Friday, December 20, 2013

WordLinx....How to refer


WordLinx - Get paid to click!

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WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
Referring new members - how it works...

The easiest way to earn money with WordLinx is to introduce new members to our site. This is called referring and any new users that you refer, or your referrals refer, will be added to your downline.

Verified - Earnings Example
Click $0.10 worth of ads per day - earn $36.50 USD!
10 of your referrals click the same amount - earn $73.00 USD!
3 referral upgrades on each level per month - earn $648.00 USD!
3 referral VL or PY upgrades per month - earn $720.00 USD!
Total extra cash per year: $1,477.50 USD!

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How to refer - share links across the web...

If you see an advert that may be of interest to a friend or colleague, you can share the link by email, and on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Each shared link also contains your Referral ID, so you can earn from any person that views it and signs up. Click here to find out more.

Promote our links on free traffic exchanges...

Traffic exchanges are an excellent way of promoting websites for free. For every page you visit, someone else will visit the page of your choice. Simply promote our front page and splash page links and you will be credited if they refer other members. Our favourite exchanges include...

Traffic Pods
Traffic Syndicate 25
Hit Pulse
Traffic Roundup
Hit Safari

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
Add our banners to your website...

If you have a site of your own, you can use our banners on your pages. Simply add the code where you want the banner to appear, and people that click it and sign-up will be added to your downline.

Advertising networks...

For advanced users willing to spend some money, other advertising services are a great way to drive targeted visitors to your links quickly and cheaply. Simply set up a campaign and you'll soon have a large and profitable downline, allowing you to earn money while you sleep! Our favourites include...

Google Adwords
Referral Banners

We have an open PPC policy. This means you can bid on terms that use our name (WordLinx) or match any name specific keywords (WordLinx Advertising, Earn Money With WordLinx, etc).

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WordLinx - Get Paid To Click   

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