Saturday, August 7, 2010

Finding Your Target Audience
I have some friends who own a working farm, run their own small farm shop and offer dinner, bed and breakfast in the picturesque English village of Holme Lacy in the county of Herefordshire. The farm is mixed arable and livestock, so they have a good range of produce to offer in their small shop. They also use the produce for the guests holidaying with them. However, they wanted to publicise both the farm shop locally and the bed and breakfast to a wider audience. They decided to have a website built and market themselves via the internet. After asking around and doing some research, they found a locally based internet marketing firm based near Hereford and commissioned a marketing package.

To get things moving quickly, a pay per click campaign was set up and within a few days, there were enquiries coming in and bookings secured.

The marketing company made sure that when the website was built that it had excellent copy and content and was well laced with good keywords and key phrases. An extensive keyword research report was completed to ensure an accurate and broad range of relevant keywords was found. As this farm found it is always very important that content and keywords are relevant and that your adverts are written to match and compliment.

Here the website had plenty of photographs of the farm, produce and the inside of the house, all with the aim of making the place seem to be 'the place to visit and stay'.

The adverts were carefully written with eye-catching titles and short punchy descriptions in the body of the text. It is important to realise that you are not trying to sell anything with these adverts but to attract attention to your website. It is your website that does the selling; the adverts are the carrot to entice the visitor. A landing page was constructed for each set of adverts where the visitor was given further information and then led on to the main site.

In this instance twelve adverts were written for each campaign and these were then monitored over time for CTR and ROI. Overtime any particular adverts or campaigns that proved unproductive were deleted and new ones written. The adverts were then fine tuned and changed on a regular basis.

Thus the target audience for the hospitality campaign was reached, all by ensuring the adverts and landing pages were very relevant for people looking for holidays, bed and breakfast and lodgings in and around Herefordshire. The farm shop was targeted much more locally so that people shopping for fresh farm produce within the county and in particular within the main towns and villages near Hereford. This was an interesting undertaking as there were two very different campaigns to be run here. By using a local marketing company, my friends were able to take advantage of local knowledge and how to best market to local people as well as expertly capturing those holidaymakers who wish to visit Herefordshire. It is very important to recognise who exactly you are targeting before undertaking your marketing campaign as this will give you a valuable insight as to how you go about attracting them.

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