Sunday, December 25, 2011

Instant Downline programme on facebook by Barbara lumpkins and simon

Advertise as Simon says the Instant downlline programme group
SIMON BEUTTLER "INSTANT DOWNLINE........."A message to the group. We are trying to engage the whole group in promoting the program. The more we advertise, the quicker everyone gets blessed. Want to get blessed quickly, look in the back office under advertising, pick a few ads and get started. The more everyone here advertises the program the quicker everyone gets gifted. It is that simple. Join us and help us to get the word out. There ar...e literally thousands of people out there, rigtht now, this instant, who would love to join this group IF they knew about it. It is our job to find them. There is an advertising workshop Tues at 4pm est. The link is in the adv. docs. I invite everyone reading this to go into the Docs and review the ads there, come to the training on Tues and learn how to advertise this program online. This can be a very prosperous future for you and your family, but this is not welfare it is workfare. You have to work- fare it. If you want a better future for you and our family you have to make it happen. Otherwise this year will be just like the last one and the next one. The key to your future is in the palm of your hand. Let your fingers do the walking and start advertising this program. Its all there in the Docs. You want a better future for you and your family, you have to make it happen. The vehicle to a better future is right here in front of you. Want to keep things the way they are, then sit back and do nothing. The choice is yours. Yours and the fate of your children will be defined by your choices today, tomorrow and the next day. We are offering you and your children ,who are depending on you, a better choice and a better future. Come join us in advertising this program and make it happen. You and your family deserve it." Very well said Terry!"


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