Tuesday, September 29, 2009

touchingly sublime song jab tum....


adding gadgets to your blog

Adding a Google Gadget to your blog
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Neo Bux -Best in the ptc world,Standard age admin News

And here we are, 500 days after our official opening which were established this week.
The commitment we've made toward our users was true and still is.

I've been called crazy many times for most changes I've made in the PTC world.
Probably I'll be called again today but I don't care.

NeoBux is a well established business but it operates differently from the usual business management perspective.
Every business, lowers prices and gives offers due to all the competitors they have or, if none is to be found, they increase prizes and take away privileges due to monopolizing the area their operate in. We, on the other hand, don't need to lower prices because of the non-existent competition nor do we want to create a monopoly because of that.

This is where NeoBux has its great advantage and business wise craziness.
We try our best to give our users more and more at the possible lowest price.
We don't charge heavy fees, nor due we limit your cashouts based on the amount invested as that's the oldest scam trick in the world. We play it fair and give you everything you need either you've invested or not. It's your money, it's yours to keep.
This is what makes our dedication towards users a reality.
This is what makes us what we are today.

Not only we strive for innovation (that's 50% of the crazy me) but also we use all our resources to make you a happy and earning user.

Right now, I can easily classify NeoBux as the most successful way, in the PTC world, to earn and receive what you've earned. Certainly some of you who left to join scam sites which gave you lots of earnings, have returned again with a clear idea that real users are in fact what makes a PTC and not controlled ones.
I've seen many doing the same over and over and I've read comments on how the new PTC xxx is better than NeoBux just to see, as expected, that 3 months later, those who wrote that felt not only ashamed but also lost a lot of money.
Life is life and not a bedtime story for you to dream.

Since I want NeoBux to be profitable for everyone, this brings us to our standard members.
For as much as you may think that standard members have a bigger average than everyone else, you couldn't be more completely wrong.
Right now, the users with a global best averages from their referrals are Ultimate members, followed by all other Golden members and lately, very behind, standard members.

This next step in standard members earnings, will not be taken with activity increase as the top priority as I believe and lazy and skeptical individuals will rarely change their minds. It may happen, but I've seen it all here (I guess) and I know how to combine real life with NeoBux usage. It's not very different.
The top priority with these changes is to boost standard members earnings and, although they may never reach the Golden member's averages, it will definitely help.
Remember that Golden members have more earnings and tools that will make them achieve a more successful account management and some Golden Packs make it a whole lot easier and cheaper. This results in an overall bigger average of referral's clicks.
A standard member can still earn and, the following will make you earn more. The crazy part is that, as always, there is no catch. This is free, this is final and this is for you to enjoy.

New prices
Starting now, all standard members got their rental, extension and AutoPay prices reduced by 11%. This reduces the price difference from Golden to Standard members from a 40% increase down to a 25% increase.

Basically, instead of paying $0.28, you'll only pay $0.25.
These prices have been updated in the help page.

There are just two things that have been modified:
- There will be no bonus for the first two rentals as the current price for all rentals below 250 users is the same as the previous bonus.
- The limit of rented referrals a standard member can have has been lowered to 300. As you can imagine, lowering the rental prices will lead to more users renting and, to continue having referrals and not force users to choose times, this limit has been set. It may be changed in the future or new rules for standard member renting can be made to adjust to the new share of referrals being rented.

And there's more...
This is just the first step towards making NeoBux even better for everyone without asking anything in return as all should do in life.
Keep your eyes opened and be active as I've got more things planned.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Tie a Tie - Expert Instructions on How to Tie a Tie


Draw a Lizard in MS Paint - wikiHow

A Trubute To Michael Jackson- icon

right to information groups: best melody hindi song

trubute to Mchaael Johnson-games arcade

Saturday, September 19, 2009

best melody hindi song

Friday, September 18, 2009

right to information groups: Global Consciousness Project(GCP)

right to information groups: Global Consciousness Project(GCP)

right to information groups: Global Consciousness Project(GCP)

right to information groups: Global Consciousness Project(GCP)

Global Consciousness Project(GCP)

A Corelation between Random numbers (events all over the world) and global consciousness

CLICK ON THE DOT to take you to the original sites and links for more info and

the dots colors are indicative of the global consciousness levels mapped an hour before through out the globe and require monitoring every ten minutes of time. interpretations are complex, statistically computor generated, to present an overall scenario of the global consciousness at a given time 24/7
your take ?

for further info go to http://noosphere.princeton.edu/index.html
the color of the dot goes on changing which gives an idea of random statics which not so random

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

new sites-earning on the internet

the way to earn from ptcs is to have referrals
that too direct referrals
for this you have to give your referral link to your friends
family acquaintences
and advertise with free resources on the internet and
wait and have patience
In the next blog I shall be dicussing ways to have direct rferrals but before I do that please check up at
dotcomology.com and down load the classic Stone evans free pdf of internet marketing

Saturday, September 5, 2009

warning for ptc sites

Before you spend any money on these sites make sure you trust them.

