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FREE Guide for REAL Earnings From PTC SITES

For a Newbiew or even a veteran Ptc sites are a good and solid way to earn real money on the internet with no invesment atll but simply effort ,time and internet connection
This FREE guides simply explains the by step...steps one has to take in order to get some real money through ptcs sites

The instructions could well be applied to PTR< PTS< and other such offers yesterday we covered general areas today we shall discuss full details so first thing is to follow and follow and follow the following instructions to set up your earnning system {NOTE-To get referrals and to enhance your earnings the set up system details are given seperately} SETTING UP THE SYSTEM

Step 1 - Things to do before you start

Before you start on your Paid to Click money making journey you will need to do the following:

Sign up for both a Paypal and a Personal Pro Alertpay account. If you are not familiar with Alertpay, it is a payment processor which is now well recognized amongst internet marketers worldwide - and it is the preferred payment processor for many PTC programs. Members are accepted from 190 countries You will need to join as a Personal Pro member and the first time you request a transfer of money received to your bank account, as a security measure you’ll be asked to go through a simple verification process which is explained in detail on the Alert Pay web site. It’s free to join, very reliable and simple to set up.

Throughout the whole of this guide you will be shown how to use what is known as tabbed browsing. What this means is that instead of just having one window open at any one time, you can have up to 10 windows open. Because you have the ability to move very swiftly from one window to another you will without exaggeration save hours of hard work each day. If you’re not used to working with more than one window at a time it can take a little while to adjust to your new working area, but once you are familiar with it, you will never go back to using non-tabbed browsing again! It is possible to use tabs within Internet Explorer but I’ve found the process to be much easier using Mozilla Firefox. It’s free to install, safe and reliable and you can download it quickly from this link: The instructions provided in this guide assume you are using the Firefox browser.
Register for a Google Mail account. You will need to use this e mail address for anything related to promoting and earning with your chosen Paid to Click programs. Some of the programs referred to in this guide do not accept Hotmail and Yahoo accounts, but Google Mail is recognized by all.
Make sure you have some reliable anti virus/spyware software installed before you start using and promoting PTC programs. Although most of the related sites have been thoroughly checked for viruses, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Step 2 - Decide which programs you are going to join

You need to think about how much time you can afford to dedicate to your PTC activities. To give you a general idea, I am active at around 20 programs and this takes me around 25-30 minutes a day in clicking time, plus 5 or 6 hours a week in promotion time. In other words no more than 9-10 hours per week. Something else you have to consider is whether or not you are going to promote one PTC site at a time or join a free downline building program like Marketing Pond or Leverage Free Money where you can promote multiple PTC sites using one link. For more detailed information about free downline building programs click here

If you opt for the idea of promoting one PTC site at a time, you should note that most PTC sites do not allow you to have access to the e mail address of any new referrals you introduce, even though you will be paid for their activities. If one of your aims is to build a list whilst earning from PTC sites, this is something you need to be aware of.

What ever path you decide to follow I suggest you join at least 10 programs to start off with and see how things progress.

If you are unsure about which PTC programs to join, check out the payment proofs and full reviews of my top 13 recommended sites featured on this page. I personally use all of these sites every day and I can verify they are all reliable and paying PTC sites.

Step 3 - Get organised using bookmarks

After you’ve joined your first PTC site the next thing you need to do is set up a folder where you can bookmark the details of all the PTC/PTR programs you join. This makes life much easier when you start surfing each program on a daily basis, as you will have instant access to all of the sites conveniently stored in one place.

To do this you need to follow the steps below:

1 - After you have joined a PTC site, you will usually be sent an e mail asking you to click a verification link. Once you have done this you will be a sent a welcome e mail with a direct link to the log in page. Refer to this welcome e mail and click through to the log in page. Once the log in page is open, click on the Bookmarks menu, then Bookmark This Page from the drop down menu. The dialogue box shown below should appear.

You need to click on the downward pointing arrow (shown in yellow) and the dialogue box below will appear.

2 - Now click on the New Folder button and you will see a new empty folder with a text box alongside of it ready for you to type into. Key the letters PTC in this box then click on Done. Your first PTC program log in page will have been saved in your new PTC folder. To check this you simply click on the Bookmarks menu and look down to the bottom of the drop down menu where you will see your new PTC folder listed. Hold your mouse over the folder name and you should see the name of your first bookmarked page show.

3 After you have joined your second PTC site, you will once again receive a verification e mail followed by a welcome e mail with a link to the log in page of that particular program.

