Thursday, September 16, 2010

How Will I Die Test

How Will You Die? - How Will I Die Test
This funny quiz will tell you how you will die. Take this test to find out how you will die. Will you die honorably or go down in flames? Find out!1.Have you ever injured yourself doing one of the following (if you've hurt yourself doing more than one, pick the one where you were hurt most):
Someone startled me and I tripped and fell. I tried to get something in a hard-to-reach place and got stuck. I was so tired from lack of sleep I accidentally hurt myself. I hurt myself trying to perform a dare. I hurt myself trying to gross out my friends. 2.If you could have dinner with one of these fictional personas, who would you pick?
Dracula Santa Claus Mario from Super Mario Brothers The Hamburglar The Klumps from "The Nutty Professor" 3.Your friend has a crazy idea to create a "rocket bike" by attaching fireworks to your bicycle and lighting them. What do you say?
"Totally. Me first!" "Hmm...sounds kinda cool, but instead of me, let's put a dummy on the bike." "Awesome! But instead of two fireworks, we should get, like, 20!" "Mmm...I don't know...yeah, I guess?" "I think that's a stupid idea. Don't do it." 4.Which of these email forwards would you hold on to?
The "haunted" video that makes you look closely, with the volume all the way up, and then - AHH! A scary person jumps out! List of reasons that prove why Santa is real. Funny video game secrets and hidden tricks. The link to the video where these guys drop Mentos candy into soda and they explode! The poop list. 5.What kind of movies do you enjoy watching?
Horror Drama Science Fiction Epic Comedy 6.Everyone goofs off every now and then. How do you like to goof off?
Pulling pranks on my friends/relatives. Daring my friends to do something stupid. By taking fun online quizzes, duh! Umm...while I'm thinking of an answer...pull my finger! 7.Life expectancies are different between women and men. Which are you?
I am a man. I am a woman. © 2010 Pangea Media Privacy PolicyUnsubscribeAbout Quiz EngineThis site's quizzes are open to US residents age 13 and up. By completing the quiz and submitting your personal information, you are agreeing that this information may be shared with third parties in accordance with this site's privacy policy. See the complete privacy policy for more details.

At the end of this quiz, you will see a series of advertising offers. These offers are optional. You are not required to accept any offer as a condition for receiving your quiz results.


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