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How to make a link clickable(hyperlink)

Taken From
Saturday, March 18, 2006How to make a clickable link
There are more than one way to make a clickable link (hyperlink). One way is to write a HTML tag yourself in the EDIT HTML mode. When you do this, you will have a choice of making the link open in the same window or in a new window

Making a hyperlink open in the same window
To write a hyperlink which open in the same window, the HTML tag is of the form Description Replace Description with a description of the target site. That description is referred to as an Anchor text and is important if you are linking to other part of your own site as this Anchor text will let the search engines know what that post is all about and will make it easier for people searching for topics contained in that post. It is also what people will see in your site. For example this HTML tag Blogger Tips and Tricks will be seen as Blogger Tips and Tricks.

The "Description" is what people call the anchor text and to read about the importance of anchor text, go to Importance of anchor text in hyperlinks. In shout, don't ever put the anchor text (Description) as "here" if possible.

URL is short for Uniform Resource Locator, and is the "address" of the site you want to link to. It can be copied from the address bar at the top of the page. If you are not familiar with URL, refer to What is URL and how to get it

Making a hyperlink open in a new window
To make a link open in a new window, you will have to write the HTML in this form: Anchor Text or Anchor Text

Using the hyperlink icon to make a clickable link

If you want to make a link to another part of the web or to another post in your blog, and you don't want to mess with HTML, the easiest is to use the LINK icon in the post editor tool bar. For example, to link to Natural Remedies, first highlight the text as shown in the screenshot above, then click the LINK tool. A pop-up box will appear for you to enter the url of the target site. If you don't even want to type the url, you can go to the target site, copy from the address bar and paste into the pop-up box, then click OK. This will be best done with a browser with tabbed browsing like FireFox. Then you can be in the post editor page of Blogger in one tab and the site you want to link to in another tab, all in the same window, and you can easily go from one tab to another by clicking on the tab which will give information about what is in that tab.

The link HTML tag will automatically be written for you. The link will open in the same window, and you will not have the choice of making the link open in a new window. You also will not have what they call a tool tip which appear when you hover your mouse over the link and which will give information about the site you are linking to. Refer to the relevant section if you want that.

To make the link you made using the link icon open in a new window, change to EDIT HTML mode if you are in the compose mode, look for the HTML for the link you made, and add the target="_blank" or target="new" attribute to link HTML, for example,

Natural Remedies or

Natural Remedies

Note that these ways of making links open in new windows has been deprecated but will still be supported for quite some time. There are people using Javascript to get around this, but Javascript are not allowed in Blogger post and if I have time, I will try to find out how this can be done.

Make tool tip appear for hyperlinks
Some people like to give even more information about a link beyond what is given in the anchor text, and for that, you can add a title="" attribute. Then when a visitor hover his mouse over the link, a tool tip will appear which will give whatever extra information you want to give to the visitor. For example, this link HTML

Dummies Guide to Google Blogger

Will display the link Dummies Guide to Google Blogger. Try hovering your mouse over the link and observe (looks like there is a limit of how much information you can put in the title attribute because in Firefox 2.0, the information I put in was truncated in the tool tip. I checked in different browsers and in Flock, it was also truncated, but in Internet Explorer 7 and Opera, the information was displayed in full. Thus if you are interested in how visitors using different browsers, it is a big advantage to have many browsers in your computer. There are lots of other advantages as well. See Why you should be using more than one browser). It does your computer no harm to have more than one browsers in your computer.

Update 9 May 2007: For linking from one part of the post to another part of the post in the SAME page, refer to How to enable your visitors to jump from one part of a page to another part in the same page.

For linking from one part of a post to another part in ANOTHER post, see How to link from a spot on a page to another spot in ANOTHER page.

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The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog

Publishing a Blog with Blogger: Visual QuickProject Guide
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Labels: making links 70 comments:
Anne said...
And even faster:
Highlight the text, hold down ctrl+shift+a, and the popup where you paste in the link will show.

This Blogger For Dummies blog is a really nice idea, and I will link to it.


1:45 AM
Six M Galaxy said...
Thank you so much for your help! It's good to know this blog is here as a resource!

8:40 AM
Anonymous said...
Thanks so much for all the tips. Can you please tell me how i can create a clickable hyperlink from one post to another? (eg. Say I have an older post called "rain" and in my latest post I mention the word rain and I want to create a link from that to the older post)

9:20 AM
Mentiroso said...
Your text is very well explained and leaves no doubts about the use. This is why when I have been trying to solve my problems by consulting your instructional blogs.

