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Jason Ser’s Presents…
Dear Frustrated Online Marketers,
If you have been struggling to make money online , then you should really  QUIT THE MINDLESS LEARNING ASAP and start EARNING BY DOING today!
But before you think that I am going to offer you another Useless e-book, MLM Opportunities or crappy software that promised to give you the “Complete System” to make money online, You MUST Know this…
There is No Such Thing as A Complete System!
That’s just what those “Fake Gurus” want you to believe so they can keep selling you yet “another missing piece” of “Insider Secrets” or those 1-Click-To-Fortune kind of crappy products to you.
The truth is…you DO NOT Really Need a “Complete” System to begin with!
What you really WANT is this…
Your VERY OWN Simple System
That Produces Results!
Then use the results you produce to add more power and features that focus on creating “More” results with Your Very Own system!
Did you get that? Don’t you think THAT is a Smarter Approach?
I mean, create Your Very Own system as your foundation that produce results then use your result to add more power and features to create MORE results for you.
Noticed I highlighted Your Very Own 3 times above? Because that is the ONLY THING missing for you to make a real difference, no matter what kind of online business you are in.
You do not realize yet….but you are just a few moments away to discover a Dead Simply Way to Literally Chuck Out Real Cash Out of Thin Air way faster that you can imagine with a  99% Idiot Proof , Fast Build and Effective system of your own!

But I Must Warn You Upfront…
This is NOT for “English Language Scholars” and ESPECIALLY NOT for Any “Narrowed Minded”, Angry and Bitter tire kickers who always look at the negative side of things or looking for some kind of Overnight Fortune Miracle.

However, if you can Keep an Open Mind, then what I am going to share with you in the next 5 minutes can be PURE GOLD! Especially if you are a
  • Overwhelmed Newbie who want to Kick Start any of your “Online Venture”.
  • Struggling Marketer who want to Start from Scratch with Absolute Clarity!
Hi! My name is Jason Ser,
To start with, I am NO Guru and I don’t speak the Queen’s English. But I always say what I mean and mean what I say.
Just like you and many others, I began my “online venture” years ago looking for a way to replace my income for my Day Job.
No, I Don’t Really “Totally” hate my job. In fact, my profession as an Export Marketing and Sales person is one of the most exciting jobs I ever done.
I get to travel the world and meet people from all walks of life. I love sales and marketing because I love to deal with people. And I especially LOVE the HIGH when I helped clients grow from a humble 30K per month to a 480K per year thriving business!
Just Some Of The People I Met and Places I’ve Been To!
But there is one thing that I really suck at my work…..summing it up in 2 words…
Office & Politics! (Yikes!)
I confessed! This is the one thing I can NEVER be good at! I just could not pretend to be someone I am not to “curry favour” my boss or superior just for the sake of getting a raise or promotion.
And it was this very reason that even though all my client and co-workers love me and my sales volume increased exponentially over the years, my income hardly matched.
Then one day, my boss decided to favor over a newly arrived “kiss a** colleague” and wanted me to give up all my client account and focus on “marketing” aspect of the company; which really is a LIE so that someone he liked can steal all the sweat and blood I had spilled from my years of hard work!
Well, I think that pretty much sums up everything!
But that was the day I decided to Get Really Serious about my “internet marketing” venture, something that I had been playing around in my mind for a while.
Yet despite my years of sales and marketing experience in the offline world, my online venture started off with all kind of hurdles. You should know what they are…
The constant struggles of trying, failing and distractions from the vicious cycles of “Gurus’ traps that promised the sky but never deliver the pie! 
Yes, like you, I went through all that….not once, not twice, but many times until I finally suffered the MOST Dreaded disease of every internet marketers —


But fortunate for me, I never really give up! And here’s the reason why…
Even though I had spent a lot of time, energy and even got myself burnt a few times, I did make money!
But What Really Kept Me Going Is This… 
Some of the money I made….. is actually kind of P-A-S-S-I-V-E!
(Meaning, I literally get it started then did nothing about it, but the fund keep coming in.)
So I Decided To Start From Scratch!
I stopped everything I do to give my mind breathe a little, took a step back, then have a really close and hard look at the tons of products I had bought, things I had done and all the notes I have taken scattered in my laptop Hard Drive.
I start from scratch with a beginners mind… by first weeding out the rubbish to filter out the Diamonds that Really Works (And still working) for me. And when I was reviewing and deleting the enormous amount of e-products in my 80 G hard drives, something caught my attention…
P A T T E R N S !

