Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my little genie

It dawned on me today only!
How , I, nay we all missed his "gems ofwisdom " coming right throough the womb of nature!
so raw so original and so fresh !
The little wondeer and bundle of joy never weeps keps all on th etoes smiling laughing playing pranking and wha not
howto dewcribe him is a problem
I am no writer but decided today to pen down what ever he "emit" ! Though he is the light and pleasure of our lives and enlivens every moment of us whenever he is ariund a marvel of nature! oh about three years are to pass and the memories have started fading and the pleasure and ecstasy of being witness to the prattle and pranks of my little grandson nicknamed MY " little Genie"
From this moment today in toronto canada 908-4 forestlaneway it starts
all the best shall be communicating soon


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