I have been using this myself the same way and with the expected results. However, something different happens with the links I put in my Blogger blog. Using target="_blank" when the target is a page belonging to Blogger, i.e. with a URL containing "" it never opens in another window or tab. I wonder why. Is there any reason? If so, what can be done to make it work as supposed.

12:58 AM
Peter Chen said...
Hi Mentiroso,

Please have a look at this post: Testing a hyperlink for a blog reader where I tested using target="_blank" for a target site that is a site (this post). Try the link I put there and examine the HTML I used to make the link to see if it is the same as what you did.

Peter a.k.a. enviroman
Enviroman Says

10:49 AM
ChristineOnTheIslesScene said...
I set up a list of links on my blog and want to make it so clicking on a link will open to a new window. I see how to do this via HTML but where does that coding go? I know nothing about HTML. Does the code go somewhere in the template coding?

5:43 PM
Peter Chen said...
Hi Christine,

This post was written for links in a post. It appears that you are referring to a list of links added by clicking on "Add a Page Element" in the Layout of the New Blogger and choosing "Link List"

If that is so, and you want to make those links thus created open in new windows, you will have to refer to Making links in Link List of the New Blogger open in new windows.

Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
"online book" in progress

5:57 PM
wadhawan said...
your article is silent about link icon in r/o when it is clicked we get many options such as file//:,others. will you please explain how to use these?Supposing I without messing up with the html wish to go from one word "abc" some where in the post to "abc" some where else in the same post? how it can be done with link icon. what is the purpose of other options in the link icon?
waiting for your esteemed response

2:54 AM
Peter Chen said...
Hi Wadhawan,

When you click on the link icon in the post editor window, you have only one option - enter the URL of target site. No other options.

For linking from one part of the post to another part of the post in the SAME page, refer to How to enable your visitors to jump from one part of a page to another part in the same page.

For linking from one part of a post to another part in ANOTHER post, see How to link from a spot on a page to another spot in ANOTHER page.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Blogger Tips and Tricks

4:04 AM
Anjuli Fry said...
Your blog has been very helpful. I just have a quick question I was wondering if you could help me with.
I don't have a link tool on my post section? I am using safari on a that why? Looking at your screen shot it shows that I don't have many tools beside a link upload link and spelling link,do you know the reason why? Is there anyway to link using HTML with out having the website address showing up just the company name/or friends name without the link tool? I am using the newblogger

10:08 AM
Peter Chen said...
Hi Anjuli,

I suggest you install FireFox which is cross-platform and should work with MAC. It is also one of 2 browsers recommended by Blogger. It is a much superior browser to IE6 and it is only now that Microsoft is trying to catch up with IE7. You can download and install FireFox with Google toolbar by clicking on the "Browse the web better with Firefox with Google toolbar" (or something like that) at the top of the right sidebar of any of my blogs. With the Google toolbar, there are even more advantages like being able to search a site content only with the built-in searchbox, do spellcheck for your posts, find PageRank of your blog or any other sites easily, etc.

Regarding displaying website address in a link, I think you are typing the HTML for a link in a wrong (and inferior) way. You are probably repeating the website address in the anchor text (what is displayed on the web in a link). Refer to How to make a clickable link. If you still don't understand, comment in that post.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Blogger Tips and Tricks

11:00 AM
Peter Chen said...
Hi Anjuli,

I just notice I referred back to the same post. Perhaps this example can help. Write a link to your blog as

Fry Family Live

Hopes that helps.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
"online book" in progress

11:05 AM
Anjuli Fry said...
Thanks for responding so quickly!! That helps alot. Unfortunatly my husband doesn't want to switch browsers but I should be able to do it in HTML now thanks again.

11:21 AM
Alpine-Connection Blog said...
Hi There,

I have been reading your post about making a word into a hyperlink using the editor tool bar. How do you get rid of the line under the word that becomes a link.Also is there a way of making my main header a link



2:19 AM
Peter Chen said...
Hi Paolo,

Someone asked about the link underlined problem before and I have said I am no CSS expert but try to make sure

a:link {

You have got "none" in

But it seems it didn't work. You can try asking that question in the Google Blogger Help group where there are people more familiar with CSS.