I discover there are certain “patterns” in the way the SUPER successful marketers are creating their products and offer. And to my amazement, those patterns are actually kind of similar to the many “fundamental principles” I already know in my years of marketing and sales profession!
So I went on to sort them out one by one and used my knowledge and skills in my sales and marketing professions to create a Short and Concise Action Plan for me to Re-launch my online venture again!
And that is how I created  this Brand New 99% Fail Proof system that I called….
 So What Is [FAST BUILD IT] Really About?
 If you are like me, you should know by now that there are a lot of products on the web that claim to give you that magical complete system that solve all your problems at once, but most are none other than one or more of the following
(1) Another ME Too Site: Replica, look alike website or blogs of an Affiliates Products, MLM programs or any business, with little or no way at all to add your personal touch on it..
(2) Rehashed Materials:Brilliant Graphic Design & Sales Copy Yet Low Quality Content Materials that the sellers don’t even use themselves
(3) “Tech” Challenging: Require you to go through a long and slow Tech learning curve before you can touch on the marketing aspect of your business.
(4.) Hidden agendas: Products just to lure you in so to sell you the “other missing pieces” as soon as you bought into their 1st product Or Bombard you with tons of other people products as soon as you are on their list, even when those products are hardly relevant to you.
(5) Secondary Information: The same old information that tells you everything you can get for free on the web, but nothing on the “how to” in concrete steps that lay at least a solid foundation to start with!

[Fast Build It] Is None Of The Above!

But What Make [Fast Build It]
Really Difference Is This…
Like I said, the system reveals what successful marketers used “Behind the Scene”. But most of them never really lay it out like  I do here—with No Stone Unturned yet short and concise to follow up with action quickly
But more important is this, the Game Plan covers 2 Important Aspects of Internet Marketing that you HARDLY Find in most products you see out there as follows:
1) Essential Marketing Fundamentals
See, adding “Internet” in-front of “Marketing” may change some of the way we approach marketing, but certain principle remains essentially unchanged. As a marketing and sales professional for more than 7 years before my “online” venture, I should have known better!
In fact, it is these “Essentially Unshakable” that we are able to put both feet on the ground and Not Be Swayed by all the over-promised under delivered hypes that is plaguing the internet right now.
That is exactly how I “break the code” to create  [Fast Build It] in the 1st place, using only 2 of my fundamental marketing skills —  “Situational Analysis”  and “Marketing Communication”.

