Saturday, September 18, 2010

Start a Business---H O W ??

Start Up Business
Starting up a business requires a lot of proper planning and considerations. It is a great experience and would add to your income. However, if the business does not go well, you may be put in a position in which you will be in debt for a long time.

It is always advisable that you plan for success well before you start your business. Do not try to count on profit before starting your business, at any cost.

Business Opportunities
Initially, you need to decide the type of business that you wish to start. There are a lot of business opportunities available for anyone who wishes to start a business.

Home-based business is the easier and convenient type of business that you can start. You can be your boss, schedule your work hours, and set up your own home office, instead of traveling. The other option is the online business that can be done comfortably at your home. Design and set up websites to market products. This way, you can gain more clients and customers.

You can use your inventions as the base for your business. Though this may require a lot of investment, it is equally beneficial if it is implemented effectively. If you are not interested in any of these types that require you to start up from scratch, you can opt for franchises. You can purchase a company's model and work according to its guidelines and earn profit.

Business Plans
It is always a good practice to plan whatever we do. Having decided the type of business and the things to do to start a business, the next step is to plan. Planning forms the base for success. The business plan tells the scope, goals, and features of your business. If you have a good business plan, you are on your way to success.

Business Formation
Sole proprietorship is an easy and simple way to start a business. As the sole owner of the business, you need to be prepared to face all the financial risk as well the profit. In contrast, if you want to start a business that involves lot of investment, you can go for partnership. It would fetch you investment from all the partners.

Incorporation is a way to keep the business as a separate entity. It involves high investment and operation cost. Filing a DBA lets you do business under your company's name. Husband-wife partnership is also possible. This gives you many tax benefits.

Commercial Real Estate
A proper location for the business is very important. Except for home-based businesses, you will require a commercial real estate to run your business. The type of the commercial real estate and the lease period entirely depends on your business type. The success of the business depends on the location also.

Some of the home-based businesses and retail inventory may need warehouses. You need to be careful while choosing the warehouse, because they need to hold all the things safely. If the business is office-based, you may need executive offices, conference rooms, or virtual rooms. You can either lease them or share the office space


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