Regarding making your header (I assume it is a picture) clickable, refer to Special fonts for your blog clickable title. The HTML for the clickable graphic title is towards the bottom of the post. You can adapt the instruction to do anything you want. The title link back to the blog home (main or index) page, but it can be to any site you want. If it is not clear, comment again.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Blogger Tips and Tricks

4:02 AM
Alpine-Connection Blog said...
Hi Agian ,

Thanks for the help still a bit confused.Regarding the underline do i do as before write the link using the tool bar and then go in to html edit and thenn change the html "none".
Also the header is just text no graphic bit confused there

sorry to be a pain


4:00 PM
Peter Chen said...
Hi Paolo,

My blog has this in the template (if you don't know how to get to the template editor, refer to Changing template for New Blogger and/or Backing up and changing New Blogger template. It is always wise to backup your template):

a:link {

and the links are not underlined. However, I told someone about this and he said he had
but still had the link underlined, so I am not sure if it will work for you.

Regarding making links in your post, you make it in the normal way.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
"online book" in progress

7:43 PM
Peter Chen said...
Hi Alpine-connection-blog,

I seem to have missed your comment or did not get email notification for comment moderation, and only later found the comment to approve in the Dashboard later. I do multitasking, and often trying to do many things at the same time. Since your comment is way up, I will paste the relevant portion of the comment here:
Thanks for the help still a bit confused.Regarding the underline do i do as before write the link using the tool bar and then go in to html edit and then change the html "none".
Regarding the line below a link, it is done in the template in the CSS. You can't do it in the post editor. Whether you have that in your blog will depend on what template you are using. I have mentioned what I think is the way to try to get rid of the line under the link above, but as I mentioned, I suggested it to a blogger and he responded that he has
in his template, but he still gets the line under his link. Perhaps you should go to Google Blogger Help group to get someone to help you.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Blogger Tips and Tricks

4:54 PM
Sandy Vance said...
Hello, thank you so much for teaching me. I am very stupid about this. now you may have answered this somewhere but i could not find it. can you link a word document to the blog like you would a website or other blog? if so how do you do it? thanks in advance

8:59 AM
clint said...
Hey Peter this is clint ..also br3adman thanks alot for info on the links. ill visit your pafe frequntly clint...

3:19 PM
Peter Chen said...
Hi Sandy,

You are not stupid because there is no way for you to link to a MS Word document, particularly if it is a file sitting in your computer. You can only upload the Word file to a file host, get the link, and link to that place where you can download the word document. However, there are alternatives. Please refer to Add documents, spreadsheet, PDF files to blog post

Peter (Blog*Star)
How you can help Blogger Tips and Tricks
(no one should feel obligated. Everthing completely voluntary)

4:19 AM
FTS said...
Hi Peter

Seems like you are the person to talk to.I need help, how do i create a link in for example, FAQ, that if you click on the question, it expands with the answer underneath it instead of going to another area of the page. An example of what im talking about is on

Thank you in advance.


7:32 PM
Peter Chen said...
Hi fts,

At first I thought that expandable post summary may do the trick, then realised, it will end up in different pages.

I suspect that is not a blog. For bloggers me who use have no access to the servers storing all the files to display our blogs nor the ability to upload files other than what is provided for in the Dashboard. I think it is not possible for us using Unfortunately, I am a cheapskate who uses all free tools plus I have other reasons for using See Why I never use custom domain. That also means I can't host my blog on a server to which I have access. It also means I can play around and test to see what is possible.

I suspect the site whose link you gave is not a blog and tried to view its page source and here it is:

It don't look like a blog to me.

Peter (Blog*Star)
Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

3:56 AM
Peter Chen said...
"It also means I can play around and test to see what is possible."

Sorry, it should read

It also means I can't play around and test to see what is possible.

And it looks like I have to break up the (whole) page source into different lines. (It is all I got from the page source. I am no IT man, but it looks like that site uses things like PHP, Perl, etc)

Peter (Blog*Star)
The easiest way to earn something for your blogging efforts

4:09 AM
heather said...
first of all, i would like to thank you for doing this. i can't tell you how many times i've refered to this site for help with my blog.

i do have one question today. is there a difference between a 'live link' and a 'link'? if so, what is it?

thank you in advance. :-)

12:37 AM
Peter Chen said...
Hi Heather,

A live (or clickable) link is a hyperlink you can click on and it takes you to another web page. For example, click on Enviromentally friendly presents to see what I got for my 59th birthday plus to see how "cruel" I can be.

When one say a link, I really don't know what they may be referring to as according to me, a link should always be live. Maybe the are calling a URL a link, like for example:

You can't click on the URL (link?) above. If you want to go there, you will have to copy it and then paste it into the address bar of a web browser. Really, I don't know if I can call the above a link. To me, it is a URL, not a link. But that is me speaking.

