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"Words" I Did Not Mean It Like That Why Are You Over Reacting?
We all have heard someone speak of how the tongue is truly mightier than the sword and if you stop to think about it you might be surprised to learn how true that statement can be for so many people. I can hear many of you saying to yourself, "this in a bunch of foolishness" words cannot really cause a person to have unmeasured success or a total paralysis of self doubt and lack of achievement.

Well lets exam this a little deeper just to figure out what words really are capable of doing to an individual. For the sake of this case study I will use myself as an example, but feel free to substitute your own challenges as you read along.

I was born in 1966 as a future left handed individual in a family of three right handed people. As I began writing my dear mother tried to get me to write with my right hand and after many failed attempts she defaulted to a routine of reminding me of my left handed state in a negative fashion. She would comment on how do you hold those things with that ole hand of yours and don't you drop that stuff with that left hand of yours. She came up with varying degrees of the same negative statements throughout the course of my life.

Now understanding how impressionable children can be combined with the fact that she never questioned my brother about his right hand state; I began to develop a serious destructive complex. I often wondered if I was suffering from some type of life altering or threatening issue because I was born writing with my left hand. I just could not sort out why my Mother refused to tell me the truth about what was really wrong with me concerning my left hand since she went out of her way, on numerous occasions, to make sure I never forgot.

Just imagine how you would feel if every few days you got a constant negative reminder from the one person who said she would always be there to look out for your best interest! My entire personality was a polar opposite compared to the rest of my family members such that I often felt like the black sheep or the problem child and I owed it all to my left handed curse. This is the dangerous cycle that is caused by negative words that are rendered so often until they finally take root and grow out of control.

As we fast forward to my last year in high school, I found myself as the guy who had finally had enough of feeling like a second class citizen. I remember sitting at my desk thinking to myself, "are you just an average boy who isn't going to amount to anything or are you a hidden genius who can do anything he puts his mind to and if that is indeed the case then put up or shut up."

That epiphany caused a fire to be lit on the inside of me and I began to research other left handed individuals and I was surprise to find a common thread of tremendous creativity and as they say the rest was history. I made it my quest to build myself up by repeating positive statements throughout the day and especially when someone would try to speak ill of me. I vowed to never give anyone else the power to limit my abilities or beliefs. I began earning all A/B's in school and I even went on to college and finished with a degree in architecture. I have been creating various works of art for over 30 years now and I have won countless awards and accolades.

I have made it my life's work to speak words of positivity and empowerment over everyone I encounter. My children have benefited tremendously from this lifestyle philosophy and as a result they are both recognized as "gifted" students and they have excelled in all aspects of their lives.

The conclusion of this story is simply to watch what you say, even in the name of helping someone out for the better, because you might be surprised to know what type of impact your words may have on that individual. There are ways to convey information and knowledge that will allow someone to benefit from your guidance, while still maintaining a positive structure for their success.

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