Friday, September 17, 2010

Uttaran hindi serial-episode dated 16th sept 2010

OUR addiction to watch the episodes of UTTaran, which started with very first episode in India, has continued to grab us here in Toronto,in Canada,where we ,myself,my wife, and my Canadian grand son Vyom(11Yrs) passionately and religiously and enthusiastically watch each and every episode from our laptop in Toronto ! Though story is dragging now and appears to be in blind search for a plot before it peters out in oblivion as a matter of course,it still hold a great attraction for us . Dialogues are excellent particularly that handsomest of Veer and portrayals are excellent . Of all the characters
I(80yrs) like Tapasaya she is true to her “BLUE”Blood
though no one likes her here except for her Beauty, My wife(72yrs)favourite is ICHHA, my grandsons favourite is the hansomest of all is VEER We pray that the story may continue to entertain us and the director finds away out to infuse sense in this drama till we go back to India in 2 months time


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