While many of the sites are trustworthy you can never tell when they are going to take your money and run. It is no guarantee that any of the sites listed by me shall last or deliver what they promise but I will try to give a little info to help you make up your mind as to whether they are trustworthy or not.

you have to take every thing with a pinch of salt

and the best method to test these sites is to have at least 25 direct referrals and test the cashout amount This is the crucial test that the site should be a paying site otherwise it is more or less a scam or shall soon be doing the vanishing act and run way with all your money

earning through ptcs-Are ptcs worth the bother ?

Ptc advertising sites,business model, is said to be a failed model,but still ptcs advertising sites continue springing up,and are mushrooming now on the internet and are having a boom time though it is another matter that 99.9 % of them die and vanish in very short time and 99 percent are scams. Of course some are surviving but the payment is so miniscule that these could not be termed as money earning sites for making a living . But they are good for fun and few bucks for a very little time and effort and that too for free Such few sits which I have found paying and true are 1. the present day rage on the internet which has changed the way ptc work which I would put at the top of the pack is NEOBUX for its honest and instant payments, I have received instant payments myself but to earn money one has to have referrals Join with my link http://www.neobux.com/?r=vpsmalhotra Even if you do it alone you shall pocket $2 in 50 days non stop time in your paypal account and ultimately to you for 3 minutes job 2,Second I would put clixsense which has paid me and my link is http://www.clixsense.com/?2079854 If you upgrade by paying $10 a year you can quadruple your money and if you promote you get commissions 5 levesldeep for referrals and earn $4000+ try these first in the next post I shall give more links

Friday, September 4, 2009

right to information groups: PTC

right to information groups: PTC


See, we all have something in common.
We all want to succeed .
We value opinion and support ,even a single word of support shall do wonders to our cause which is, seeking justice and parity and that's why we are linking to each one of us and like minded people.
As an honest crusader for truth,justice and common cause, we have a bigger responsibility on us to keep the our goals and interests preserved to safeguard our own concerns and issues.
Blogs are similar to banks. Once a bad word or a wrong vibe starts, it spreads and that proves disastrous to the site.
We and our cause shall be the first casuality
Our concerns and issues , are dear to us ,shall be the worst hit in such eventuality.
So let us discharge our onerous reposiblity with candour,sophistication and prudence in persuing our goals to get justice
I would request and invite comments on these ideas

RTI Leader

If 100 people spoke about some thing and went unnoticed and when some one says it and gets noticed, it means people are keen at that person. Clearly he has a bigger image and weight than the rest. He is the LEADER. He should weigh in all options before drawing quick conclusions from what others are speaking. That's when one got to be more careful with his speeches because people will start quoting him there after. However, that shouldn't abstain the person from talking at all. If many people are mis-interpreting what we say, clearly our communication needs to be improved. May be it's only a matter of little fine tuning the approach and words.

Just a couple of my thoughts...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Right To Information Act-Transparent Governance

"".....much of the common man's distress and helplessness
could be traced to his lack of access
to information,and lack of access to decision-making processes,
and that the government must assume a major responsibility
and mobilize skills to ensure flow of information to its citizens........""

Now in a democracy like ours ,importantly ,information belongs not to the state,
the government of the day or civil service but to the public!
It is recognised by United Nations that

"Freedom of Informaton is a Fundamental Human Right and the touchstone of all freedoms to which the United Nations is consecreted "

The Act is itself based upon
(i) transparancy of the decsion making process
(ii)accountablity,and a consequent duty to disclose information public
(iii) the need for an informed citizenry for strenghthenng of the institution of the democracy
what the government has done to change the mind set of its Services barng exemptions granted in the act?
So the citizens have to wake up to this fact otherwise this " age of information affluence " shall turnout to be a night mare