Saturday, November 5, 2011


What is success?
How could one define success?
Is getting name fame, wealth and happiness success? What are the dimeneions of success? What is ultimatesuccess?
How is success related with freedom?
Fnancial freedom,physical freedom,ultimate fredom? How does it relate with Buddhas "Nirvana" Mahavir's chaitanya Parinirvana ,Christ's Salvation.Islam's Bahisht and Hindu"s Mukti?
What is ultimate Mukti?
Whole of the humanity is seeking answers to these Cardinal Questions which not only stir the Soul but arouse passion to understand life and Its GOAL?

I think we can define success as ultimate realisation of the goal by each individual soul to consciuosly liberate itself from the bondage of physical crainality and bondage of the Panch Bhuta that is the BODY ?

could some one share is thoughts after going throough the "Auto Biography of a yOgi by a YOGI' -Pamhansa Yoganada available free on net ?​enlightenment

Enlightenment is a Failure - Soul Progress - The Truth in ...

We should not, then, project worldly images of success on enlightenment -- as if the enlightened person is somehow a corporate executive! More accurately, an enlightened ...​EnlightenmentFailure.shtml

[PDF] Autobiography of a Yogi
Adobe PDF - View as html
THE TIGER SWAMI ... Frontispiece: PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA—see py.jpg] AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI By Paramhansa Yogananda WITH A ...​Autobiography%20...

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