Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PTC Advantage

PTC Advantage

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There are thousands of Paid To Click (PTC) programs out there that claim they will pay you to use their program. (90% of them don't ever pay you a dime.)

There are almost as many websites out there that claim to have a list of the PTC sites that do pay. These lists are rarely updated or monitored. Most of them are full of dead links to programs that no longer exist. Some are created by PTC owners to promote their own, non-paying, sites.

PTC Advantage has a monitored list of Paid to Click, Paid to Read and Traffic Exchanges that actually do pay their members.

This list is not monitored by one person who may forget to check on it. This list is monitored by a large group members from a free membership site and it is updated as often as is necessary.

PTC Advantage is a free membership site that has thousands of active members. This site is free to join and free to use forever. There is no "One Time Offer". There is no upgrade. It is 100% free and always will be.

PTC Advantage has 3 purposes...
Use it to produce working capital for your primary business. (We even have a Great Primary Business suggestion for you inside PTC Advantage)

Use it as a free advertising venue.

Use it to produce a downline in the PTC sites to make even more money.
There are some Great Business Programs out there that you may be thinking about joining. If the reason you have not joined the program of your choice is because you do not have the available budget to produce the necessary fees that go along with that program, you can use PTC Advantage to produce your working capital.

Once you have your primary business off the ground and it is paying for itself, you can continue to use the PTC sites to advertise your primary business. All the instructions for both purposes are included in your free account.

You are not going to get rich using PTC Advantage. It is meant to help you raise small amounts of money to build your primary business.

If you have no money to invest, Free is the place you need to begin. PTC Advantage is Free!

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