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From: Dave Saunders Senior 2012-01-02 06:16
Re: Thanks
Hi Vps,

Thanks for the reply. There are three topics which I do not argue, they are Politics Religion and Internet Marketing.

I have been in the business for over 20 years and there is very little which Paula could teach me. Furthermore why should I join programs like Kooiii which charge you a membership fee for information which is free to access on the internet. I had membership in similar sites such as Swom until I found Apsense and Ibotoolbox which I use as my main advertising social networking sites, and they are both free, as you know.

Although no program on the internet is totally flawless for me Kooiii is just another con like Swom.

I wrote an article about JBP and Paula and others called it a ponzi but I did not reply because of my reason mentioned above.

Now to answer your question about getting referrals. This is a long drawn out process which you have to build up over time. You could purchase a mailing list but these are very unreliable as the owners do sell the same list to many people.

You will need to establish relationship with people and then offer them something of value to them before you could get them to buy from you.

You also need to know that this is a numbers game, out of every 2000 people you send out a request to you may only get responses from say 10 and out of that ten you may only get 1 or 2 serious enough to take up your offer and work with you.

But remember you only need 1 or 2 people to make you a millionaire because these are the people who would be serious and willing to work just as hard as you to earn a decent online income.

Have a nice day and let me know if you need any additional help. Here is the link to my mailing list, you could join and get some training on internet marketing


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