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Creating A Wordpress Blog | Online With Andrew Loney

Creating A Wordpress Blog | Online With Andrew Loney

Creating A WordPress Blog

By admin On January 16, 2014 Under Blogging

Creating a WordPress Blog is easy to do, and when done the right way can be very rewarding.

      You will first have to decide if you are going to go with or Without going into to much detail there are a couple of major differences. provides hosting but you are limited in what you can do, there are only a few certain plugins on offer and no provision to upload more. The same goes with themes, while there are lots to choose from, but you are unable to upload any of the thousands on offer. on the other hand is self hosted, it costs minimal amounts for your own domain name and hosting but you have total control of your blog and are able to upload the thousands of themes and plugins on offer.

     I personally prefer so this tutorial will be based around it.

      So, where do I start you ask? Assuming you have a domain name and hosting, if you don’t I recommend Namecheap for domain names and Hostgator for hosting, you will need to download

     Watch the video below which shows in detail how to do the install.

     Once wordpress is installed you may then choose which theme you would like to go with, while there are hundreds to choose from and may seem daunting at first, just keep looking through them and you will soon find one you like.

     You can then check out all the plugins you have at your disposal as well, find the ones that you wish to use and install them. I have included 2 videos below to guide you through this process.

How to Install Themes…..

How to Install Plugins….

     How to manage WIDGETS in yourWordPress blog:WordPress Widgets are WordPress Plugins that add visitor visual and interactivity options and features, such as sidebar widgets for post categories, tag clouds, navigation, search, etc.Widgets require no code experience or expertise. They can be added, removed, and rearranged on the WordPress Administration Appearance > Widgets panel.

widget panel How to create a website & blog using WordPress  

     How to create PAGES in WordPress:To create a new Page, log in to your WordPress installation with sufficient admin privileges to create new articles.Select the Administration > Pages > Add New option to begin writing a new Page.

Pages AddNew 2.9.2 How to create a website & blog using WordPress     Publish 2.9.2 How to create a website & blog using WordPress     Page Edit Permalink 2.9.2 How to create a website & blog using WordPress
Pages > Add New                 Publish                                                       Edit Permalink

     How to create POSTS in WordPress:
  1. Click the “Posts” tab.

  2. Click the “Add New” Sub Tab

  3. Start filling in the blanks.

  4. As needed, select a category, add tags, and make other selections from the sections below the post. Each of these sections is explained below.

  5. When you are ready, click Publish

write1 How to create a website & blog using WordPress

     It probably all looks confusing to you at the moment so I have added another video below explaining everything in depth.

    Once you have created your WordPress blog, and get an understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) and Keyword research your blog over time will start ranking high on the search engines. It can take some time happen, but with persistence and taking some time to learn, your blog can be very rewarding for you.

     Adding new content at the very least once a week google will soon start ranking your blog higher.


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