After you have clicked through to the log in page, you will need to click on the Bookmarks menu once again. By default the Folder will have reverted back to show Bookmarks Menu (alongside of the word Folder as shown below:

This time all you have to do is click on the small downwards pointing arrow immediately to the right of the words Bookmark Menu (shown in yellow above) and you will see a drop down menu like the one below.

4 Select PTC then click Done. Your second page will now be saved in the PTC folder also. You will need to repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of the programs you join.

Step 4 - Learn how to use tabbed browsing

Once you have joined a minimum of 10 PTC sites and bookmarked all the log in pages in one folder, you are ready to start using the PTC sites to earn some money! If you get into the habit of using tabbed browsing at the outset it will quite literally save you hours of time over the coming months..

In short, tabbed browsing means rather than clicking for ads at just one site at a time (which would take you for ever!) you can have several different windows open in your browser at the same time and click for ads at multiple PTC sites consecutively.

To use tabbed browsing you need to follow the steps below:

1 Go to your Bookmarks folder and hold your mouse over the PTC folder you just created.

2 Open your first program from the list which shows to the right of the folder name.

3 Now click on the File menu followed by New Tab. A new blank window will automatically open to the right.

4 Go back to your Bookmarks menu, scroll down to the PTC folder and this time click on the second program in the list.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 four more times, opening a different PTC program each time.

To move between each program you click inside the individual tabs showing the program names (as highlighted in yellow below). Have a little practice before you start searching for ads to click on.

Now we will start having a look to see how many ads there are available for each of the programs you have open.

Start by clicking the first tab you opened to the far left of the screen.

Make sure you have clicked the “log in” button using your chosen user name and password, then navigate to the page where the paid ads are located.

Each PTC program is worded slightly differently but all have a designated area where you can check to see what ads there are available to click for cash. You’ll find they all tend to offer varying amounts of paid ads each day - and some sites (like Hits4Pay and DealsnCash) might not have any available ads for you to view every day, but they will have ads for your referrals to click on. This is great news for you because it means you still get paid without doing anything! Once you’ve logged in you need to find where the paid ads are located - and they’re usually pretty easy to find. The best thing to do is familiarize yourself with how it all works and take some time to explore each site.

Once you’ve found the paid ads within your first open program, click on the first one available. You’ll notice a timer starts counting down and if you close the window before it reaches 0 you won’t get paid. Whilst the counter is ticking away, move on to the second tab and navigate your way to the paid ads here too. Click another ad and start a second timer going. Then move to the third tab and follow the same process.

By the time you have worked your way through all of your open windows, the first counter will have finished and you’ll be ready to click on the second sets of ads and start all over again.

It may seem complicated at first but believe me you will soon pick it up. Once you’re familiar with where to look for the paid ads within each site and you’re fully comfortable with using tabbed browsing the whole process should take you no more than 20 minutes each day depending on how many PTC sites you decide to join .

Step 5 - Stay active - log into your PTC sites and surf for ads every day

It’s important to note that many of the more reputable PTC sites only pay you for your referrals’ activity on the days that you also log in and click ads. Not only this, but after 30 days of inactivity, your account will be automatically deleted. It is therefore a really good idea to decide when you are going to set 20 minutes or so aside every day purely for the purpose of clicking ads. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you choose providing it‘s within a 24 hour period. If you get into this habit at the start, then you won’t lose out on any earnings your referrals generate for you once they come on board and you will slowly start to build up your own earnings too.

Step 6 - Promote your programs using seven key Traffic Exchanges

[For a more detailed explanation of how Traffic Exchanges work and instructions about how to get the most out of them, check out this page]

Traffic Exchanges are one of the best free methods of attracting new referrals to join you in a PTC program, but you have to know how to take full advantage of the opportunities they present you with.

Directly promoting any business opportunity through Traffic Exchanges is almost always a complete waste of time. But... if you use them as a method of simply collecting names and e mail addresses of interested parties to follow up at a later stage, you are much more likely to see results.

You have a 10 second window to grab the attention of your fellow exchange surfers, so the key to success is to use a short, sweet ”splash” page which they can’t fail to sit up and notice. You’re not trying to sell your product, you’re simply trying to tempt your visitor with your splash page - so make sure you have some mechanism in place to capture their name and e mail address so you can follow up at a later stage. If you can create your own splash page, this is by far the best option. [Don’t worry if you haven’t got a web site or any web design skills, because there are several free programs you can join which do all the hard work for you. Full information about how to create an eye grabbing splash page can be found on the how to make your own splash page section of this site.]