Peter Blog*Star
Successes with Kontera ContentLink

9:14 PM
heather said...
thank you for your answer. and for stopping by my place as well! :-)

12:30 AM
Playful Professional said...
Here's my question. I created a custom header for my blog and am hosting the image on a free web browser. I want to make my header image a clickable link to return to my blog homepage but cannot figure out how to add the HTML code in the correct place to make it work. I'm using a URL as my background image for my header so adding the a href= isn't working. Any ideas??

10:26 PM
Peter Chen said...
Hi Playful Professional,

Don't be too playful. Blogging is serious business :-|

Plus professionals aren't supposed to be playful. They are supposed to be with tie, black suit and trousers all the time.

Regarding what you want, I think it is possible, but you got to keep chasing me as at the moment I have other things to do. See if the following posts can give hints as to how to do it (perhaps I already have the answer. Feedback please, especially which one of the below, could be more than 1, is relevant to your question):

Clickable graphic blog Header

Add graphic to blog Header

Peter Blog*Star
Blogger Dough
(Blogging helped my put 2 sons through college on my pension and if not for blogging, I would have been in financial difficulties. We want to help you do the same)

10:48 PM
Roger and Kathe said...
Great site. I'm learning a lot!

Question. I've used your suggestion on the html code that will open a link to another window but also like the idea of having "info" pop up about that link as well.

Can these be combined so both can take place? How would the proper code read?


10:03 PM
Peter Chen @ Enviroman (Blog*Star) said...
Hi Roger,

Please refer to Beginner HTML tutorial - hyperlink. The part that concerns you will be at the bottom of the post.

Peter ChenBlog*Star
Environmentally friendly presents (gifts)

2:49 PM
Wellness Coaches Jevon and Jana said...
Hi Peter,

After a long search it seems that you are one of the most sought after resources for the blogger community...Congratulations! I have used the icon to create hyperlinks to different pages of my own website which seem to show correctly when pointing with the mouse but then I get a 550 error message, page can´t be displayed.
Any ideas? Here is my blog:

Thanks, Jana

2:55 PM
sugareexx said...

10:37 PM
John and Diane Crews said...
I want to post a Picasa Web Album in my daily blog how do I do this so that people can click on it and open it from there and not have to copy and paste in their browser?

10:00 PM
Peter @ Enviroman said...
I am afraid I "hardly used" Picasa Web Album and mostly get Blogger to host my photos. I put "hardly used" because I believe when you upload images to Blogger, they are hosted in Picasa Web Album. But I never go deeper into that.

11:13 PM
Donna M. McDine said...
Your tips are valuable. Thanks for sharing!

Donna M. McDine
Children’s Author
Write What Inspires You Blog
Donna M. McDine’s Website

3:10 AM
Carlie said...
Thank you very much for this blog, I just used it to create my first link!

8:14 PM
schuma17 said...
Hi! can someone teach me how to put my spot ( as links other sites? thanks!

2:07 PM
schuma17 said...
Hi! can someone teach me how to put my spot ( as links other sites? thanks!

2:10 PM
Peter @ Enviroman said...
Sorry don't understand. You will have to describe again what you want done.

7:56 PM
Boogie Man said...
how can I do..write highlight a word..and that word to redirectionate me to another posting ? For example, when I hit on "something" that word being included on my go me to another post

9:23 PM
Peter @ Enviroman said...
Boogie Man,

Sounds like you are asking a question which has been answered by this post itself. What is the problem?

Peter @ Enviroman (Blog*Star)
Follow me at Twitter @enviroman

3:53 AM
Syracuse Arts Academy said...
Want to create links at top of blog, but keep links on the side as well. Is this possible and how do you create the links at the top?
Thank you.

3:29 AM
Peter @ Enviroman said...
Links at the top? What are those? Perhaps a horizontal menu bar?

7:54 AM
patrasch said...
Hi i finaly managed to add some jump links in my posts. Not a read more link it is a link to jump from top to a section or you know that "back to top" buttons.

(!-- Link to jump from -->
(!a href="#LOCATION">LINK NAME(!/a>
(!a href="">See Section 3(!/a>

...later in the document
(!-- The place your jumping too -->
(!a name="LOCATION">LOCATION TEXT(!/a>(!a name="3">Section 3(!/a>

The important part is to add the complete post url before "#Location" or Blogger will automaticly change "#Location" into some error url.
Check it out on my latest post.

12:33 AM
Reservations For One said...
Thanks so much! I could not figure this out for the life of's so easy now that I see how to do it!

12:05 AM
QuirkiestFuzzball said...
Thank you very much!!!

4:43 PM
Katherine said...
Hi I am a new dummy to your blog...this was fantastic help... I just made a link in a comment & I am as pleased as punch! Like you blog very informative!!!

