Friday, November 24, 2006

right to information act

Just by legislating and implementing rithy to information act India has jumped 17 points up on the corruption index from serial no 87 up to serial no 70 ! I t is heartening to note .
The recourse to RTI is only taken by the educated and the socialy minded and philathropically inclined elite of the society.There is no example of an illiterate or poor citizen or for that mattter a common citizen taking recourse to the Act. This may be for the reasons as briefly enumerated herein under :
One, he is not at all aware as to what is the act and what for it is
Secondly,he does not posses the wherewithal to process his questions to RTI forums
To my mind there has been a great flaw inthe act .Like consumer protection act no provisiond has been made in the act to form citizens forums for pressing the right to the information and no system has been put in place to educate and make the genral pupblic aware of the provisions of the act and how dest they can enforce ther rights.
In my opinion,a compaign in media ,both print and video,coupled with seminars,workshops ,in schools colleges and all public platforms along with willing ngos should be started and fuds should be seperratelly earmarked for this purpose by the govenment.It would be good for the country if this step is taken as quickly and as expediciously as possible
Added to that any organisation or group of individuals or ngos should be empowered to ask for the information under the Act