Alternatively, if you are promoting a downline building program you will be given your own pre-designed splash page coded with your affiliate links, with an inbuilt autoresponder ready to capture the names and e mail addresses of anyone who joins under you. As soon as a new referral joins through your link the program admin automatically sends you their name and e mail address so you can build a list of referrals and follow up with them manually.

All of the individual PTC sites have their own predesigned splash pages too, which you will be able to use as a member. However you should note that although you will be credited for the activities of any referral who joins through your link, most PTC sites do not pass on referrals’ e mail addresses, so you have no way of following up with them and offering support.

Which Traffic Exchanges should you join?

The TEs I am recommending you use are as follows:

Easy Hits 4 U
Real Hitz 4
Hit Safari
Click Voyager

All of these exchanges reward you with credits for introducing new members and they also give you bonus credits based on how many pages your referrals surf. This can potentially save you hours of surfing time and is not a feature offered by many Traffic Exchanges.

Make sure that you pass on your affiliate links to the above Traffic Exchanges to all of your referrals and encourage them to become active surfers. This way you will start to build hundreds of extra credits without clicking your mouse once!

[Full reviews of all the seven TEs above can be found on the page entitled the best way to use Traffic Exchanges.]

To see any sort of results you need to be looking at surfing at least 100 pages per session per exchange x 5. If you bookmark all of the log in pages as outlined in Step 3 of this guide and use the tabbed browsing facility in Firefox, described in Step 4, you can comfortably surf 5 TEs at a time, which roughly equates to 750 sites for one hour of surfing. You need to be aiming to do this at least two or three times a week. TE surfing can be a bit tedious, so put some music on in the background, or have a movie playing. Once you start to see the names of interested parties trickling through you will be glad you’ve done it - and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Step 7 - Invest in some advertising at PTC sites

This is probably the most valuable piece of advice I can give you and is most certainly the best and quickest way to build your referrals in any PTC program. Putting it simply, who better to promote PTC opportunities to than paid to clickers themselves? You don’t have to worry about them not understanding the concept of how PTC sites work, or being disillusioned when they only get paid half a cent for 30 seconds of their time. Better still - if you purchase a whole bunch of clicks worth $0.001 (the cheapest option by far), you know the folks clicking are going to bite your hand off if you offer to show them a way to earn $300-$500 per month for their efforts.

Advertising at PTC sites is cheap but effective. For example, I ran a $0.001 ad for a downline building program called Free Internet Money over at Clix Sense the other month. It cost me less than $3 for 1,000 clicks and I instantly signed up 30 people. Being realistic, they are not all likely to stay active, but a small percentage of them will - and what you have to keep in mind is that it’s more than worth the investment for those few who stay with you. For this reason you should focus your advertising efforts on the lower paying sites to start off with. For one thing the advertising packages are cheaper and for another, you are almost guaranteed to reach dedicated clickers who will be keen to see what you have to offer. Take a look at the lower paying PTC sites reviewed down at the bottom of this page to get some ideas. Test the water. It certainly won’t break the bank to do it, and I personally have never run a PTC advertising campaign yet that has not resulted in at least 5 long term active referrals. However, as with Traffic Exchange advertising, you will have much more success if you can design your own splash page. Include all the key points in your ad - points that strike a chord with the clickers and trust me - you are on to a winner.

Step 8 - Upgrade your account when the time is right

Once you have a minimum of 25-30 active referrals working with you in a stable PTC site, it is certainly worth considering paying the small monthly fee to upgrade your membership. To give you an example of how this is of benefit I will use one of the most trusted PTC sites - Infinity Bux.

Free Member

Average daily earnings: 0.05
Pay per referral click: 10%
Maximum direct referrals: 55

So let’s assume you have 25 active standard referrals. This would mean your total daily earnings would be $0.175. Over a month this is $5.25.

Advanced Member

Average daily earnings: 0.13
Pay per referral click: 50%
Maximum direct referrals: 175

Let’s assume you have 25 active standard referrals. This would mean your total daily earnings would be $0.755. Over a month this is $22.65. Deduct the $9.95 monthly fee and you are left with $12.7 profit - this is more than double what you would earn as a free member.

Advanced Pro Member

Average daily earnings: 0.14
Pay per referral click: 75%
Maximum direct referrals: 250

So let’s assume you have 25 active standard referrals. This would mean your total daily earnings would be $1.0775. Over a month this is $32.32. Deduct the $8.32 monthly fee (has to be paid as six months @ $49.95) and you are left with $24 profit each month. This is almost five times what you would earn as a free member.

