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Not Good Enough | Dr. Anthony Fernando's Dare To Dream

Not Good Enough | Dr. Anthony Fernando's Dare To Dream

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by anthony on February 9, 2008

ShareOne of the biggest obstacles that stops people from achieving their dreams is the feeling that they are not good enough to achieve success.

This feeling of ‘not being good enough’ often comes from making comparisons with those who have already achieved their goals.

For example, a young dancer watches a principal ballerina and thinks, "I’m not good enough to do that", or an aspiring writer attends a talk presented by a best-selling author and thinks, "I’m not good enough to do that".

Comparing yourself to someone who has already achieved success is a big mistake because you are overlooking one crucial fact, which is:

No one is born an expert.

Every single person who has achieved success in any area has done so by starting at the beginning, developing the skills they needed and practicing those skills until they achieved success.

Sometimes we seem to expect to develop a new skill instantly, but one of the true secrets of success is developing the courage to persevere with a task while you learn how to do it well.

Here’s a simple but effective plan for overcoming feelings of inadequacy:

(1) Stop saying "I’m not good enough" and start saying "I might not be good enough yet – but I will be!"

(2) Instead of comparing yourself to experts and feeling discouraged, look at them as an example of what is possible.

(3) Watch the experts in your area and ask yourself, "What skills and characteristics do they have that I need to develop?"

(4) Give yourself permission to be ‘less than perfect’ while you develop the skills you need.

So don’t let the ‘I’m not good enough’ trap stop you from achieving your dreams. If you need new skills – you CAN develop them. If you need new knowledge – you CAN find it.

Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. You are good enough – and if you can dream it, you can make it happen.

Until next time,

Dare To Dream,



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