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You will Not get Rich from this…. Update…
June 23rd, 2010 No comments

Fathers Day 2009
Okay, so I was going to write this on Sunday and title it “Free Money Fathers Day Update”, but I had such a relaxing and awesome day with my four year old daughter that I basically said “Screw it!”, and just kicked back with Kalynn all day. It was a very nice Fathers Day..VERY NICE! Since my wife and son are in France visiting friends and family things have been very low key around here. So although I’m still pretty damn busy ( ’tis life ), I haven’t pushed myself to hard to be overly productive or creative. Which is good because my A.D.H.D. ( not official ) really kicked into hyper drive the last couple weeks… I could seriously write a new post every hour, but just trying to focus on which post to write first is difficult.

So lets do an “Update”. It could be a weekly Wednesday thing or I might stick with my original plan of doing a weekly wrap up on Sundays ( it’s not a religious thing; trust me. ).

Instant Cash Sweepstakes, is definitely the hot topic the last couple weeks. Since I rediscovered and started promoting and talking about ICS, I’m seeing ads everywhere now. Where as, a couple weeks ago, this was one of those sleeper Free Money Sites that only a few of you “paid” attention to. Awesome, glad I could help. Also, very happy to get Eddy jumping on board and getting excited about Instant Cash Sweepstakes.

Speaking of Eddy ( Work at Home No Scams ). Eddy introduced me to SwagBucks a few weeks ago. By simply changing my home page ( optional ) and doing all my searches I would normally do through SwagBucks instead of Google, I was able to redeem my earned “SwagBucks” for a nice little $5 paypal payment in just under a month.

Jun 18, 2010 Payment From THE SWAG STORE Completed Details Payment From THE SWAG STORE 30B43199LY6031512 $5.00 USD

…Sweet! Talk about Free Money… it doesn’t get any easier than that. Although I did have my heart set on redeeming my “bucks” for the official SwagBucks Tee shirt. I have a hard time resisting the opportunity to add some cash to my PayPal account. Maybe I’ll opt for the tee shirt as my next reward.

Link Grand has really become one of my favorite Paid to Click ( PTC ) programs. It’s simple, sustainable, and Now has two upgrade options; $10 yearly and $20 Lifetime. Of course Link Grand is totally Free to Join, and I was pretty damn happy with it when they didn’t offer the ( optional ) upgrades. I really like the fact the upgrade option is affordable and “NOT a monthly subscription”. Anyways, got my third $5 PayPal payment from them sometime last week. Perhaps it’s time I threw some ads out there and try to get that up to a weekly payment.

ClixSense of course, will probably be mentioned in every post I write. So why should this post be any different? The big news a couple weeks ago was the announcement that Alert Pay was and is, now accepted for upgrades and advertising. Although, I’m not a big Alert Pay user, I know a lot of you are. Monthly payments are still sent out the first of every month via check. Personally, I convert all my ClixSense earnings to advertising. Anyways, I think this is really good news for those of you who can’t, for some reason connect a debit / C. Card to Google Check Out.

…hmmm, oh yeah!

I have a new official banner for this Blog that I’ve been keeping in circulation. Although it’s not my most creative, it is simple and seems to be getting some decent clicks. What do you guys think?

In closing. Ya know, a lot of you probably don’t share my taste in music. Growing up in the 80’s I was a big metal and punk fan. Over the years I’ve learned to appreciate “MOST” music. I’m a big TOOL fan! Love Mudvaynes first album, LD 50, but also dig more mellow stuff like Blind Melon, Pearl Jam ( Ten! ), old Blues, and Counting Crows. I’ve also become a big P.O.S. fan.

Enjoy this bit of inspiration and listen to the lyrics. Our lives are pretty damn busy and “Our Days don’t Care what we Got to Do”

P.O.S. – Goodbye

Phil ( philsfault ) Ames

Wanna help me focus? What would you like me to write about? I’m always open to suggestions.

Daily Babble

Instant Cash Sweepstakes. Got a Minute?
June 17th, 2010 5 comments I think I figured out why you guys are getting some of my older posts sent out a couple times a week. Even though I haven’t published anything new in a couple weeks, I’m always writing, tweaking and editing new posts. I’ll usually publish a post in “private” just to see how it looks before I actually share it with the world. Sometimes I forget to change the status of my unfinished work to private before hitting the “publish” button. Once I realize that I’ve just published an unfinished post, I race back to my blogs back office ( dashboard ) and make sure you guys don’t see whatever lame ( but soon to be brilliant ) post I’m in the process of writing.

So I think whats happening is I’m confusing “Feed Burner”. Feed Burner is the service I use to manage my blog subscriber list. When I publish a post, Feed Burner sends my subscribers an email.

Um, soooooo… yeah. I apologize for the random older posts hitting your inbox this week. I know you get all excited and stuff when you see that I’ve published something new. Sorry, I guess that makes me a tease ( I can live with that ). Also seems that while deleting a couple of the posts that I was working on and decided I didn’t like, I also inadvertently deleted a couple of the posts I actually wanted to keep. Crap!

Anyways… For those of you still with me. Lets move on to today’s post.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes.Com

I joined this site a few months ago and forgot about it. A couple weeks ago I was cleaning out my bookmarks and came across it again. I decided to give it a second look. Remembered why I liked it in the first place and then decided to give it a good test. Lets get to the “test” in a minute.

