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Comment hero or comment zero? August 4, 2010

Blog tips to help you comment wisely and grow.

Hmm so someone started to tell you on a e-book first page or e-book sales page but you didn't read it all or buy the book, that you could get links and traffic leaving comments on blogs. Might have even been some moron gave you a black hat guide filled with bad information but comment spammers I hate to tell you your foolish attempts are destroying your business.

There's a secret to commenting for traffic and it's not copy and paste and doesn't deal with quantity but with quality and research.

See you can drop 5000+ links in comments all around Instant Blog Subscribers here and never see a single sign up, sale, or worse yet get clean booted from this business power tools you are abusing. You can also leave just 5 comments a week and see thousands ready for your next new offering and loving to do business with you. It's the impact of doing research and focusing on quality comments.

A comment is often your first handshake.

If you shake hands with a business card in the palm you fail, fool. See blogging is a form of social media and commenting likewise is a relationship tool. If you wanted to make a new friend or were meeting your future boss your first step to a good impression is to compliment your guest, and feed their ego. With a blog comment you have a chance to do the same thing and it can turn out awesome.

The Virtual Blog Handshake is done like this.

Hi Andy,
I just loved the article on comment spam and the bad impression it leaves and the information on how to leave a proper comment. Especially the part about xyz123 and the you get the drift yet? I would love to have you maybe do a guest post sometime on my blog listed below my signature. If it's of interest drop in and leave me a comment and we can set things up.
To your success,

OK notice some core parts of the example above. Part one is to take time and gather the blogger's name usually on their bio or the post itself. Addressing by name shows you paid attention on the blog and took time and care to seek this person out. Part two was addressing the blog topic and at least one thing you liked about the information. In this case I address the problem cured and two of the solutions showing I read and appreciate their hard work. The comes flattery and respect. I enjoyed it so much I am interested in letting you invade my blog space and post a guest article because I love what you do. Major points for boosting ego.

The final step was my blog link even after my name so they know me, know who it is making them feel this way. Also, only practice this with blogs you really love in the same niche as your blog, not any blog at random.

OK so you see a post structure and we know targeting is a act of finding blogs with good content that are similar to the topics and programs we cover on our own blogs. But what is the effect of using this comment style?

Using a proper, respectful and flattering comment style often starts a bonding and sort of blog partnership. Typically a guest author comes in like I did with Charles Gardner's IBS Blog and writes a content rich and niche targeted article and at some point in it offers a personal endorsement and compliment for being invited. This is like having a good testimonial and free content you didn't have to write.

Common courtesy dictates a offer to return the favor which is done in two manners by the receiving blogger. They will either invite you to do a guest post on their blog as well, or if not that comfortable with your content they will review your blog which will in turn send some of their subscribers your way. See where the extra 10-20 minutes and unique post make a difference? This blogger will often subscribe if your content is good and may offer a blogroll which is a link exchange. Again better ranking, personal endorsement, and a powerful link that could send you customers.

So what happens when you just put an ad and go and spam the comment.

Most bloggers will be watching out of ego and head to their blog the minute we have seen you left a comment. This means that before very many people read the comment you SPAM is gone. If the blog is a SPAM Blog which is a blog made of 60% or more advertising and no reader value AKA articles, there is no value in the link and only spammers like you will have even been on the page. Thus the link is worthless.

Search rankings. These black hat SEO books talking about comment links and having you copy and paste or automate the SPAMMING of blogs, have a major piece of misinformation. A Splog, for one is delisted before they reach any kind of rank at all meaning no real traffic and definitely no targeted buyer traffic. Again not worth linking to. When your website or blog is linked from them your site, regardless of quality of offer or information can be penalized or delisted as well.

Random unrelated links also count against you and not for you in search engine rankings.
Example would be a link for a male product beginning in V on this blog. No reason to be here and is related to nothing on the site thus the engine penalize it instead of boost it. Programs like Akismet also watch your commenting record across all blogs using their service. If the same comment with the same link appears on X number blogs you are added to the SPAMMER list, if you consistently post 2 or more links in every comment you are added to the spammer list. Akismet spammers are flagged as such and the comment has little chance of actually posting to the page thus more wasted time.

Akismet also does something else that can destroy the average spammer. Your e-mail is reported to the service it's trough, they typically have your Mac ID and TCIP address and inform your Internet service provider of your SPAM abuse, you lose your Internet connection and then a knock happens at the door. Hope you love the new bracelets as even top SPAMMERS with stolen IP address and domain masking, proxy nets, and all the best tools have been caught so don't think it won't be you in your basement with a Hotmail account.

Andy Zeus Anderson

Now a couple free gifts for following this long winded lesson. One is rolling now the other I guarantee that unless you reached page 7 at the other or snagged it in the 300 views on Sweeva you don't have it but it can change your life.

