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Through trial and error I have come to understand and have benefited TREMENDOUSLY by putting the SECRET into practice, the most valuable asset Needed to make money online or off line. Keep reading and this SECRET will be revealed to you. Joining the perfect opportunity, or using a superior marketing system, or an expensive system to drive traffic to your link will never be the answer most I.M. fail because of this. Thousands today are jumping into what they believe will be the ticket to financial freedom. We have been deceived into thinking that joining the big wigs, or the professional's is the key, don't get me wrong it's nice to be rubbing elbows with successful individuals especially those that have a superior attitude of inteligence, www. But some of the leaders that I have had short experiences with in the past, I wouldn't recommend today by any means. This blog is not meant to put anyone down, but the facts are the facts and people can only hide for so long, especially those that enjoy taking money from sincere individuals that are truly trying to find their niche' on the internet. You have landed here and you are reading this article because you need an answer, and you to you have experienced what I am talking about here. Have you come to that place of true understanding, where you really understand what it REALLY takes to build an internet income stream that continues to produce for you? if you haven't, you are at the right place at the right time. you may not believe what I am about to say here, but nevertheless it's true, you can join just about any opportunity onlline that has been in existence a few years, a company with a low grade product and make some serious income with it! Do your homework and you will find this to be a true statement. I often wondered, while searching online for a good opportunity to make money with why, I would often see and hear testimonies about individuals making money and lots of it with the most ridiculous products available, . Have you ever noticed that ? Now let's ask ourselves the 300 dollar question, how have these certain individual's achieved great success with a decent company and a cheesy product, what did they have , how are they doing it ? We know it's not the product i.e, toilet paper, soap, magic magic formula made from some exotic fruit from the rainforests of the never never lands, well you get my drift here. Maybe it's the marketing system or the upline? Could it be just the pay plan, yea that's it, it's the pay plan, WRONG! Here's the secret formula we have heard from many, but have never REALLY paid attention to it, the basis or foundation if you will to create large incomes on the net or off line, has ALL to do with YOUR MINDSET. Is that a secret? Not really it's just about in every good book that shows you how to become successful, we hear about this secret in all network marketing seminars, and in many other areas on the internet. Why is it that we can't see or understand this secret of having the proper mindset? Yes, could it be also that we are just plain lazy and don't want to educate ourselves in this area?! It takes work to get to what I call P.M.A , is the reason why those certain individuals I would see and hear about made legitimate incomes and helped thousands of people online or off line. A positive mental attitude or successful thinking or a radical paradigm. Attaining and maintaining this P.M. A is the #1 KEY ingredient to BUILDING ANY TYPE of income stream on the internet. We have been brainwashed by our own thinking and all the influential fluff that is coming from the sources that we have allowed to be a GREAT PART OF OUR CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE. There you have it, the truth of why you are failing miserably and no one wants to join your awesome opportunity.Don't be DISCOURAGED, YOUR help is here! Now that you know the secret Let's take ACTION! Let me suggest a few things here. Stop what you're doing, don't quit your opportunity, especially if you believe in the product or service. Make it your priority to educate yourself in this field of P.M.A, from this date forward. Share your opportunity when possible, but don' waste your time buying leads or looking for the magic bullet of traffic drivers to your link, you can do that if you want to but, again remember Your FOCUS is on the SECRET! educate yourself in this field of self development. Read the proper books, or ariticles, watch self development videos, search for them you will find them online. Focus and set the Goal you will become successful in your mindset! Use youtube, it's a SOURCE OF WEALTH in education. Look for motivational speakers and watch and listen to them over and over and over until your paradigm shifts, the more you do and the faster you do it the quicker your current mental state will CHANGE! Once your minds eye gets hold of SUCCESS,it doesn't matter what type of product or service you are sharing, of course you should have something good to offer, don't get me wrong here. YOU will learn and become prepared to create a HUGE following, your mind will become a stronger resource for answers, not some guy in china that's yelling, i am your guide! I believe strongly that when you begin to put this secret into action, it will demonstrate to you, this is exactly what is needed for long lasting success. Here's a great place to start: youtube megafocus2011 series on self development and radical mind altering techniques.

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Abdul Latif Khan Tipu 21 hours ago

like that..

Santos Rolon jr 21 hours ago

thank you, visit my youtube site megafocus2011 help me help others around the world, change their mindset, for success.

Santos Rolon Dream Builder
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Bolakale Amurawaiye 18 hours ago

this article is very good

Abdul Rehman 12 hours ago

nice work and informative.

Abdul Rehman

Santos Rolon jr 2 hours ago

If you have a topic you would lke me to discuss, on my site, I will create a video just for you.. Let me know. success is a State of mind, the byproduct is wealth and material blessing.

Santos Rolon Dream Builder
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