Saturday, June 19, 2010

Looking To Profit? Make Money With Websites Like This

You can make money with websites quickly if you follow this great technique and focus on mini sites.

At one time, everyone believed that you needed to build a huge website with hundreds of pages full of great content. That is no longer the case, although you certainly can benefit from such a site. It can offer a lot of value to its visitors who are seeking information. These are often called information websites that are less focused on selling products.

Today, mini sites are in. There is a reason for that.

In building large sites, you are limited by how much money you can make simply because of the time they take to create and maintain. Usually, a large site will sell several products in the same niche. Then, you would market the individual pages where you are selling those products, rather than promoting the main page.

The drawback to this approach is that the search engines tend to list your index page first, and then the pages that reflect what people are looking for. This usually is not the products you are offering. You need to promote those pages yourself if you want the search engines to index them.

Mini sites are easy and fast to build. Just add good material for the benefit of the SEs but put more attention on marketing the product pages. The content makes your site more relevant. Do this with many niches and you duplicate your ability to make money.

These small sites usually on have 5 pages or so that includes your index page, your About page, a Privacy page and 2 pages of helpful content.

These small sites target a small number of keywords which are inserted throughout the site naturally. When the search engines come around, they will soon see that your site is offering what the searcher is seeking.

While you can use such sites to promote in different niches, you can also build them to target different sets of keywords. For instance, each site can promote a different product in the same niche using alternative keywords. This increases your chances of coming up in the search results.

Keeping these mini sites up to date is much more time and energy efficient. Besides, you can gain a top position in the search results for your keyword choices.

Many marketers begin by selling affiliate products because they don't have to worry about all the behind-the-scenes work, like updating the product and dealing with customer issues.

Once they start making money regularly through affiliate sales, they decide they'd rather have their own products and keep all the profits for themselves. They still sell affiliate products, but as extra products that enhance their own to maximize their sales potential.

If you truly want to make money with websites, this is a proven approach that has made many marketers a hefty income.

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