Sunday, November 6, 2011

Using Twitter for business

Here is a mail recieved by me From kelvin and thomas for using twitter for business
"My Top Twitter Secrets Revealed
Don't understand how to make money with Twitter? Don't know how to Increase Twitter followers? Don't know what to Tweet to turn followers into leads or buyers? Feeling like an idiot trying to Tweet your way to financial freedom? That was me 4 months prior to writing this. I knew that Twitter was popular with big businesses for some mystical reason. And I also knew that savvy Internet Network Marketers were making a fortune with their Tweets. But I really didn't understand how.
Here is the reason why when you Increase Twitter followers you can make a fortune: "The money is in your list." That is a statement you will hear over and over again from successful Internet marketers. You only need to do 3 things to make money on the Internet.
1) Build a list of targeted prospects.
2) Build a relationship with that list.
3) Market your business or product to that list
That's it! And it turns out that the main reason Twitter has become so popular with online marketers, and so many people are trying to Increase Twitter followers, is that it is an absolutely incredible list-building and list management tool, and it is completely FREE to use. But how are those 3 steps done?
Let's reverse-engineer this 3-step plan to Increase Twitter followers, and apply it to your business. Step number 3 is the easiest. You just type in a catchy tweet about your business or your product, with a link to your website or lead capture page, once or twice a day, and you're done. You instantly get leads or sales. But step 3 won't work without step 2.
You can Increase Twitter followers who will completely ignore you if all of your tweets are sales pitches. You have to build a relationship with your list first. Everyone listens to what the popular kid in school has to say, right? The same theory is at work here. You need to make at least 5 out of 6 of your Tweets should be about something interesting, funny, inspiring, fun, or helpful. You will become popular this way, and followers will listen when you Tweet your occasional business recommendation.
But step 2 won't work if you don't know how to Increase Twitter followers and build a list. Step one involves using the Twitter search features effectively, and the right third party applications, to build a list of ONLY followers who are interested or already involved in your particular type of business. Not only do you want to build a big list, but you will absolutely need to build a targeted list if you want to get anywhere with your business. So forget about adding everyone and focus on your best target market.
If you do this right you could have 10,000 targeted followers this month, and start getting new leads and sales for your business without having to leave your comfy computer chair. Check out the awesome tool that I use which will help you do this FASTER than I did.
Kevin Thomas
P.S. Reply to this e-mail once you have downloaded it, and I will provide you with a link to my TOP SECRET 68 minute Twitter training absolutely at Free to help you do EXACTLY what I did.

Tweet to you soon, Kevin
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