Grab your free guide to Kooiii Social Media Search and introduction to Social Impact Marketing, the same system we used to put 1500 members into and grow from 50 page views a day to now over 30,000 pages a day and drop 3.6 million on Alexa in just 6 weeks from the easy effort of 3 marketers.

Just added 3rd freebie for our readers.

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A very informative post. I wish more people would pay attention to the words you have written here. Thank you.

Monna Ellithorpe

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Words of Wisdom...that's what I was thinking the entire time I was reading your post. I, like many
others wish more people would take notice of your
"words of wisdom" and learn how to blog and market to others respectfully without blasting their ads to everyone!

Thank you,
Diane Clarke

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Thanks so much for this, Im a newbie to blogging and learning the unwritten rules- but you wrote them - great stuff.I am a firm believer that lists are people, first and foremost.

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First, this is the first post I've seen here that is not a thrown up blatent sales pitch.

Second, it is a great article. I get so many garbage comments at my blogs that have nothing to do with the post. Why do people think that's going to stay there? Maybe there are enough blogs that aren't maintained that you can get away with that. I don't know. I don't go there...

Thanks for putting up some real content. I haven't started my blog here yet. I've just been watching what others are doing - and it's been really disapponting. Your post was definitely a breath of fresh air.

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It is very informative

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Hey Andy,
I"m just trying to figure out this blogging stuff. So its like going to a Night Club. Being a gentleman. Schmooze and Sweet talk, Compliment. Invest some time. Do a little dancing around. All the while you got that one agenda in the back of your mind. Is that it? LOL I'm just messing around. Seriously, I am a Newbie. What do you mean by ranking?

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Your article is very well written and it appears that you have put a lot of thought in compiling it.

However, with IBS, do we need to create backlinks? Will not the guaranteed minimum of 200 subscribers be enough to push our blogs up the rankings?


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Hi, Andrew. This was a great post, highly informative.

Please let me know if you would like to do a guest post on my blog. Feel free to leave a comment here:

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Andy this blog really caught my attention, seems one must almost treat a blog like a web page where search engines are concerned. I am new to blogging but have done a bit of SEO.

I have not put any content into my blog yet so this was really great so much so I have subscribed to get updates from you.
Thanks again

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Hi Andy,
I found your blog very informative. I have been blogging for a while now in the "health niche". I think I am doing things right as far as representing myself as an expert, but obviously don't know a lot about the comment end of it and the importance and advantages of commenting. I still don't seem to get many views. I appreciate your expertise and hope to learn more from you.

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Hi Andy

This is a great blog. This is soooo true. I wish more people would pay attention to SPAM on blogs. We should all build a relationship with our subscribers and fellow bloggers. I just feel more comfortable with people who, like you said, can at least remember my name.

Much Success

Please check out a social network for business owners, marketers, or someone looking for products and services to help their business.

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Wow some awesome comments and only two self promotions to delete today. It's awesome to have a professional discussion with good people and to tell you the difference it really does make. So far the free giveaway invite at the bottom of the post alone has had 6 sign ups and 1 sale for a very nice commission for our team. Content sells better the ads and IBS works.

One reader wanted to know about rankings. A blog get's indexed in both standard search results and also on blog search result. Rankings such as Google PR and ALexa rank determine what order similar content sites appear in the listings. Launch day at IBS I posted my announcement on and by day 3 it ranked 3rd on blog search and 35th among all websites for the term Instant Blog Subscribers. That's a lot of traffic to lose if you get delisted.

Best quote "However, with IBS, do we need to create backlinks? Will not the guaranteed minimum of 200 subscribers be enough to push our blogs up the rankings?"


Well salad the 200 will do wonders for your business but the big benefit is being able to accelerate the success of the 200. Fact is our position has 3,000 subscribers and still gets a massive boost from our SIM Marketing, FeedBurner expanding the pings, and mass social networking from You can sell by blogging to the 200 and will gain in the ranks some but it's a semi captive audience and slower growth. By expanding the blog marketing now you may push hundred or even thousands into your IBS downline simply by blogging great blogs.


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Great info Andy!

I was just thinking, "What am I doing here, anyway?" Then I saw your article. There's hope yet for this program. This blogging platfrom could be a great avenue for new bloggers if someone would take them by the hand and teach them the rules of the game.

No one is going to get their blogs indexed, much less rank with just a barrage of prom ads on your blog pages. On the other hand, it is a good thing that links in comments are are not enabled, and therefore useless for backlinking.

Thanks for caring and sharing

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I really enjoyed reading your blog. Nice to see!! Keep em coming!I will keep on reading!lol!

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Thanks for all the information in your post today. I hope
to learn more about blogging. I'm new to this field of endeavors.. Thanks again.

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Well, well, well, its about time somebody used their blog for something besides a chance to blast an ad in everyone's face. And the comments section for just another place to hawk their product. I like your blog, very down to earth, right to the point, in your face. Its too bad voices like yours aren't heard louder out there in the wilderness.

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