Tuesday, January 21, 2014

HURDLES....Hurdles - That are thrown at us in Life

Hurdles - That are thrown at us in Life

by Stephan Nell Poet; Lyric Writer......(.through HIS KIND COURTESY......a superb article....vpsmalhotra ...must read)
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So many hurdles have been thrown in our way, testing us daily.

So many times we have to change our plans accordingly.

But our love is stronger than the highest mountain,

Love pouring from every pore of our beings, like a fountain.

No matter how dark the days must seem,

So the sun over the darkest cloud will gleam.

Hurdles to the left and right, what are they expecting?

Do they think that we will be caught unawares or unsuspecting?

We will face them head on with our shoulders back and heads held high.

For my love for you, and me wanting to be with you, no one can deny.

So keep the faith and only think positive thoughts every day,

Then you will see that all will work out, for the best, in every way.

Never have such hurdles tested me in my life before.

Absolute love like this has never come knocking at my door.

I am alive and so much stronger than before I met you.

You have given me life, like the lawns from the dew.

What does not kill us makes us stronger, or so they say,

But my love for you grows stronger and stronger every day.

SO as you sit there writing to me, remember the following that I am about to say,

We are stronger than the flow of lava from the fiercest Volcano today.

We have been put in each others’ paths for a couple of  reasons,

The reason being happiness and love  that we have so longed for,  for so many seasons.

Keep the love flowing and our love will skip over any hurdle that is thrown at us,
We will flow right through them, like a double decker bus.


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