And all of the above figures are based on the assumption that all of your referrals remain as free members. If any of them upgrade, you stand to make much more. It’s certainly worth checking all the different upgrade packages available at each of the sites you decide to join. Each of them offer different bonuses and all of them offer you the chance to make substantially more than you would as a free member. However I would not recommend paying for any upgrades until you have at least 20 active referrals working with you in a PTC program. Even though you do stand to make more money individually as an upgraded member, without the additional referrals’ earnings you are unlikely to earn enough to cover your monthly subscription.

Step 9 - Keep in touch with your referrals and encourage them to stay active

As I said at the start of this guide the key to success with PTC programs is entirely dependent on how many active referrals you have in your downline. And many of the programs you will be working with also pay you for your referral’s referrals - up to 8 levels deep.

If you want to stand any sort of chance of success with PTC programs your must be prepared to offer help, support and guidance to anyone who joins after you. Let them know you are working with them.

Once you start marketing your chosen program, you will almost certainly start to attract new members into your downline. Providing you don’t mislead people through your advertising campaigns, you can pretty much guarantee that anyone who has keyed in their details or joined a program under you is interested in what you are offering.

If you are promoting a downline building program like Marketing Pond or Leverage Free Money the admin of the program will automatically send you the name and e mail address of anyone joining through your link. At this stage you should manually add them into your Google mail contacts list and immediately send them an e mail introducing yourself and offering help. Whilst it is essential that you do this, the real key to keeping your referrals interested is to devise some sort of system for sending them a series of follow up e mails. Tell them what’s working best for you... give them some practical suggestions as to how to make it work... refer them to this guide if you like! But above all, let them know you are there to help them.

If you are using your own splash page and an autoresponder to capture the names of interested parties, you will need to key in a series of follow up e mails which will be sent out automatically on your behalf offering support and guidance.

Not all of your referrals will be in it for the long haul, but it’s a proven fact that those people who keep in touch with their referrals are more likely to keep their interest and develop a relationship with them. Remember - your success is based on your referrals’ success, and their success is based on their downline’s success... It’s a team effort.

Step 10 - Develop a weekly action plan... and stick to it!

The information in this guide and on the other pages of this website explains everything you need to do in order to build up a steady part time income from PTC sites.

So to summarise, here is a rough breakdown of the amount of time you will need to be prepared to spend.

Set up activities - refer to steps 1 - 3 of this guide

Sign up for a Paypal and a Personal Pro Alertpay account, then join at least 10 PTC sites and/or 1 downline building program and 5 Traffic Exchanges. Approx 2 hours
Bookmark all of the programs you have joined, and group them into different folders for easy access. Approx 2 hours
Total set up time: Approx 4 hours

Day to day action plan - refer to steps 4-9 of this guide

Using tabbed browsing, devote around 20-30 minutes every day clicking all the available ads within every PTC/PTR program you have joined. Remember - most sites will only pay you for your referrals’ activities on the days that you also log in and click. Approx 3 hours per week
View at least 3,000 websites per week through the 7 Traffic Exchanges you have joined. Approx 6 hours per week
Invest a few dollars in some advertising at PTC sites at least once a month. If you get your advertising right, it will be money well spent. Approx 30 minutes per posting
Once you have at least 20 active referrals in a particular PTC site, consider upgrading your membership. You could be leaving good money on the table by not speculating to accumulate.
Follow up with your referrals by e mail offering them your full support and be ready to answer any queries that may crop up. However do not send each referral more than two e mails per week. One sure fire way to switch a new contact off is to bombard them with e mails every day at the start of your business relationship. Approx 1 hour per week
As you can see - the amount of time you need to be prepared to spend to see results is in the region of 10 hours per week. However only you know how much actual time you are prepared to give and on which days of the week you have the most time to devote to your marketing activities.

It’s very important that you are consistent with your marketing but when you first start out it can be hard to stay focused. You might find it helpful to draft out a simple table outlining which activities you plan to do on different days of the week and how much time you intend to spend. Tick off each task as you complete it and try to stick to your plan.

Be sure to set yourself realistic targets and don’t expect instant success. If you follow the steps outlined in this guide you will almost certainly start to build a downline immediately, but it’s a gradual process and you need to be patient in the early stages. In some ways you can compare building your downline/increasing your earnings to a snowball rolling down a hill. To start off with the snowball is small, but as it rolls it gathers snow and grows and develops.

Building a solid monthly income with PTC sites is possible, but it takes time, effort and consistency.

I hope what I have shared with you will help you go forward and make some money with PTC sites - and I wish you every success.

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