8:35 PM
Pavel Shpak said...
Excellent exactly what I was looking for. lets try
try out link

10:09 PM
Justin The Conman said...
Thanks a million, made my Christmas appeal look a lot more professional. Nice one. Simple too.

5:14 PM
Aakash said...

i want to make many of blogs around 200 and i want all those of them connected like a web. Ofcourse the link list gadget wud help me but that is not nt what i want.

if ma main blog is "fruits"
i want other blogs as "apple" "mango".........etc

and wen i click on it it shud appear as

can this hyperlink thing work here??

we also have that pages option but i want a page as a blog where i can edit everythin.
hop you understand and vud b kind to help me.
pls reply me at

3:53 AM
Kim Ian Tumblod said...
Ok I got it.. thank you so much for sharing this.. Now I can make a clickable link thanks =D

please visit my site its

thank you =D

11:25 PM
Al-Nadean said...
I thought that this site for 'dummies' would really explain it fully; but once again the point gets missed, and no one gives enough information. I think that it is probably more fruitful if a true dummy turned pro answered all html questions because it seems as if there are always a lot of assumptions.

I cannot understand how to create a link outside of my website. I know how to do it there, as there is an html editor, but trying to put it on a foreign web page is impossible at the moment.
Surely someone can explain in great detail how to make a link clickable- how to make that html code become a word or words (in this case a url) in blue that people can click on to take them away from that site to another.
Both of the sites are mine incidentally, I just want to create a link from one to the other.

I make my link put it in Notepad, save it open it in a web browser and it just opens up and sits there looking at me in the same color it was before.

There is a step that is missing there that I do not know, I need something to convert it from its vegetative state into something alive and usuable

11:47 AM
tosca said...
hi thre-great blog_i want to add a link to a document which is in word_how do i go about creating that link_ i belong to,the link works,but also display their whole site_i only want the link of the document in word...


12:32 AM
Peter @ Enviroman said...
Tosca can you please describe what you want again as it is not clear in your comment above

You want to display the whole site or you want only a link to a document online or you want a link to download the document?

8:23 AM
Our said...
Testing a clickable URL:
How Much is a Nose Job

5:32 AM
oyebuddy said...
thanks a lot it helped me a lot in understanding email marketing the base of DIGITAL MARKETING

2:50 PM
Voon said...
Your article is really useful. It helps me to put a clickable links in my comments future. Nice sharing!


5:18 PM
Wez said...
Testing this out

9:14 AM
Single PAP said...
what if you accidentally link to your edit page instead of a posting. will strangers have the ability to edit posts?!

6:45 AM
Peter @ Enviroman said...
You and they who are not team members will see different things. They will not have the ability to edit your posts.

3:57 PM
Grace said...
I entered: IT jobs in Scotland to a different blog and an alert came up saying no html allowed - have I done something wrong or was this just the blogs preference not to allow links in it's blog posts?

9:48 PM
Grace said...
Absolutely brilliant! Thank you - I now see where I was going wrong - where I would normally use target=_blank, the blog won't allow this! Such an easy solution! great article thanks!

9:50 PM
Peter @ Enviroman said...
Are you trying to add HTML in a blog post editor in the COMPOSE mode? If so, change over to Edit HTML mode

10:23 PM
MAX3LOGIC - mlm software in noida said...
hi this post is really informative...

i just stuck to this post..thanks for sharing...

i have mine blog of seo tutorials

mlm software in india

7:37 PM
Nitin Jain said...
Hi there, Is it possible to add an Image in the Sidebar in blogger and make it a clickable link as well !!

1:48 PM
Peter @ Enviroman said...
Refer to How to make clickable picture in sidebar and if not clear enough, see also Making clickable pictures

10:19 AM
Alexis said...
I found these tips for making clickable links while googling for blogger help. Thank you to whomever made this. I know almost next to nothing about HTML, but the explanation was simple and easy for a dummy like me to follow. I will certainly be sharing this page with others. Thank you again!

9:07 AM
health&tips said...
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3:07 PM
health&tips said...

3:09 PM

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Fixed width template horizontal scroll bar
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Why can't I find my blog in search engines?
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Short Introduction to inline CSS
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Screen shots for Dummies using MS Paint
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Ordered list HTML
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Blogger: Beyond the Basics (Book)
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Super Custom Template Blogger Buster
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Promotional Products PDF book eBook
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Embed Youtube video in blog post
Peter Chen on Medical Leave
Free games: Some love it, some don't so.....
Late responses: Apologies and reasons
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How to change order of the posts
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Why no line spaces?
How to set number of posts to display on main page...
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