What is Instant Cash Sweepstakes?

I’m not going to add a bunch of fancy words and try to over explain how market research works. The powers that be are working behind the scenes, gathering our opinions, ideas, and even our responses to simple and quick three question quizzes. In return we are often rewarded with a bit of compensation for our time and effort. See “It’s just a Survey. Don’t quit your day job”.

How Instant Cash Sweepstakes ( ICS )works, is you are given a few quick quizzes a day. The quizzes are a very short three questions. You literally spend less than a minute completing each one. Compensation is in the form of tickets, coins or a few cents. Tickets are used in the daily $50 draw, coins are used to buy more tickets and the few cents is added to you account. When you reach a balance of $2 or more your considered “vested” and can then cash out via PayPal.

When you invite friends and family ( referrals ), you get a matching bonus of whatever they win. Of course I love a good referral program so I wanted to see what damage I could do and give it a good test. Plus I wanted to see if and how fast they paid.

One of the downsides to ICS is they don’t have much in the way of promotional banners. Just a large widget and a referral link. So I put together a quick page using Splash Page Maker and Instant Banner Creator. My Promo page.

I use ClixSense for ninety percent of my advertising, so that’s where I focused my attention for a week. Using only the earnings I had from everything else I do online, I placed my standard $24 ( 2000 view ) ad on ClixSense. Normally I expect a 1% return from my ads. That means for every 100 views of whatever I’m advertising I expect at least 1 new referral ( for Free to Earn Programs ). My first ad pulled over forty referrals ( NICE!! ), and I was able to cash out later that evening.

A couple more ads later and I’m now requesting payments every day. So far I’ve received all of my payments within a few hours.

How much can you earn if you Don’t refer other people?

I racked up over a dollar in just over a week just participating a couple times a day. Usually the cash prizes range between one and ten cents. Of course we all get a chance to win the $50 daily prize. So although referring others is a faster way to increase our earnings, the minimum $2 cash out is an easy mark to hit for those of you who prefer not to promote.

Talk to you guys this weekend. I have a lot to share so I’ve got to do a better job of finishing and publishing posts.

Phil ( philsfault ) Ames

Oh I forgot to mention. My Wife and seven year old son left for France yesterday to visit family. So it’s just my daughter and I for the next two weeks. Although I’m going to miss not having half of my family around, less laundry to do every night is always a good thing.

Daily Babble, Promote This!

Free Internet Money.Biz .. Review
May 27th, 2010 No comments It’s really no secret that I love Paid to Click / Paid to Read programs. I honestly feel and have proven that they are not only an awesome way to earn money, but an even awesomer way to build downlines in other programs. Most of the PTC’s I’m involved in allow me to convert my earnings into advertising credits on any given day. Which means I get to advertise a few times a week. The more I advertise ( promote my affiliate links ) the more money I earn from my referrals. The more money I earn from my referrals, the more I get to advertise for more referrals and so on and so on. Basically, when my referrals make money, I make money. It’s really a win win for the patient and persistent.

So when do I get to enjoy some of that money my referrals have so graciously earned me?

Well if you read my last post ( after the talk about dogs, wieners and tee shirts ), that money came in handy this month when we were a bit strapped for cash. Sure I was a bit bummed that my ad budget wasn’t what I hoped it would be, but keeping food on the table, the internet bill paid and gas in my 4Runner was a bit more of a priority. June is going to be a lot more fun. More advertising for me ( $$ ).


Aside from loving and understanding the value of PTC / PTR programs. I also love down line builders. Throw the two together and you’ve got my attention. Which brings me to..

Free Internet Money.Biz

What is it?
It’s basically a downline builder just for Paid to Click programs, with the exception of one other non PTC program way at the bottom.

One of the main advantages of using “down line builders”, is that we get to promote several of our favorite programs at once through one convenient link ( URL ). Potentially gaining more referrals for multiple programs with less effort. The disadvantage is that we take the emphasis off promoting just one opportunity at a time.

Why I like Free Internet Money.Biz“, is because it focuses mostly on “well established” Paid to Click programs. Primarily my top seven!! Hits4Pay, Link Grand, “MatrixMails”, NeoBux, ClixSense, WordLinx, and “AdPaid”. I’m a bit bummed that “donkeymails” didn’t make the list, but until I create my own downline builder, I’m not going to complain too much. Although, I do question a couple of the PTC’s on the list, I did join a couple new one’s.

I’ll only endorse, for now, the program’s I mentioned above.

I also love the fact that’s it’s FREE to join and use, has some great instructional video’s and is “hype” free. The owner and creator of Free Internet Money never suggests that we can make any more than $600-$800 a month. Of course our efforts decide our actual earnings potential, six to eight hundred dollars a month is definitely an attainable and realistic goal.

So yeah, big thumbs up for Free Internet Money.Biz.

Hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable memorial day weekend. My wife and kids are out of town so I get a bit of “me” time. Which means I get to work work and work. At least the house will be clean for a couple days.

Phil ( philsfault ) Ames

Oh and here’s a little tip. Don’t neglect your surveys! Building an advertising budget ( seed money, working capital ) to build your down lines is as simple as focusing on making an additional $2 a day ( $60 a month ). Where to spend that money is up to you, but I highly recommend ClixSense.

Promote This!, Will Work for Pennies

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