enjoying this and if communication is difficult it is best to watch for body language: Heavier breathing, gripping you tightly, moving about and moaning are all good though if she is thrashing too much you might be overdoing it while it is too sensitive! There is a way to make this even more pleasurable however … read on.

Increasing The Power of the G-spot Orgasm - Nothing makes a woman’s orgasm gain in power and pleasure like prolonged intense foreplay! While this may not be the biggest secret around there is another aspect … women get bored with the same foreplay every time. To really give your woman the best experience in the bedroom for the long term variety with new and exciting ideas and subtle romance can give them the mental shove to turn an enjoyable orgasm to a mind-blowing one because of your improved g-spot love making techniques!

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