2) A Clear and Concise Course of Action
That my friend is the best way to fight information overload and prevent it from happening to you again, ever!  In short….it is the CURE that we are after.
Like I said, I left no stone unturned, yet keeping it very short and concise so that any monkey or 12 years old can  plug in quickly to build the very foundation of a system that is
  • [Yours To Own] : Where you can add your unique personal touch to stand out from the crowd with both quality and sincerity and not just another me-too replica site
  • [Easy To Follow! Fast To Start!]: More than just secondary information, but essential and digestible information that comes with a clear and concrete course of action to take.
  • [Focus On Result Driven Action]: Get Real Results Fast before anything else! A system that comes with traffic; that converts to prospect; then to paying client.
  • [Versatile]: Works with any products, programs, affiliates products and even MLM business. The system is designed in a way so you can easily add more features and functionality with easy integration to any online business you are promoting.
[FAST BUILD IT] Gives You All That… in 3 Simple Modules
Yes, You Didn’t Read It Wrongly. There are only 3!
YES! We Want To Build It Step By Step
WITH YOU Quickly Before You Go
The one and only requirement is that you can leave your skeptical nature aside and let your HEART be the boss for a while and QUIT THE MINDLESS LEARNING right here, right now!
Because The FASTEST WAY to your Success is to START
Your EARNING by Actually DOING with [FAST BUILD IT] Today!
 So What Will Be The Cost For Your Instant Access To [Fast Build It] System?
It’s No Typo…. 
You Can Get Started Immediately…
For Just a Measly….
One Time Payment
Now The Choice Is All Yours!
You can…Keep buying  more “Magic Pill” products or income opportunities  that will easily  pile up to anything between $500-$800 for the next 6 months and  still be where you are now … Frustrated, Overwhelmed and Struggling!
For less than the price of 2 crappy movie tickets, you can Kick Start Your Online Success With Your Very Own System that generate you near passive income for months or even years to come!
And If You Act Fast! You Will Get The Following
Exclusive Bonus to Really Fire Up Your Success !
 How About Guarantee?
Seriously my friend, if you are thinking of refunding now, I urge you NOT to buy. Because this Game Plan will ONLY perform it’s Magic for the Bold and Positive! But if you are just an honest person who want to have a peace of mind, then here’s my Guarantee To you
My 60 Days Iron Clad
Money Back Guarantee
“If you buy this product and your Internet Marketer Venture doesn’t dramatically turn around then I’ll refund every penny you paid ASAP. Just open a support ticket and  that’s it, your money will be refunded immediately!
With My 100% Money Back Guarantee, Affordable Pricing
You Get The [Fast Build It] Game Plan and The 2 Exclusive Bonuses
Your Decision Should Be As Easy As Breathing, Don’t You Agree?
 In fact quite a few veteran marketers says I am crazy to give offer like this, because there are definitely “Gurus” who charged hundreds and even thousands of dollars for what I am offering here.
Maybe I am crazy, but I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep at this price, or even if I’m going to keep it open for very long.
Why? Because I really want to focus to help as many people as I can to get their [FAST BUILD IT] system up and running with result as soon as possible. I don’t intend to create a product to give you and me the hassle to refund later.
I believe that’s the Best Way I can Kick Start the Success of Fast Build It! Instead of throwing tons of irrelevant Bonuses, I believe we should focus on Creating as many successful user as possible, starting from you.
That’s my way to stand behind my product, that’s the way I back you up!
But if my offer ever opened again, I will definitely be charging what a lot of my friend suggest….the FULL PREMIUM PRICE for it.

YES! Jason, I Want To Lock In
[FAST BUILD IT] System Today
Before The Price Increases!
  • I understand that Fast Build It system is the faster and smarter approach to create my own Result Driven System quickly and easily!
  • I also understand I’ll get started for a small measly investment of just $17.00 One Time Payment.  
  • And with your 100% money-back, 180-day risk-free proposition, I’m ordering now!
Regular Price$47
Only $17.00 Today!
One Time Payment

Add To Cart
Within minutes of joining, you will receive instant access to your first “Fast Build It” Module to Jump Straight to Action and create you Very Own [FAST BUILD IT] system and start seeing results like never before!
No More Guessed Work! No More Struggles! No More Frustrations!
 You can end all that by taking action now! Join now, take action!
And I guarantee that you’ll certainly be instilled instantly with a unstoppable confidence that will bring you all the way to the success you always wanted…..Because You See Results!
.Kick Start Your Success With FAST BUILD IT Today !
We Create Our Own Economy!
P/S: Now here’s one fact I embraced in my life…. If you want something, go get it! But to REALLY get what you want, we need to stop talking the talk! We MUST start Earning by Doing!
Some Of You Will Ask, Will I Fail (Again)?
You Will, Inevitably. But don’t blame anyone or yourself, because this is just a typical response from most people in general. Is really easy to give tons of reason why you will fail before you even start. So you did nothing and therefore we failed.
But! If you make a decision to become the NON-TYPICAL exceptional few who is willing and ready; the rare few who decided to stop at nothing until you achieve your breakthrough, and follow your decision through with Real Action? You will succeed! Inevitably!
Nobody Can Drag You To The Finish Line But Yourself!
But We All Have The Power To Take Action and Change!
If you choose to become the rare exceptional few, then get Fast Build It Today!
Remember, if my offer ever opened again, I can’t guarantee that it will be the same price again. Most probably, it will be higher, cause that’s the way things are. I have only so many time, money and resources to help so many people at any one time.
With That Said, Now Is The Time To Use Your Free Will Wisely…..
Be Unstoppable!
Get [Fast Build It] Now!
Regular Price$47
Only $17.00 Today!
One Time Payment


Please read all agreements, notices and disclaimers before purchasing anything.


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