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Online Strategies For Digital Marketing - readbud

Online Strategies For Digital Marketing - readbud

Online Strategies For Digital Marketing
If more than half of your website's traffic should be coming to you from search engines, you have to make sure that you are using them to best advantage.Search marketing stategies have five components:

1)NATURAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): this seeks to ensure that your pages will achieve great ranking in the search listings.

Here are 10 steps to search optimising your site. There are a good few things you can do to improve your rankings, but these 10 are essential:

a) Do competitive intelligence studies. See who comes up when you search for 'your' keywords and look closely at thier sites. Examine their site structure, keyword themes and tags, as well as the depth and quality of their content.

b) Polish Up Your Title, description tags and Urls. They are your Neon signs on the SERP. Never leave their wording to programmers.Try to capture the essence of the page and the compelling reason to visit. Resist the urge to put your brand name first in the title or description tag - searches do not know your brand, or they would have gone right to your site. lead with the keyword and a solution for the searcher; add your brand later if you have space, or put it in the description tag. You have 45 to 50 characters for the page title. USE THEM!

There is another tag called the keyword meta-tag, which appears in the code of each page. Into this tag you can load all the words that associated with the page ( google ignores it , becuse google belives it own algorithm is decent, but use meta keywords for lesser search engines).

c) Put alt tags on all important images. Spiders are blind and cannot see what is in a photograph or graphic. DO NOT fall into the trap of 'KEYWORD STUFFING' it may be seen as spamming by google and other search engines , you can place the word 'Image' after the keyword to help show the search engine you are not spamming.

d)Put descriptions in all files such as PDFs or .docs. Most spiders cannot read word doc or Adobe PDF files. But they can read the description of the files.

e) Name all your links with Keywords. Google considers the text used in a hyperlinl (Known as - anchor text' and typically appearing i blue and underlined.

f)Give text alternatives to all your javascript, video and flash content , as you do for photographs. Spiders cannot see what is in flash content or movies files.

g)Stucture you site according to keywords themes. it is better to have a large number of pages than to have all your content cushed into a few pages. Each important page on your site should have only one keyword theme.If the page is crowed with keywords search engine spiders find harder figure out what the page is about.

h)Submit your sites to directories and search engines ( Allow them time to do they job).

i) Build inbound links from quality sites. It is absolutely essential to have links pointing to your site from other sites that deal with similar topics (Aim for quality links from reputable authoritative, well trafficked sites) This is More impotant than on page SEO.

j) Measure, analyse and review. Optimisation is not a once-off activity.It is ongoing process, so you have to put in place systems to measure how you are doing, and to continuously improve your SEO performance.

2)CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING( PPC OR PAY-PER-CLICK): to ensure that your pages will appear within the advertising or 'sponsored listings' sections on search results pages.

3)PAID INCLUSION: this makes sure that search engines index your site quickly.

4)CONVERSION ENHANCEMENT STRATGIES : these ensure that more visitors take the action you want them to take once they arrive at your site.

5)WEB ANALYTICS: to allow you to measure and improve on the results generated from your search marketing campaigns.

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